Serving People | Solving Problems.


The culture of Craft & Care!

The unique blend and balance of head and heart have made the innovation that impacts human life. Hence, we all at Multidots, proudly and deeply belive and breath the culture of craft and care where our actions and decisions are driven and directed by both our heart and mind. And it’s the same culture and beliefs that remind us and guide us to being humble to care for our customers and being smart to solve the complex problems. 


Serving People

People have been the first and most important part of our company. The hundreds and thousands of lines of code websites, software, and the app run on are written by the people and for the people.

Paying attention to people’s needs and focusing on their success and service makes us satisfied and successful. We may fail short sometime to your expectations but we will win your hearts by our state-of-the-(heart) customer care and service.


Solving Problems

Each problem in our life and business opens doors for new innovation and creativity. But having the right people beside you with the right skills to find and open those doors is equally important to be successful and happy.

Problems may sound stressful and negative but for us, it’s an opportunity. Solving and working on those problems is our passion. So we love problems as much as we love solutions and feel great pleasure to walk you out of that god-damn door!


Being High-Touch

Being responsive, transparent, and staying in constant communication is the key to an outsourcing-success. We will scratch all the media and medium to meet and connect with you, and even if it takes a 32-hour long flight to serve our customer.


Being High-Tech

We retain and invest only in great tools, technology, and talent that enable us to deliver a fast, secure, and stable websites and software for your business. The latest and greatest trends and technology are always our way to be quick and efficient in our game.


Being Humble

Whether we make or break things, we would like to stay grounded. We don’t gloat on our achievement, nor we feel shy about accepting our mistakes and embracing the failure. Being humble and helpful will make a better business, a better community, and a better world. It’s better that way.


Being Logical

Every situation and the problem has a solution. What we need to do is deep-down and slow-down on our approach keeping all the emotions and judgments aside. Focusing and arranging each piece of the puzzle (problem) logically has always worked to solve any problem. Don’t you agree?


Act from Heart

Sometimes, we all have to go through a hard time, unfortunately. Things will happen, and few decisions need to be taken, but how you communicate and act upon it is completely upon us. Everything we do and say with great compassion and care for people consulting through our hearts, not only heads.


Think from Mind

Complex problems and situations need people with a mindset to see through the reality of the situation and problems. They can’t sink in the emotions and other influences. They need to have the smartest and brightest brain to fix the problems in limited time and resources.