Multidots’ Contributions to WordPress: Because Giving away is the way to make a Technology Powerful!

Technologies, especially open-source technologies, are developed with the digital empowerment of the society and thus, the world. To enhance the capabilities of WordPress-like CMS, global contributions are the only way.

As we leverage the power of WordPress, giving back to WordPress is one of our major responsibilities. Multidots, being an active member of WordPress, keep on collaborating in making WordPress better.

Our interest in technological affairs and advancement of different technology reflects from our involvement. At our place, every Dot is motivated to contribute in ever-growing WP technology. Here are the major contributions made by our professionals in enhancing the WordPress yet:

  • 2018 25th March
    Contributed at WooCommerce 3.0 Bionic Butterfly

    The WooCommerce 3.0 ‘Bionic Butterfly’ is arrived in April 2017. It is a mega release after 2.7, with many new features added to WooCommerce. Product gallery, site-wide notifications, merging of discount coupons, removal of strikethrough and a lot more is the part of this release. And, Multidots was among the contributors who made this happen.

  • 2017 20th August
    Contributed at WordPress 4.7.3 Security Release

    Have you upgraded to WordPress 4.7.3?

    If yes, you must thank us and if no, do it right away!

    Chetan Satasiya from Multidots has contributed for making your website more secure than it was before. His passion towards web technologies like BBPress, WordPress, WooCommerce, along with the amazing environment of the company inspires him to make such contributions regularly.

  • 2017 28th January
    flag-image flag-image flag-image
    Speaker at WordCamp Udaipur on “How to contribute to”

    Nirmal Desai, our business manager & a huge WordPress fan, is a moderator level contributor on So, in the WordCamp Udaipur 2017, he introduced the WP enthusiasts with his passion i.e.

    Speaking about, how to contribute to it, how to utilize its video editing functionalities, submit videos and the standards of using it, Nirmal has spread his knowledge well in the WordCamp where WP professionals and business users were listening to him very carefully.

  • 2017 20th August
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    Part of Panel discussion on “Manual vs. Automated Testing” at WordCamp Mumbai

    Automation reduces the efforts of testing engineers while manual testing is more reliable for some unavoidable causes. So, both are important and affect the quality of final product. Making businesses to understand ‘what to implement where’, Vibha Tiwari contributed was the part of panel discussion at ‘Manual vs. Automated Testing’ in WordCamp Mumbai.

    Being an experienced QA expert, she represented us as a serious Quality-oriented agency (which we are!), focused on improvising the testing methods’ implementation in the industry.

More contributions will be there as we proceed on this

Endless journey.

So, keep watching this space!

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