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As a digital service agency owner, we know how hard it is to plan and predict the team’s right size. And as a creative, branding, or marketing agency, maintaining a team of web developers can be challenging at times. Choosing the right WordPress development partner plays a vital role in your business. For product, platform, or solution start-ups in the digital and competitive space, it can be crucial for the business to outsource the position of WordPress developers to stay in control of your expenses.

Here are some of those key reasons many of our existing agency clients and partners turned to Multidots as their WordPress development partner.

  • Your pipeline is super unpredictable to plan the right size of team.
  • You are a market magnet in other digital services but WordPress Development is not your core strength.
  • You lost a few very good WordPress developers in the middle of a project or starting the project.
  • Your sales team has closed a large deal and you need to build a strong team of WordPress developers in a very short time frame.
  • You want your in-house team to focus on your key projects and clients but other projects can be handled by an outsourced team.
  • You have a great WordPress Plugin idea and you need a reliable and affordable team to build the solution for you.
  • You have a successful WordPress product, WordPress plugin, WordPress solution or WordPress SaaS business and need development partners to maintain and support your product and platform.
WordPress VIP Agency Partner

We are one of only a dozen agencies selected
as an official WordPress VIP Agency Partner. Our participation in this highly-competitive program gives our customers with WordPress projects access to support, features and functionality that other agencies simply cannot provide.

Key Highlights to Partner with Multidots

partner keyhighlights

All services are available as white-label

Our team will be available in your preferred time-zone

partner keyhighlights

Free induction and on-boarding period to get familiar with your team and culture

partner keyhighlights

Risk-free trials with the money-back guarantee

partner keyhighlights

Dedicated Account Manager available based in India or USA.

All our WordPress developers follow strict coding standards.

Multidots team were strong communicators and working to the highest standards at all times. They were the perfect partner to expand our team and increase our development capabilities, fitting seamlessly into our existing technical team and providing an excellent, cost-effective solutions.

Types of Partnerships

WordPress Agency Partner

Strategic Partner (White Label)

In this model, you maintain the client relationship, and we act as your white-label development partner. Multidots will offer special pricing to you and will work on your client’s projects as your virtual team.

  • You are in control and own your client accounts.
  • Your clients do not know about Multidots (Note: We are okay if you would like your client to know about Multidots)
  • Variety of different engagement models to suit your commitment with your clients.

Reseller Partner

You can refer Multidots services to your clients and friends when they hire us; we will share the revenue earned from all your referrals in the form of referral commission

  • It is very little (almost zero) risk and involvement from your side as you only have to make an introduction and we take care of the rest.
  • Secured passive income as we share the commission as long as we do business with your references.

Engagement Models

To serve the unique needs of customers, we have designed different business engagement models

When you’re having trouble hiring or retaining development staff or you don’t want to distract your existing in-house team with new projects, and you need to scale fast and can’t wait around for a lengthy hiring process, then hiring developer is the right fit for your needs.

Hire a Developer

Key Highlights

  • Our hire developers model is 100% white-label.
  • We provide (3-4) hours developer availability in your preferred time-zone.
  • You will be able to directly communicate with the developers on slack, zoom, or email daily.
  • There will be a one-week free induction period to get the selected developers familiar with your process and culture.
  • We also offer a one-month trial, and due to any reason, if you are not happy with the developers assigned to you, then we do a free replacement.
  • If you are not satisfied with the replacement, we give a full refund.
  • We have the USA based account managers for easy communication and coordination.
  • Easily scale-up and scale-down based on your business needs.
  • Selected developers will be available to start within ten business days.

When you have a defined goal and need a turn-key solution. It’s designed for those who don’t have specialized in-house teams or their teams are too busy to take additional projects.When you have a present goal and need a team to meet it, then our fixed cost project-based model will be the right fit for your needs

Project Based

Key Highlights

  • Free support against any bugs, changes, and CMS/plugin updates for one-month after launch.
  • Our Project Manager will be available at your preferred time-zone.
  • Get clearly defined cost break-down of the project.
  • We will meet and adjust to any critical deadline for your project.
  • Take a sneak-peak of project progress stages in multiple milestone demo.
  • Get Technical Documentation and User Guides of each project after completion.

When you require random development support, and you have limited internal support availabilities, or want to do a trial of our services and expertise before making any big commitments, this option will be ideal, with multiple options for you to choose

Support Bundles

Key Highlights

  • Get a clear and detailed statement of hours spent on different tickets.
  • You will get a guaranteed response to your tickets within one business day.
  • Our bundle hours are valid to utilize all our expertise – development, design, QA, consulting, and project management.
  • You can use support hours for multiple different projects/websites.
  • If you are not happy with the result, get a full refund for your purchase.

When you need ongoing support after your website launches, and you want to make sure your website is being monitored and maintained monthly. Your website versions and plugins are always up-to-date then our maintenance package will be the perfect fit for your needs.

Monthly Maintenance

Key Highlights

  • 24/7 website monitoring for down-time.
  • Monthly speed and performance check and optimization.
  • Website security monitoring & optimization.
  • Weekly WordPress and plugin version updates.
  • Weekly reports detailing updates, changes and KPIs of website well-being.
  • Free unlimited support against any bugs or errors on the website.
  • Daily website backup and free support on website restore.
  • Month-to-month option and cancel anytime.

Hire Developers

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