Migrated Ask Media Group’s 11 websites to WordPress multisite from Arbotron legacy CMS


Ask Media Group operates dozens of websites that help curious people find the information they need. Their growing portfolio of online experiences helps users discover everything from bathrobes to tax forms. They thrive on the challenge of developing a wide variety of sites that address everyday questions, no matter how large or small. Ask Media Group is owned and operated by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC).



  • Preparing a special team of engineers and project managers to achieve a critical deadline. The client’s and our team were very active in feature review and solution designing during the first month
  • We utilized the WordPress multisite + content syndication approach by the central site to each individual to provide the editor with one common dashboard to manage content for all sites
  • Utilized WPCLI for bulk data migration by building custom scripts to convert data in WordPress compatible format.
  • Developed many custom gutenberg blocks to provide an easy editing experience to editors
  • To fulfill their complex advertising management needs, we developed a custom plugin to define ad rules across sites which is reusable across multiple sites


  • Migrated 11 websites within the concise timeline of 12 weeks, without any downtime
  • Improved workflow for editors – they can now publish an article within two mins on WordPress
  • Improved ad management module – complete flexibility to manage ad placement to tweak the revenue
  • Improved analytics integrations
  • Lots of flexibility with WordPress – with this implementation, AMG can take site-specific action, update the layout/design of each site, implement site-specific content strategy, etc.
    • Easy to roll out new verticals/ sites
    • Easy to implement any third-party integration
    • Future proof implementation – optimized for a headless approach in the future

When the Multidots proposed that they could migrate 11 sites in 12 weeks, I was very skeptical and wasn’t really sure that it actually seems doable! But they did it. It’s a pleasure working with the whole team.

Company Info:

Founded as Ask Jeeves in 1996 and re-named Ask.com in 2005, Ask.com has spent the last 20 years committed to its mission of increasing personal knowledge by empowering people with answers. Our collection of websites now comprises the Ask Media Group.