Helping ABUV Media Boost Its ARR from $100K to $15 Million


Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, ABUV Media is an online media publisher with a portfolio of content-rich consumer-focused websites in verticals like education, career development, and personal finance.

Initially a two-person agency, ABUV Media grew into a team of over 100 in just four years. Much of the company’s initial success was due to its meticulous study of user behavior, search trends, and user surveys to present tailored information to users. 

However, this explosive growth put significant pressure on the company to optimize the management of its WordPress–based digital properties. ABUV Media hired Multidots to do just that. For 6+ years, Multidots’ team of WordPress engineers and project managers supported ABUV Media, providing the company with the tools it needed to manage the rapid growth.

Contributed to the ARR growth from $100K to $15 millionBuilt 10+ new properties and optimized the performance of all existing properties, helping ABUV Media achieve 60-70% profit margins Delivered an efficient WordPress VIP-based site management solution
Doug Jones – Founder & CEO ABUV Media

The founder and CEO of ABUV Media share his journey and feedback working with Multidots.

The Story of ABUV Media

ABUV Media is a fast-paced online media publisher providing consumer-focused informative content in education, career development, and personal finance. Its properties include websites like,,, and others.

A profitable media company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, ABUV Media started as a team of two founders. In 2014, it completed a financing round, raising capital from Rockbridge Growth Equity. In 2018, Seattle-based Higher Education acquired ABUV Media. 

In just a few short years, ABUV Media grew to a team of 100 people. The company’s ability to translate its in-depth research of user behavior and search trends into tailored content was one of the main drivers of the success of its properties. 

However, as its properties grew, so did their needs. 

It became apparent that sustaining the growth trajectory required a systematic approach to managing the properties, which were all WordPress-based. At first, ABUV Media contracted a different agency to support its growth. However, the management was not impressed by the results. In 2012, Multidots took over.

Over the next 6+ years, a remote team of 25 engineers from Multidots provided ABUV Media with 24/7 technical support, executing projects ranging from launching new properties to implementing strict security measures to protecting properties from cyber threats.

The Challenge of Managing 50+ Information Portals While Maintaining the Growth Trajectory

When ABUV Media reached over 50 subdomains (microsites), the team found it challenging to manage such a high number of information portals. Curating and publishing content became time-consuming, distracting from the company’s key focus and reducing the productivity of ABUV Media’s core teams.

ABUV Media experienced additional challenges, including:

  • The lack of a systematic approach to the coding of each project, combined with the multiple features required for each website, made managing the properties resource-draining; 
  • SEO optimization was becoming increasingly complex as new experiments and approaches needed to be rolled out across multiple sites simultaneously. 
  • The team felt overwhelmed by the need to keep up with the constantly changing technology landscape to continue providing a seamless user experience to the customers. 

This innovative startup had lost its agility and needed the support of an expert external technical team.

The agency ABUV Media initially hired lacked the ability to combine technical expertise with business savviness and, as a result, failed to provide the type of agile support that the company required.

That’s when Multidots took over.

Why ABUV Media Chose Multidots

In addition to its deep technical expertise, Multidots was selected due to its focus on the digital publishing business and, as such, its strong expertise in the field’s monetization models and content management demands. 

Furthermore, Multidots offered ABUV Media the competitive advantage of hiring a remote team that matched – and often exceeded – the expertise level of in-house technical teams of other publishers but for a lower cost.

Multidots became a long-term business partner, working alongside ABUV Media’s internal team and management on setting business goals and implementing technical projects that could support these short- and long-term goals.

How Multidots Tackled Helped ABUV Media Achieve 60-70% Margins on Multi-Million Yearly Revenue 

Optimizing the management of ABUV Media’s properties and making them agile to respond to evolving technological and consumer needs effectively were the primary responsibilities of the Multidots team.

  • The first step was to set up a resilient development center, allowing Multidots’ remote team of engineers and project managers to work in sync with ABUV Media’s staff.
  • Multidots designed a robust database architecture that enabled efficient site management based on WordPress VIP. Furthermore, Multidots implemented a systematic approach to the coding of each project, which significantly improved the efficiency of the roll-out of individual features required for each website. 
  • Multidots used Agile methodology practices and tools like Basecamp to provide stakeholders at ABUV Media with timely project updates and a dynamic overview of cross-project progress. As part of this, Multidots also recommended business process reengineering and digital strategy changes.
  • Multidots implemented multiple WordPress websites for ABUV Media across industries like finance and education. The implementation also included applying SEO best practices to ensure the properties’ consistent visibility in the top search results.
  • Multidots ensured all properties’ optimization and strong performance across all screen sizes and types. 
  • WordPress QA specialists at Multidots implemented tight security measures to protect websites from even the most advanced cyber threats, providing users an uninterrupted, secure experience.


Helped grow ABUV Media’s Annual Recurring Revenue from $100K to $15 Million

The team at Multidots understood that no technical project could happen in a vacuum – it had to align with the short-term and long-term business goals of ABUV Media and help achieve those goals. As the CEO of ABUV Media explains in the video below, this infusion of agility and efficiency allowed the company to achieve 60-70% margins on the rapidly growing revenue.

Built and launched 10+ web properties

The team at Multidots utilized its performance optimization and SEO expertise to build and launch more than 10 new properties for ABUV Media. Multidots also optimized all existing properties to load in under 3 seconds, providing the same seamless experience across all device sizes and types.

Provided 24/7 technical support

A remote team of 25 Multidots engineers worked around the clock and provided 24×7 technical support for 6+ years until ABUV Media was acquired.

Overall Results

ABUV Media credits Multidots as an essential partner that helped grow the company’s revenue and profitability. 

We hired Multidots as our development partner in 2012. Since then, they have been the reason for our success. They helped us grow from annual revenue of $100K to almost $15M. They helped us transform from a startup to a highly successful company with super low operating expenses, which led to a successful acquisition by Higher Education. Their technical expertise in areas such as web development, CMS systems, page performance, security, etc. have been the key to the success of our websites. Above all, their hardworking and easy-going attitude has made them an absolute pleasure to work with.

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