Umbraco to WordPress Migration Services

Umbraco, a robust content management system (CMS), is celebrated for its flexibility and ability to cater to complex website requirements. However, despite its strengths, many businesses find Umbraco’s steep learning curve and the high cost of ownership challenging. Additionally, performance limitations can hinder scalability and user experience.

As an Umbraco to WordPress migration agency, we assure from experience that WordPress offers a more user-friendly interface, an extensive plugin ecosystem, and a cost-effective solution for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

With performance and scalability exceeding Umbraco, migrating to WordPress is a no-brainer.

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Migrating a large website is a daunting task, with plenty of opportunity for error. Here at Multidots we are experts in migrating to WordPress. We have migrated over 100 sites, without issue. If you are looking to move, but are worried about the process, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Why Migrate Umbraco to WordPress?

Umbraco and WordPress share common ground as content management systems, offering users the ability to create, manage, and publish content with ease. Both open-source CMS solutions can be used to run a wide range of sites from blogs to corporate websites.

However, the similarities end when delving into usability, cost, and performance—areas where WordPress distinctly outshines Umbraco.

Steep learning curve

Umbraco is built on the .NET framework, requiring a specific set of technical skills to navigate and customize effectively, posing a significant barrier to entry for users and developers unfamiliar with the framework, leading to increased reliance on specialized developers.

On the other hand, WordPress’ intuitive interface and extensive community make it easy for non-technical users to adopt the platform.

Hard on budget

Licensing fees for premium accounts, coupled with the expense of hiring .NET developers, contribute to a higher total cost of ownership for Umbraco users. Additionally, the cost of training and maintaining an internal team to manage an Umbraco site can further inflate budgets.

WordPress is an open-source platform, eliminating licensing fees and offering a vast pool of developers, which tends to lower development and maintenance costs significantly.

Performance limitations

Umbraco is a robust CMS, but it lacks features critical for modern web presence, like SEO, requiring further customization to match WordPress’ in-built functionalities. Moreover, Umbraco’s reliance on Windows servers can lead to compatibility and performance issues.

WordPress usually runs on Linux servers and can perform well in any environment, positioning itself as a more versatile and scalable CMS.

How WordPress Excels Over Umbraco

Now that you know why migrating Umbraco to WordPress is beneficial, take a look at some additional advantages WordPress offers:


Select from thousands of free and premium plugins and themes to give your WordPress website a personalized look that resonates with your brand while delivering tailored web experiences to your visitors.

Ease of Use

Even non-technical stakeholders can get started with WordPress within hours! The platform’s intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface make it accessible to all skill levels.


Websites built on WordPress can easily scale with your business to handle more traffic and workflows, from small blogs to large enterprise websites, ensuring your platform grows as your needs evolve.

Enterprise Secure

WordPress provides robust security features and regular updates to safeguard against vulnerabilities on top of various anti-malware plugins, making it a secure choice for enterprise-level projects.

Reliable Hosting

The most popular open-source CMS is compatible with a wide range of hosting services ensuring reliable and flexible options for websites of all sizes.

Global Community

The extensive global community of WordPress developers and users fosters a rich ecosystem of support, resources, and innovation. Whether it is learning new productivity tricks or sharing your experience, there is a place for you.


WordPress sites can be optimized for performance and speed even during heavy loads with out-of-the-box features and specialized plugins, ensuring efficient use of server resources and a better user experience.

SEO and Mobile-friendly

WordPress offers superior SEO capabilities and mobile responsiveness with its default features, enhancing organic search engine visibility and accessibility for users across devices.


The platform’s extensible architecture allows for the integration of various applications and services, expanding its functionality beyond basic content management. Whether it is integrating AI tools or connecting to your CRM, WordPress makes it easy.

Superior Performance

WordPress will give your audience a world-class digital experience across devices even if there are many plugins installed and the pages are loaded with interactive elements and multimedia.

Umbraco vs. WordPress: What the numbers say

The WordPress CMS powers 62.8% of websites (43.3% of all websites) which underscores not only its popularity but also the trust businesses and individuals place in its capabilities.

In contrast, Umbraco’s market share and user base consist of merely 0.1% of all websites.

Umbraco is celebrated for its flexibility and customization options, particularly among developers familiar with the .NET framework, but it doesn’t match WordPress’s extensive global use and community support.

Prominent brands and corporations that rely on WordPress include The New Yorker, Sony Music, and Microsoft News, showcasing its versatility and reliability across various industries. Umbraco, on the other hand, powers websites for specialized clients, such as the Carlsberg Group and the Volvo Car Retail Solutions.

The stark difference in user base and market share between WordPress and Umbraco highlights the broader appeal and accessibility of WordPress, making it a go-to choice for businesses aiming for growth, scalability, and a strong online presence.

WordPress Answers for Umbraco’s Strengths

It’s important to acknowledge that Umbraco, as a CMS, possesses its own set of unique strengths, particularly appealing to developers and organizations with specific needs.

However, WordPress can not only match but also surpass Umbraco in these areas.

Multisite capabilities

Umbraco’s multisite, just like that of WordPress’, allows businesses and enterprises to manage multiple websites from a single installation, making it easy for global brands to establish a strong presence for their subsidiaries.

Migrating from Umbraco to WordPress will give you an edge due to the latter’s cost-effectiveness, customizability, and ease of use.

API Support

API support is crucial for modern websites to integrate with other systems and applications. While Umbraco provides strong API support for developers, WordPress also excels in this area with its REST API.

With the REST API, devs can create, access, edit, and remove data through JSON, simplifying the process of building applications or integrating the WordPress CMS with external systems.

Version Control

Umbraco’s version control capabilities are well-regarded, but WordPress also supports robust version control mechanisms.

With plugins like Revisr and WP Rollback, WordPress sites can easily manage version control, offering developers and content creators alike the ability to track changes, revert to previous versions, and collaborate efficiently.

Built-in tools

Umbraco boasts a suite of built-in tools for content management and development. WordPress offers an array of built-in tools and external plugins that can be easily added to any site.

From SEO optimization with Yoast SEO to security enhancements with Wordfence, WordPress provides users with the tools needed to build, optimize, and secure their websites comprehensively.

Before Migrating From Umbraco to WordPress

Before embarking on the migration journey from Umbraco to WordPress, it’s crucial to prepare thoroughly to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some pre-migration action items to consider:

  • Audit Your Current Website: Review your existing Umbraco site to identify all the content, functionalities, and design elements. This audit will help you understand what needs to be migrated and what might be redundant.
  • Backup All Data: Make sure you have a complete copy of your current Umbraco site, including files and databases, to secure against data loss during the migration process.
  • Plan Your WordPress Structure: Decide on the structure of your WordPress site. This includes choosing a theme, deciding on plugins for additional functionalities, and planning the site architecture.
  • SEO Preservation Plan: Develop a strategy to preserve your SEO rankings. This involves mapping old URLs to new ones and ensuring all redirects are correctly implemented.

Taking care of all this with the help of an experienced Umbraco to WordPress migration agency like Multidots will not only speed up the process but also reduce costs and minimize errors.

Our Approach to CMS Migration

At Multidots, we understand that every business and enterprise looking to migrate from Umbraco to WordPress has unique needs. To ensure you can make the most out of your new WordPress site without losing any functionalities and data, we follow a battle-tested approach:



First, we listen to your business goals, technical needs, and usage preferences to understand your requirements. In the consultation call, we also encourage you to ask questions about WordPress.



Our team will go through your existing Umbraco website, auditing content, understanding structure, and learning the additional functionalities to list all the migration necessities and opportunities for improvement.



Based on the discovery phase, we develop a detailed migration roadmap, outlining the project timeline, key milestones, and the technical approach for a seamless transition.



Our experienced developers execute the migration plan, ensuring every piece of content, functionality, and design is accurately transferred to WordPress, with minimal disruption to your operations.



After rigorous testing and quality assurance, we deliver your new WordPress site, ensuring it meets all your expectations and is ready for launch.



Post-migration, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your WordPress site remains secure, and up-to-date and continues to meet your business needs effectively.

Why Choose Multidots’ Umbraco to WordPress Migration Services?

While making the crucial decision of migrating from Umbraco to WordPress, you should look for a trustworthy partner with a proven track record. Here is why you can’t go wrong with Multidots’ Umbraco to WordPress migration services:


Partner with WordPress Experts

Multidots has a team of experts with decades of collective experience in providing WordPress website development and CMS migration services, ensuring your project is handled by professionals used to such critical tasks.


Battle-Tested Approach

Our migration methodology is refined through numerous successful migrations, offering a proven, reliable process from start to finish. We prefer to go the extra mile to deliver you a great website.


Personalized Migration Services

Acknowledging the unique needs of each business, our Umbraco to WordPress migration services are tailored to fit your exact needs, preferences, and business objectives to ensure you get a website that checks all the boxes.


Zero Downtime

Our strategic approach guarantees zero downtime during the migration process as we will handle the backend data transfer from Umbraco to WordPress on our servers, ensuring your lights are on 24/7.


Commitment to Safety

We understand the importance of securing your data and your audience’s information for your business. During the Umbraco to WordPress migration, we will ensure all your databases are safely transferred.


100% Transparency

Multidots keeps you updated every step of the way by providing you with regular updates and answering your questions related to migration through periodic meetings.


Focus on SEO

Our migration strategy includes a strong focus on preserving your hard-earned SEO rankings, ensuring a seamless transition of everything including metadata, URLs, content, etc., with no loss in organic visibility on the SERPs.


Post-Migration Assistance

Beyond the migration, Multidots offers comprehensive post-migration support and assistance, helping you navigate any challenges you may face and maximize your new WordPress site’s potential.


  • Migrating your Umbraco website involves planning, backing up data, choosing a WordPress hosting provider, and transferring content and design elements. It’s recommended to partner with experts like Multidots for a smooth transition.

  • The choice between Umbraco and WordPress depends on your specific needs. WordPress offers greater ease of use, a larger community, and extensive plugin options, making it a better choice for many businesses.

  • Umbraco has a niche but dedicated user base, about 0.1% of all websites. It is known for powering websites that require complex content management solutions, particularly in corporate and tech sectors.

  • Businesses might choose Umbraco for its strong custom development capabilities, particularly for projects that require extensive .NET integration or specific enterprise-level features.

  • No, Umbraco continues to evolve with regular updates and a focus on modern web development standards. It remains a competitive CMS choice for certain types of projects.

  • Umbraco allows for SEO optimizations, but it may require more custom development to match WordPress’s extensive SEO capabilities and user-friendly tools available through plugins like Yoast SEO.