How Multidots helped this media company to grow from a startup to a multi-million dollar business


It’s not every day that we hear how a two-person agency can grow into a team of over 100 in just 4 years. But that’s exactly what happened to ABUV Media, the online media publisher that specializes in building consumer-focused websites that connect the right audience to the right products and services. The sophisticated web pages they build are able to identify the unique needs and preferences of each user, thanks to their meticulous study of user behavior, search trends and user surveys.

With this explosive success, ABUV Media needed to step up their WordPress management right away. This is where Multidots stepped in. At Multidots, we have provided consistent, high-end web development and multisite WordPress content management support to ABUV Media since 2011, giving them the tools they need to manage their rapid growth and become the success that they are today.

Doug Jones – Founder & CEO ABUV Media

The founder and CEO of ABUV Media share his journey and feedback working with Multidots.


  • When ABUV Media reached over 50 subdomains (microsites), the team found it difficult to manage such a high number of information portals. Curating and publishing content became a time-consuming and headache, distracting from the company’s key focus and reducing the productivity of ABUV Media’s core teams.
  • The lack of a systematic approach to the coding of each project, combined with the multiple features required for each individual website, made managing their new business cumbersome and inefficient. What’s more, SEO optimization was becoming more and more complex, as new experiments and approaches needed to be rolled out across multiple sites, simultaneously. This, added to the need to keep up with the constantly changing technology landscape and to provide a seamless user experience to the customer, only made the challenge harder. This innovative startup had lost its agility, and they needed the support of an external technical team, fast.
  • Having learned the hard way that content management requires the right business partner, ABUV Media was looking for a collaboration where their unique challenges could be focused on, offering an agile solution that would cater to their constantly changing needs.


The goal was to allow ABUV Media’s users to complete huge searches within seconds on their complex, information-rich websites to access engaging content. At Multidots, we were able to provide our deep understanding of multisite management and SEO-optimized code, in addition to the much-needed soft skills and maturity to work remotely, yet in close sync, with the teams at ABUV Media, setting up a resilient captive development center.

To achieve this, we put together a conducive technical environment and database architecture to deliver an efficient site management solution. This solution was based on WordPress VIP and included the systematic coding of tasks with in-depth checks as required for multiple site roll-outs.

  1. Effective Project Execution

    The Multidots team worked in sync with the ABUV Media team to ensure that business goals and expectations were both tracked and met consistently. Using Agile methodology practices and tools like Basecamp, ABUV Media were provided with timely project updates and a dynamic overview of cross-project progress. As part of this, we also recommended business process reengineering and digital strategy changes.

  2. Competent Web Development

    Using open-source CMS solutions such as WordPress, we implemented multiple websites for ABUV Media across industries like finance and education. This also included the application of the very latest in search engine tactics, ensuring that best practices were adhered to at all times and that their websites are consistently visible in the top search results.

  3. Delivering Responsive Websites

    Multidots teams ensured that each portal offered the best experience across multiple devices and operating systems. Thorough quality checks were implemented to ensure the smooth running of the websites, irrespective of screen size/type.

  4. Maintaining Secure Websites

    Our WordPress QA specialists implemented tight security measures for the websites to protect them from even the most advanced cyber threats, providing an uninterrupted, secure experience to the user.


  • Their ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) grew from $100K a year to $15 million a year.
  • We built more than 10 web properties for them and all of their web properties are loading under 3 seconds.
  • Remote team of 25 engineers from Multidots was working around-the-clock and provided 24×7 technical support for 6+ years of the contract.

We hired Multidots as our development partner in 2012. Since then, they have been the reason for our success. They helped us grow from annual revenue of $100K to almost $15M. They helped us transform from a startup to a highly successful company with super low operating expenses, which led to a successful acquisition by Higher Education. Their technical expertise in areas such as web development, CMS systems, page performance, security, etc. have been the key to the success of our websites. Above all, their hardworking and easy-going attitude has made them an absolute pleasure to work with.

Company Info:

ABUV Media is a fast-paced online media publisher, specializing in building and growing outstanding, content-rich websites that inform and engage readers on topics such as education and personal finance.

ABUV Media was recently ranked #178 on the list of Inc. 5000 companies and acquired by Seattle based Higher Education in 2018