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We write beautiful code
that builds beautiful web & mobile products

We have a 100+ people team with experienced designers, developers, QA
specialists, project managers and product guys who know their stuff inside
out. Your work is in safe hands. You don't need to worry.

Our 6 Guiding Principles

  • Focus on Solutions & not Problems.

  • Strive for Excellence & Innovation.

  • Cherish the opportunity.

  • Say no to inequality & discrimination.

  • Be honest & open-minded.

  • Unwavering mission to deliver Quality.

Meet the Multidots Leadership Team

Websites aren’t the only things we build. Our team consists of champions
in Design, Development, Mobile Apps, Quality Assurance and more.

Life at Multidots HQ

Our colorful, collaborative office is where all of the magic happens. We’ve worked hard to
build a productive, flexible and professional environment for our team of experts to match the work that we do.

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Multidots Solutions Private Limited

Terms and Conditions for Employee Referral Program(ERP)

Multidots Solutions Private Limited is an equal-opportunity employer, providing full-time employment opportunity to deserving candidates. We encourage everyone to refer talented and experienced individuals, through our referral program.

Referral’s (Candidate) Eligibility

The following criteria are needed to be fulfilled by the referral for the receipt of Employment Referral rewards:

General Criteria:
Referrer’s Eligibility

The Employee Referral Program of Multidots Solutions Private Limited is open to all. Company employees (Dots), clients and outsiders – all are eligible for this program and, to receive the rewards as applicable. Human Resource Department is exempt from the ERP. Full-time and work-from-home* referral positions, both are covered through this scheme.

*Work-from-home option is allowed for the professionals, based out of Gujarat. Mutual agreement between referral and the company, will be a considerable factor for work-from-home.

Referral Bonus Disbursement

If the referrer and referral both are eligible as per the decided criteria, referral bonus worth INR 50,000 will be awarded to the referrer. The conditions for the release of payment are as follows:

  1. 10% of the referral amount will be paid once the referral completes 30 days at Multidots, from the date of joining.
  2. 90%, i.e. the pending referral amount will be released on the completion of 180 consecutive days by referral at Multidots.
How to Refer?

Employment referrals can be submitted to us through these channels:

For any further clarification, HR Team can be contacted directly.