Project Release – “Texet”

Project Release – “Texet”

Magento team of Multidots is very happy to announce release of its one of the benchmark project – “Texet”.

About “Texet”

Texet, the Manchester based company, established in the 1970s,  is a part of the well known Hira Group. Texet brings art and science together to create cutting edge gadgets with an innovative twist. A continually evolving product portfolio is backed by high levels of research and development as Texet continually strives to further the boundaries of design and technology.

The Situation, Solutions & Results

  • Client needed us to design as well as develop the complete website.
  • Designing was challenging for us as Texet is an eCommerce website and as the client’s revenue was completely dependent on the website traffic.
  • We have designed very simple yet effective UI with customized home page banner and product listing page. Website was designed in such a way that it makes a user to purchase the product in three steps.
  • We have decided to go with Magento to develop eCommerce application as it is the robust eCommerce platform.
  • On client’s demand we have customized a lot in Magento set up which makes it easier for Client as well user to eliminate any bottlenecks in the purchase process.
  • Product wise changes in shipping and Tax rules, Customized Invoice format, and ability to active or deactivate any product easily were few of the customization which were challenging in nature.
  • The complete project, starting from Design, HTML conversion and Magento set up and customization took around 6 months.

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