GDPR Compliance

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) designed to synchronize data privacy laws & regulations across Europe effectively replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. It remodels the way enterprises & companies throughout the geography treat data privacy, while empowering all EU citizens to protect the privacy of their data.

Effective from 25th May 2018, the EU has put in place the GDPR for all EU residents to protect their fundamental right to privacy. In spite of its stringent nature, the law in itself is an essential aspect that the EU has enforced to regulate how the personal data of citizens & visitors is collected, processed & stored in a legally acceptable manner. The law applies to all enterprises in the EU or interacting with the EU or providing products & services to EU residents who collect & process personal data. In effect, this law gives the control back to EU citizens on how their personal data can be utilized.

At Multidots we believe in engaging customers based on a relationship built on honesty, trust, transparency and dependability. This is the reason customers & partners share long standing relations with us with unquestionable reassurances and the promises we keep for data security & privacy abiding by the laws in multiple geographies and now the EU.

GDPR Quick Facts

A lot of discussions, a lot of speculations but here is what we learn and have taken actions to abide by this very powerful law.

What Kind of Private Data Does GDPR Protect?

A whole load of data we did not know is private enough will be protected by the GDPR.

Data Protected by GDPR

  • Name, address or ID numbers – effectively basic identity information
  • Genetic data inclusive of health records
  • Ethnic or racial data
  • Web based data such as cookies, IP address, location & RFID tags
  • Opinions of political nature
  • Biometric data

Why Multidots Makes GDPR an Integral Part of all Solutions?

At Multidots we recognize how our clients across the world consume data and how our services & solutions enable this. GDPR guidelines indicate that any organization that stores or processes information personal in nature pertaining to EU citizens within EU states is mandated to comply with GDPR. This does not essentially require the company to have a business presence directly within the EU.

Enterprises Needing to Comply with GDPR

  • Presence in any of the EU countries
  • No presence in the EU, however, organization processes personal data of European residents
  • Employee strength exceeds 250
  • Employee strength is less than 250, however, its data-processing activities have an impact on the freedom and privileges of the members and or includes specific personal data sensitive in nature

Effectively, this includes a significant chunk of companies in the market. In fact, a PwC survey indicates that GDPR makes the cut of top data protection priorities for 92% of U.S. companies.

Our Approach

As a dynamic & trusted software service provider, our processes are fully derived to be compliant with GDPR and we take ownership to maintain the safety & security of your valuable data. Integrity is our fundamental value and makes up the core of our corporate philosophy keeping us committed to center our engagement around this approach.

Our policies have been updated to assist you in comprehending your privacy rights in a methodical way in alignment with our continual effort to maintain GDPR compliance. We understand the essential aspects of securing personal data by leveraging security, privacy, confidentiality, availability & integrity in a world primarily driven by data. This is the reason our systems, processes, approach & methods are constantly re-invented to enable us serve customers in a trusted way with absolutely no compromises made to the data.

Our Goals

Our primary goals focus on incorporating the below critical components to make our processes more robust to handle customer data & systems.

Our Goals

Our GDPR Framework

We conceptualize a GDPR framework with distinct phases effectively encompassing GDPR readiness for all our customers to help them manage privacy & security allowing them to reduce risks and keep a tab on incidents.

  • Analysis Module
    • Our experts help you conduct GDPR privacy & risk assessments that cover people, processes, data, governance and security to help chart further roadmap
  • Reinvention Module
    • Develop processes, procedures & tools. Help improvisation in processes & conduct GDPR trainings
  • Insights Module
    • Support with continual reporting & monitoring via auditing, assessing & evaluating adherence
  • Design Module
    • Help plot an implementation plan & derive new GDPR compliant standards covering each facet of the business
  • Operations Module

Monitoring & execution of in-scope business processes. This includes managing permissions & data subject access rights in adherence to an operational framework

The GDPR Processes at Multidots

GDPR Process

Our Commitment

Our commitment in the areas of security, data privacy and governance solutions mean that we empower our partners & customers by keeping them on the right track on their roadmap to GDPR compliance.

The EU GDPR is already in effect since 25th May 2018 and to abide by it we have our comprehensive compliance framework for all our services & products. To ensure we extend support to all our customers for GDPR, we review & enhance all our offerings for GDPR and also curate approaches to make all that makes us GDPR ready while keeping all stakeholders actively involved.

Data protection principles are fundamentally a part of our own offerings as well as business processes and become a part of our continual assurance to privacy by design.

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