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    We are proud to share that Multidots has moved up the ranks again and is officially a WordPress VIP Gold Partner! When we first became a WordPress VIP Silver Partner in June 2019, only 34% of the web was taking advantage of everything WordPress had to offer. Now in 2022, 43% of the online world is powered by WordPress, and as a VIP Gold Partner, we’re ecstatic to have contributed to that growth.

    For those who are unfamiliar, we are a global development agency that helps publishers and digital organizations maximize their website performance with plugins and services that are efficient and 100% results-driven. With our excellent IT and Engineering teams, we’ve been able to collaborate on and successfully execute mass-scale projects with major enterprise clients like National Associations of Broadcasters, News Corp, PMC, and Ask Media. Thanks to our efforts, our clients all now have personalized environments that are secure, agile, and fresh.

    Besides our clients’ success, being a part of the WordPress VIP Partner program and working with the VIP team at Automattic has exceeded all our expectations. We love working with them because they not only have provided us with the best tools and resources to succeed, but they are our loudest cheerleaders. They’ve supported us and have given amazing guidance when we’ve run into obstacles.

    We may be biased, but our entire team continues to show why Multidots is a leader in the WordPress field. The drive, kindness, and poise under pressure we have are the keys that keep us and our work competitive and innovative.

    We Help Publishers Succeed

    As a progressive leader in publishing solutions, we have shown how hard maintaining efficient and profit-focused editorial workflows can be for technical teams at publishing organizations. These teams have too much to handle because many of them are still trying to use out-of-date tools and processes to update their websites and get content published. Because of this, they usually don’t see that they are wasting time, labor, and revenue that could be invested back into their organization.

    Ultimately, we got fed up watching publishers not reach their fullest potential, which is why we decided to share our expertise and partner with technical teams to help them optimize their workflows and ecosystems for premium efficiency and performance. 

    A few of our key tools and services that will help streamline publishing process and business efforts include:


    To say our plugin, Multicollab, is a gamechanger is an understatement. The plugin brings Google Doc-style editorial comments to WordPress to simplify your publishing experience. With just this single tool, you can invite others outside of your team to collaborate on pieces, add comments to any post or media, and have your technical team keep track of all activities on the Advanced Dashboard.

    Multicollab is 100% compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress, which means that you can confidently make better edits and transform your content in real time. You won’t have to worry about comments or requests slipping through the cracks or your team losing track of deadlines.

    Migration to the WordPress VIP Platform

    Remember: just because you think that your website is good doesn’t mean it can’t be better. As a VIP Partner, we can help you migrate your existing WordPress website to the VIP platform so that your tech teams can have access to fresh support, flexibility, and performance features that will transform your editorial needs and keep your business competitive. 

    Having the migration option is crucial for publishers because their website needs will change as they refocus goals and improve editorial processes. If your technical team doesn’t have the resources they need to help your website keep up with all the changes, you won’t be able to convert visitors into customers — no matter how good your content is.

    How We are Changing the Online World

    Years ago, we wouldn’t have believed anyone if they had told us that every line of code we were going to create would touch millions of online users and transform technical teams everywhere daily. That quickly became a reality for us and we’re glad that we’re trusted as a principal voice in the WordPress community.

    As stated on our Impact Page, we’ve already been able to reach 100+ million people through our coding, and we hope to hit 1 billion very soon by continuing to provide more meaningful publishing experiences, and streamlined, results-driven workflows.

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