Technical shift for Sneaker news

Technical shift for Sneaker news

Highly skilled team of Multidots has achieved another milestone, heading the next step towards receiving the WordPress VIP partnership Badge. The team has successfully loaded the site of Sneaker News to VIP server. Sneaker News is a famous news channel that publishes news about world renowned shoe brands. Started as a blogging website, Sneaker news has now about millions of images and content elaborating sundry products with more than 70,000 live posts. It is a very popular news website with Alexa rank 2662 in the USA alone. The whole project has been handled tactfully by the team, taking care about the minute details of the website. The highlights of the latest release in the Sneaker News project are as follows:

  • The setup of website to VIP server:

There are certain standards defined for setup of the website on VIP server. They include specific algorithms, performance metrics, query optimization etc. The website is required to be compatible with the standards and algorithms of the VIP server. All the necessary changes were done according to the standards defined by VIP server, by Multidots team. Moreover, the developers from VIP server have reviewed the website and the issues raised were very well managed by the dev team .

  • User interface modification

The design and standard coding was changed in order to give a better experience to the user and therefore, the development team worked on enhancing  interface design. With the changes done in the code, speed of the site on desktop was increased to 83/100 and on mobile 75/100.

  • Incorporating new HTML file

The skilled developers at Multidots have developed html page for the new design of the website. This will help make old website posts compatible with the new theme. This means the posts doesn’t seem to be placed haphazardly in the new theme of the website.

  • Addition of new features:

A number of new features have been added to the Sneaker News website which include custom rating mechanism, ebay API integration and Google Adsense. The addition of rating mechanism has given an extra edge to the website and increased revenue of the same with the help of affiliate marketing through Google Adsense.

Multidots had a good opportunity to showcase technical capabilities proven vividly around gap analysis, UI design and testing; along with proven efficiency in enterprise WordPress Segment. It was an integration to any legacy system in extending capabilities of the custom solution to various business functions.

Multidots provides solutions in all kinds of WordPress services, HTML, Frontend, Mobile application development, iOS, Cloud services. The team of Multidots is capable of integrating all types functionalities – be it previously designed or to be incorporated post design.


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