CMS for a Pioneering Data Storage Solution Company in the USA

A renowned computer data storage company is an expert for midrange & enterprise heavy data storage network systems with a clientele across diverse domains like financial services, healthcare, government and legal industries through their flagship product for storage of data. This data storage guru has its expertise in the management of tiered storage on one platform and storage area networks, SAN and network-attached storage, NAS.

The Portfolio of Integrated Solutions

  • Storage area networks
  • Network-attached storage
  • Supported combinations of
    • Fibre channel SAN
    • Network file system NFS or NAS
  • Integrated with products for Microsoft Exchange Server Oracle Database ORACLEVM VMWARE data

This storage hardware company competed with various renowned names and has now been taken over by the most reputed data solutions giant in the world. Multidots was actively involved in powering a website showcasing the diverse product portfolio of this data storage management company over a span of 3 years along with other digital solutions driving at digital transformations.

Facts & Figures


Business Challenges

With a large number of clients spread across the globe with diverse industries to cater to and a huge number of products on offer, it was inevitable for this data storage company to have a logical web presence satisfying their needs to delivering details of solutions & products on their extensive website for effective marketing. The website was also expected to sell, service & support the products through a convenient, safe & secure interface running on both desktop as well as mobile devices with seamless customer experiences at the core.

Key Challenges

  • Absence of logical editorial workflowa was creating a lot of confusion in conveying relevant information to the clients

  • The need to publish varied content was not possible without a structured CMS

  • It was inevitable to support advanced design, graphics and engaging interfaces

  • Seamless workflows across devices & multichannel engagements were missing too

  • Ensuring safety & security of both content & the transactions was becoming a huge challange with a shift of preferences of the users

Multidots Steps in

Multidots offered an entirely customized CMS solution powered by predominantly Angular JS and the require plug-ins to achieve these complex requirements by delivering a state-of-the-art solution. The website architecture and the integration of the business logic justified the complexity of the website catering to a large number of clients transacting and gathering information. The entirely customized CMS simplified management of the content with increased efficiency.

The Solution Highlights

A well designed editorial flow
Complex nested architecture
  • Simple content descriptions
  • PDF displays
  • Images & graphics
Analytics & SEO abilities
Secure eCommerce Features
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Support

The Multidots Services

End to end customized CMS with website maintenance & eCommerce features and appropriate security assurance was delivered to the client by Multidots as a part of a long-strengthened relationship.

Customized Interfaces

The CMS made it possible to deliver easy to create & access themes & templates matching the expectations of a proficient showcase of products allowing easy modifications as and when required. self-service dashboards are easily configured and put to use to monitor site performances & point out concerns if any.

Web & Mobile Application

Angular JS as the chosen technology delivers seamless experiences for the users on mobile applications, websites and desktop software. Our team of experts put in the extra length to match the business requirements of the enterprise along with engaging experiences.

Corporate Security

Our customized CMS solution enforced security features making security fool-proof and dependable for the heavy traffic website of this data storage expert.

E-commerce Development

Sales, service and support of the data storage products were successfully achieved by blending in relevant e-Commerce components with safe & dependable interfaces.

Business Analytics Interfaces

Effective decision-making insights and pipeline visibilities to drive the business efficiently was made possible by integrating graphs, charts & dashboards using Angular JS.

Key Differentiators of Services Offered by Multidots

High urgency delivery mode supported by an Agile approach
Punch list driven high throughput bug management

Client Delight

The goodies that arrive year on year like innovative personal storage devices, invites to interesting conferences and subscriptions to fascinating reading material says it all about client satisfaction!

Multidots CMS Services What it Means for You

For content management solutions suiting your specific requirements through our customized service offerings right from content management to maintenance, Multidots is your end-to-end content management partner driving your website requirements towards your business goals with a CMS that integrates seamlessly into your business software.

Multidots Customized CMS Services

Customized CMS Highlights
  • Customized CMS creation & application development
    • Customized interfaces to suit corporate themes & preferences
    • Tailormade dashboards for ready insights
  • Existing CMS application maintenance as well as customization
  • CMS Integration & Migration services
  • Website development using open source CMS
  • Easily modifiable site structures
  • Customized as well as ready templates
    • No knowledge of web development or HTML required
    • Websites that are SEO friendly can be easily designed
    • Improvement in site traffic with faster content publishing
    • Significant reduction in website maintenance costs
    • Guaranteed web content security with roles & authorizations
    • Responsive & trending designs
  • Continual management & CMS maintenance
  • Assured security features
Our Specialized Development Services for AngularJS
  • Development with MongoDB at the backend with single page web app development
  • Cross platform & native mobile app development to suit the current trends
  • Mature practices for steadfast Server-side technologies
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • JAVA
    • NET
  • Code delivered is easy to read with MVC and dependency injection
  • Use of two-way data binding for rapid development of real time applications

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