CNN of kicks and biggest encyclopedia of sneakers powered by WordPress VIP and REST APIs


Sneaker News is the global authority in sneakers, showcasing the latest goings-on in footwear from popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and more, attracting a huge millennial follower base. With burgeoning business and substantial reach across their social media channels, Sneaker News approached Multidots to find an easier way of managing their content. However, they needed more than just management tools, as this content needed to be coupled with the necessary marketing strategies and business logic to engage their readers effectively.


  • Heavy traffic meant managing the site speed was becoming a huge challenge. The high traffic levels posed a serious challenge as system performance risked being slowed with reduced site speed and an increased number of crashes, in addition to constant security threats from hackers.
  • The non-uniform code structure throughout the platform had created an unstable database system, a serious concern to all of the Sneaker News team.
  • They needed to integrate advanced features such as Twitter integration to display tweets from two different profiles, to connect to eBay’s API, to develop stable backend architecture and to create trending user interfaces with easy customization.


  • We built two advanced, WordPress-based CMS websites – and, under the Enterprise WordPress platform, with WordPress VIP being the most stable and secure platform to build, maintain and scale for such a large transaction portal.
  • A central backend system was built using the Push and Pull API System on a Core PHP Framework. Now, whenever a visitor rates a sneaker using a specific category or tag, the information is relayed to the central system, where it then passes on to the other website for enhanced collaboration. Through the Rest API, we also synchronized the news and post elements across both the mobile app and website.
  • Both and were integrated with eBay’s API, allowing users direct access to eBay in order to purchase the sneakers they were viewing. This allowed Sneaker News to benefit from substantial affiliate revenues. Multidots customized the WordPress plugins to include a social sharing count figure, including functionalities that allow visitors to rate both categories and tags too.
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  • We provided a complete solution for Sneaker News, from assessing the problem at its root, to managing the project, and ultimately delivering the solution itself.
  • It serves 34 million monthly page views and 5.6 million unique visitors.
  • After the redevelopment of the website in WordPress VIP, Sneaker News experienced a 30% efficiency increase in reaching a wider subscriber base.
  • Their global Alexa rank increased by 1418 positions in just 3 months after the deployment of their new site.
  • Multidots has experienced over 5 years of successful partnership with Sneaker News, with a series of success stories that are sure to continue.

As our business grew, it became more and more difficult to manage over 80,000 pieces of content. That’s why we approached Multidots to provide us with an innovative and robust solution to our needs. It was undoubtedly the best business decision we ever made. After working with Multidots we saw our business grow 4x and we increased in efficiency by 30%.

Company Info:

Sneaker News is a content publisher that offers exclusive showcases of everything related to sneakers, serving a global audience of over 20 million young consumers a month. The world’s most read and followed sneaker resource on the internet, Sneaker News’ audience is broad; from teenagers to fitness aficionados to fashionistas alike, tapping into both the millennial lifestyle and the growing demand for digital fashion experiences.