How Multidots helped the Marketing team at Pillar Data Systems (acquired by Oracle) for their digital experience goals











After several years of competing with the biggest names in data solutions, Pillar Data Systems was soon taken over by one of the most reputable data solutions giants in the world, Oracle. This storage hardware company is an expert in the management of tiered storage on one platform, storage area networks, SAN, and network-attached storage, NAS. However, Pillar Data Systems’ website was not reflective of its global standing and business growth. It needed a website that would showcase the diverse portfolio of products that it had cultivated over the past three years, along with other solutions that would drive its digital transformation. For this, Multidots was on hand to fulfill, and go beyond, Pillar Data Systems’ requirements, becoming its trusted third-party provider and the technical power behind their new, optimized site.


With a large number of clients distributed across the globe and across diverse industries, it was not easy for Pillar Data Systems to do effective targeting through their website built on sitecore. With all content required to be region-specific, coupled with the huge number of products on offer; it was inevitable that they needed a smart, multisite solution to their web presence. This solution needed to include multinational website architecture, in addition to delivering effective marketing by sharing product information and details of their various solutions on an already extensive website.

Yet, this was not the only requirement of Pillar Data Systems’ website, which was also expected to sell, service and support their range of products through a convenient, safe and secure interface that would run equally well on both desktop and mobile devices. At the heart of it all, maintaining a seamless customer experience remained an absolutely key priority.

The advanced design that Pillar Data Systems wanted to see on their site, including rich graphics and engaging interfaces, was simply not possible to realize without a structured CMS. Without this, it would also be impossible for Pillar Data Systems to publish the varied content that they needed to release on a daily basis. As Pillar Data Systems grew and their user preferences shifted, ensuring the safety and security of both their content and transactions was also becoming a huge challenge.

However, this was not all, and Pillar Data Systems’ challenges ran far deeper than just difficulties with publishing and maintaining content. The absence of logical editorial workflows was creating confusion and inefficiency in the management of Pillar Data Systems’ teams and projects. Smooth, multichannel workflows that could be accessed across devices were in pressing need. This also resulted in struggles with promptly communicating information to their clients.


With our extensive experience in offering the highest-quality CMS solutions, we proposed migrating from sitecore to Enterprise WordPress. Predominantly powered by AngularJS and the necessary plugins, this was the perfect solution to achieve these complex requirements and deliver a state-of-the-art solution. The website architecture they required, combined with the need to integrate their business logic, justified this solution. With this powerful, enterprise-grade CMS, Pillar Data Systems would be able to cater to a large number of clients while effectively transacting and gathering their information.

  1. Enterprise WordPress as CMS
    We produced an end-to-end, customized Enterprise WordPress CMS, fully equipped with the most advanced website maintenance and eCommerce features. The CMS included advanced security features, making the website fool-proof and reliably able to cope with Pillar Data Systems’ heavy website traffic.
  2. Customized Editorial Workflow
    The new CMS made it possible to deliver easily creatable themes and templates, matching Pillar Data Systems’ requirements to showcase such a prolific range of products in a format that would be effortlessly modified as and when required. Self-service dashboards were configured and leveraged to monitor the site performances and highlight any concerns if they were to arise.
  3. Web & Mobile Application
    We worked with multisite and multidevice WordPress to create a seamless experience for both user and content managers, across Pillar Data Systems’ mobile applications, websites, and desktop software. Our team of experts went the extra mile to match the business requirements of the client while creating an engaging experience for the user.
  4. Community Platform in BuddyPress
    We successfully built a new community platform using WordPress and BuddyPress, carefully migrating all their data and user profiles from competitor third-party community solution, NING.
  5. Blogging Solution
    We implemented two different solutions to optimize their blog management, migrating their CEO’s blog into the new CMS and building a separate solution for their corporate blog.
  6. Third-Party Integrations
    Effective third-party integrations were implemented including with BuddyPress and Salesforce CRM, with their cloud Document Management System, and with a wide range of other analytics systems. These were powerful tools for Pillar Data Systems’ team to drive the business efficiently.


Thanks to our expertise in offering personalized CMS solutions, we were able to deliver a state-of-the-art, Enterprise WordPress CMS from sitecore. With this, they were able to easily cater to their large number of clients in an efficient manner and manage their content publication with ease. With site speeds and performance monitored and optimized, Pillar Data Systems was able to benefit from increased business growth and significant improvements in SEO. However, that’s not all. With efficient workflows using Agile methodologies and tools such as Basecamp now in place thanks to the Multidots team, Pillar Data Systems is able to benefit from a well-designed editorial flow way beyond the lifetime of the project. With this, they are able to work more effectively across all levels of their business, streamlining and optimizing their operations to generate far-reaching business growth.

We were continuously impressed by the quality of their work and guidance, from their ability to quickly understand what we were trying to accomplish, to the expertise of the Multidots team. We had constant, easy access to the team members throughout the project, and they provided excellent solutions across our database development, WordPress CMS development, and coding needs.

Company Info:

Pillar Data Systems was a renowned computer data storage company specializing in midrange and enterprise network systems. Acquired by Oracle in 2011, their clients were based across diverse industries including financial services, healthcare, government and the legal industries.