Team at Multidots is working on a project for noble cause – “Majamba”. Multidots feels honored to be part of such a wonderful noble cause. Majamba is a One-of-its-kind” concept which is a brain child of Rajiv Srivastava & Jeannine Srivastava. The Ultimate objective for Majamba is to reward people and the organizations, who are socially active and helps in upbringing of under privileged people of society. Their mantra is “Do good & Get Goodies“.



We are in the final stage of development of Majamba project and we are launching it on 2nd of October. It has been pleasure working on this landmark Project, especially under guideline of Rajiv. We are thankful to Rajiv for giving us a great opportunity to work on this wonderful project. We wish Majamba a great success in its noble cause.

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