BuddyPress Development

Get highly-compelling Social Platforms, Themes, Plugins and components built fast with BuddyPress.

From small centralized communities to well-established social networking platforms, BuddyPress is the perfect way to allow easy and effective communication. It strongly serves its purposes in all environments like workplaces, academic institutions, help or support forums, community groups, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Multidots provides:

  • Custom BuddyPress development, allowing the community the potential of a functional social site.
  • BuddyPress theme development, to give your website a complete and appealing look.
  • BuddyPress plugin development, to make your business stand out and extend without any limits.
  • Best BuddyPress design, for the fantastic graphical appearance of your website and components.

Additional features:

  • Implementation of Smart BuddyPress SEO techniques to ensure higher visibility and searchability.
  • Installation, configuration, and complete activation of BuddyPress features quickly and effectively.
  • Consistent support and training sessions for deploying BuddyPress features into your business.
  • API integration
WordPress VIP Agency Partner

We are one of only a dozen agencies selected
as an official WordPress VIP Agency Partner. Our participation in this highly-competitive program gives our customers with WordPress projects access to support, features and functionality that other agencies simply cannot provide.

BuddyPress development Services

Theme Development
Plugin Development
Migrate to

For our industry, turnaround time is a key factor and Multidots partnered with us and continued to deliver on time and within budget, while scaling to more sites/projects easily and quickly

Featured Projects

Custom BuddyPress development to enable advanced networks and communities.

BuddyPress boasts of power-packed features that help you run and manage your private social networking platform. Our BuddyPress development team at Multidots offers the following BuddyPress services to add enhanced features and functionalities to your networking and community websites:


Group creation, private messages, custom user profile development, forum development.


Customized private network and unique registration procedure creation.


Development and deployment of custom components for BuddyPress.


Synchronizing the networking forums built on BuddyPress with WordPress multisite features.


A host of BuddyPress themes, designs, and plugins.


Google Maps, Foursquare, or similar API integrations.


Google Maps to display the current locations of all members linked to BuddyPress groups.


Facebook API integration for data retrieval and submissions.


NING to BuddyPress conversion facilities.


Avatar creations and implementations.

We understand your need for networking and can assist you to include advanced tools for building and designing your own private networking forums and communities—with complete control over users, data sources, and advertisements.

Our Expertise In
BuddyPress Development 

Theme Development 

From design to development, every BuddyPress task is perfected at Multidots, making us the best BuddyPress developer worldwide. With our expertise in WordPress and BuddyPress technologies, developing BuddyPress themes is an easy task for our developers.

We are the best WordPress theme developers, and our BuddyPress services are exceptional. Multidots provides you with a fully-featured set of theme development and deployment services for BuddyPress:

  • BuddyPress Theme development from scratch
  • BuddyPress theme modification or extension
  • Re-designing your BuddyPress theme
  • Creating components to add more features to your BuddyPress website.

Plugin Development

Multidots specializes in the development and deployment of BuddyPress plugins by providing quick and affordable access to custom-built WDS and their functionalities. Our team can help you extend the functionality and features of your current plugins.

Our expert team of BuddyPress plugin developers is well-equipped to install, configure and manage unique features for member profiles, site activities, group pages, and custom registration processes along with several numbers of other essential and power-packed filters, hooks, and features.

  • Create separate social networks with one BuddyPress install. Separate the user base of a particular network from others in your community. Help users become a part of more than one network. Deploy custom solutions and individual activities, profile data, user bases, groups, and site activity feeds throughout different networks.

Using BuddyPress for Social Network Development

We at Multidots offer several BuddyPress functionalities to help you achieve your business goals. Some of them are:

  • Custom made multisite deployments that smartly integrate the features of WordPress and BuddyPress.
  • Personal BuddyPress network, along with customized registration processes.
  • Custom BuddyPress theme designs and link-ups by hosting APIs, including Facebook Places, Twitter, Google Maps, Foursquare, and other pre-existing website applications.
  • Customized default avatars to complement the avatars shipped out with BuddyPress.
  • The capability to convert BuddyPress into an active open-source container, so your platform can run third-party applications and plugins on your social network.
  • Facebook/Custom BuddyPress integrations allow interactivity, retrieval of data, and pushing of data into Facebook. These functions are possible through various Facebook Graph APIs and make your web presence all the more valuable and contemporary.
  • Extended features like “profile matching” for friendship/matrimonial/dating websites to allow members to see who has viewed their profiles.
  • The incorporation of Google Maps for various display locations on your BuddyPress group page along with custom alerts/member badges for defined activities.

Why Multidots for All Your BuddyPress Needs?

  1. We Provide Excellent BuddyPress Development Services:
    Multidots boasts of being a highly skilled BuddyPress designer and developer, as our team has extensive expertise and experience to design custom BuddyPress plugins. We use advanced tools and techniques to build future-proof plugins that incorporate the best available coding standards in the industry.

    From handcrafting “skeleton components” to customizing plugins to deploying highly complex and functional features into your networks and communities, we pride ourselves in providing timely, affordable, and highly effective solutions that cater to your individual needs in the best possible way.

    We also go out of our way to help you develop advanced BuddyPress plugins connected with group documents, group email subscriptions, forum topic movers, announce groups, and many more. Our PHP and BuddyPress plugin developers add additional methods and access points to your online presence to help you generate greater traffic, revenues, and profitability.
  2. Customized Design Service
    Custom BuddyPress designs and themes are here to stay and enhance your business profitability and fundamental value in more than one way. Prepare yourself to stay ahead of your competition with our latest BuddyPress plugins and elements, along with cost-effective means and the best support in the industry.
  3. We Empower the Best Online Portals And Communities Through Custom BuddyPress Development
    BuddyPress plugins are fast contributors to the success of online communities and social networking forums. They use the core features and functions of WordPress and add components that are otherwise difficult to incorporate with BuddyPress elements alone.
  4. Excellent Social Networking Development Services:
    We at Multidots specialize in BuddyPress social networking development and deployment. We bring together corporate houses, business organizations, NGO’s and people associated with a host of other verticals and industrial sectors with well planned, self-controlled, and professionally managed online social networks. Combined with our years of experience and expertise, you can access the custom functionalities of BuddyPress affordably and conveniently.

    Our approved and proven BuddyPress applications and social networking tools verify for crowdsourcing, classifieds, and custom networks linking employees and customers. We also provide social networking platforms for business owners and entrepreneurs as well as effective BuddyPress marketing solutions to increase the brand awareness of your products and services.

Multidots helped us to grow from annual revenue of $100k to $15M and startup to a successful acquisition. Their expertise on WordPress, Page Performance and Security have been the key to our success.


  • WordPress Multisite is a feature in WordPress that allows for the creation of a subsite network within a single WordPress installation.

  • This is a great option for businesses who want to take the advantage of multiple websites that showcase different aspects of their business. It makes sense when you need a network of sites that are related to one another in some way or form.

  • With WordPress Multisite, an admin can manage and control multiple websites from a single dashboard. What’s more, content can be pushed out across multiple sites at one go. Multiple websites can also share themes and plugins. This saves a lot of time and effort.  This is not a benefit you will get if you have two different WordPress installations (different WordPress websites).

  • The very fact that numerous websites are being run from just one hosting account means that it is affordable. Imagine a scenario wherein your business needs 50 websites to ensure its messaging reaches all its target audience? The expense incurred  will be immense if you are going to design and develop 50 websites with 50 hosting accounts! On the other hand, you have a network of subsites with one main website. This definitely makes more financial sense.

  • Enterprise grade WordPress solutions are built to deliver optimum performance and sport extremely dependable infrastructure empowered with cutting-edge functionality that can smoothly scale to meet the growing demands of large organizations.

  • If you want to build a large-scale website, WordPress VIP is your answer. It is a WordPress hosting platform whose categorical objective is to host enterprise websites. It’s the right choice for extremely high traffic websites and which demand the next level of performance and security.

  • Irrespective of where your content is at, we have the expertise to migrate it to WordPress. So, whether it is in a MySQL or Oracle database, or an exported file or any other location, we have the expertise to migrate all your existing content to WordPress.

  • Yes, WordPress can perfectly satisfy your enterprise needs as it’s a very stable and ever evolving CMS with a plethora of advanced plugins that you can choose from. What’s more, WordPress can easily integrate with numerous business-critical platforms including CRM and ERP systems and even marketing automation platforms.

    1. Introduction/Discovery Meeting: The first step is to have an initial introduction meeting on phone/zoom to know more about your business and project.
    2. Proposal Presentation: Multidots team will present you a proposal that includes our understanding of the problem (scope of work/scope of engagement), solution, cost, time-line and other terms.
    3. Finalize the Contract: If you are happy and ready to engage with Multidots, we will formalize the contract by signing a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and other on-boarding formalities.
  • Our #wonderdots love open-source and WordPress. And we are proud that our team at Multidots consistently contributes to WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and other open-source initiatives. This spirit of giving back not only makes us feel grateful but it also creates greatness within and around us.

    1. 89% of our team has contributed to core WordPress, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress releases.
    2. Multidots sponsors 7 contributors for a total of 28 hours per week for the “Five For The Future” initiative by WordPress.
    3. One of the lead organizers of do_action Ahmedabada hackathon to support non-profit organizations in the local community.
    4. Multidots is one of the lead organizers of the Ahmedabad WordCamp and Meetup group.
    5. We have sponsored several WordCamps around the world.
    6. Multidots team regularly attend and speak at global WordPress events.
  • Screen Resolutions (Pixels)
    375×667, 1024×768, 1,334×750, 768×1024, 1536×2048, 410×730, 1080×1920, 1440×2960, 1920×1080, 1920×1080

    Browser compatibility
    Google Chrome Version – 74.0.3729.131
    Mozilla Firefox Version – 66.0.5EDGE – 42.17134.1.0

    Mac OS
    Google Chrome – 74.0.3729.131
    Safari – 12.1 (14607.

  • 80% of our team are WordPress experts. Being a WordPress VIP Agency partner, WordPress is a strength of our team. Many of our WordPress developers are core contributors to WordPress and speak at a variety of local and international WordCamps and WordPress based events and conferences.

    • Kickoff & Project Plan – We divide the project into multiple milestones based on modules or sitemap pages and schedule the delivery milestone dates accordingly.
    • Development Milestones – Development team will code based on the milestone feature list.
    • QA Milestones – QA team will perform the quality testing for each development milestones before the client demo.
    • Client Demo – The project team will arrange a milestone demo to showcase all the features under each milestone with the client.
    • Final CAT with client team – When all the milestones are done, the project team will provide a staging copy for Client Acceptance Testing (CAT).
    • Pre-Launch checklist – After the completion of the CAT, we will set a launch date and perform a pre-launch checklist.
    • Post-Launch checklist – Once the website is live, our team will perform the post-launch checklist.
    • 11+ years of experience in web development and WordPress development.
    • One of the WordPress VIP Partner Agency.
    • 80+ globally distributed team available around-the-clock.
    • Experience working with a small startup to large enterprise brands and companies such as Accenture, MIT, Jumeirah, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and Sneaker News.
    • Core contributor to WordPress and a variety of different open-source initiatives and events.
    • Active and proud members of a variety of different industry associations and chambers of commerce.
  • Yes, we have a team based in California, Virginia, and Washington, DC area, and are available to talk at 646-586-5500.

  • We provide 1 to 3 months of free support based on the nature and size of the project. After free support, we have separate retainer and maintenance services that will cover ongoing hassle-free support and maintenance of your website.

    • Introduction/Discovery Meeting: The first step is to have an initial introduction meeting on the phone/zoom to learn more about your business and project. Schedule a discovery meeting or submit the inquiry form here.
    • Proposal Presentation: The Multidots team will present you with a proposal that includes our understanding of the problem (scope of work/scope of engagement), solution, cost, timeline, and other terms.
    • Finalize the Contract: If you are happy and ready to move forward with Multidots, we will finalize the contract by signing a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and other on-boarding formalities.
  • Yes, we provide 3-hours free consultation with domain experts. You can utilize these free consulting hours to brainstorm your ideas/problems, refine the requirements, discuss the possible solutions and approaches. You can schedule the meeting with the domain expert here.

  • To ensure code quality, we follow many different standards for quality and performance.

    • W3C Validation with CSS Lint for HTML & CSS code
    • JSLint for Javascript code
    • We extensively use PHPStorm IDE with code check integrations. Besides, we have our GitHub repos, integrated with Travis for pre-hook commit check with PHPCS
  • If your Joomla website loads slow, is tough to manage, has multiple outdated components with no chances of upgradation, is costly for you, or is not performance-oriented, it is the right time to shift from Joomla to WordPress. This transition will improve your data security, backend simplicity, functionality, performance, load speed, and user experience.

  • It depends on the project requirements, data complexity, amount of data, and features of your current website. The bigger the project and its scope, the higher the time. However, we will let your Joomla implementation stay hosted in the domain space until the WordPress solution is being built. This will ensure minimal downtime for your website and the least hassles for your visitors.

  • The amount of content, modules, pages, customization, and variation other aspects are the deciding factors when it comes to the cost of Joomla to WordPress migration. Once our team will understand your project and finalize the project scope, we can give you an estimate and decide the pricing model.

  • Multidots uses each possible Data Security aid to make sure that the migration remains safe and fast. We can vouch for our quality of services and assure you that your data will be completely safe with us. So, you need not worry about anything.

  • Truth be told, Joomla to WordPress Migration is a risk with inexperienced teams. But Multidots WordPress developers and migration professionals have handled hundreds of such projects yet. With us, the quality of your website and the functionality of the new implementation can improve only.

  • Yes. Multidots can provide hybrid migration as well as selective migration services to Joomla website owners, assuring hiccup-free execution of the project – no matter how challenging it seems.

  • We shift your website to WordPress without actually pausing it in between, its traffic remains untouched, and throughout this process, your site remains live.

  • It is not essential. As per your project scope and expectation, we can audit your current deployment and suggest the best hosting service provider for your WordPress solution. Our team will ensure that we make a pick for performance-oriented migration.

  • Yes. Your safety and trust are important to us. Therefore, we make sure to sign an NDA before the initiation of the project. We will never ever resell your data or share it with unauthorized sources.

  • We take proper backups of your website and ensure deploying the WordPress solution to cause no harm to your site ranking. With our WP development team, the chances of Joomla data or SEO ranking loss are negligible.

  • If you think:

    • Your website’s backend is too complex, or
    • Many of the built-in features offered by your CMS are unused, or
    • You’re paying too much for your CMS, or
    • The performance doesn’t meet your requirements, then

    it’s time to migrate your Sitecore CMS to WordPress. If you are unsure whether you require migration, we can do an audit of your website and suggest a course of action.

  • This depends on the size of your website, the amount of data, and the functional complexities of your current website. The more complex the site and the amount of data to be transferred, the more time it will take to migrate your website.

  • No, all your data in its entirety will be migrated to your new WordPress website.

  • Your Sitecore website’s SEO will remain intact and your current search engine rankings won’t be affected.

  • If you move it to the same domain, your Sitecore website will be replaced by the WordPress version.

  • If you are satisfied with your current provider’s services and they can host WordPress websites (which most do), you can stay with your current provider. If you have problems with your current provider (say with regards to speed or ease-of-use), you may switch to a new provider.

  • It depends on your current website. To get a better understanding, we will conduct a thorough evaluation and audit of your Sitecore website to gather all necessary information for a successful migration.

  • There’s no fixed cost as various factors like size and complexity come into play. So the cost can be determined once we evaluate your requirements.

Let’s talk about your dream project?