Multidots sure knows how to keep its employees happy. And the effort showed out really clear, when the company surprised its work-family with a day dedicated to gifts, spoiling, leisure and fun. Everyone was supposed to be in their best traditional attire, and yes, they were indeed in their bests.

The ambiance at the office radiated fun and celebration. Team leaders presented gifts to their team members and the delight showed on their faces.



We wish Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to each member of Multidots, their family and friends. We wish you always keep smiling, achieve your goals, kiss your dreams and be reason to create a wonderful world around you.

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Multidots is full service enterprise software development company with services revolving around consulting, enterprise-grade custom application development, custom mobile and cloud applications to automated and manual testing. We are proud to have served mid-sized to large enterprises including Fortune 500 Companies in our clientele.


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