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    Multidots recently moved its headquarter to a 4300 sq. feet office at Ganesh Meridien located at S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad.

    On 13th March 2016, Multidots shifted its operational base to brand new office at S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad. This move brought together two of its offices into a single, two-storey office.

    The New HQ at S.G.Highway is a critical move by the company to ensure it creates a motivating, inspiring and innovative work culture to deliver world class web, mobile, IoT and wearable solutions to its clients worldwide.

    The new Multidots HQ is home to around 100 employees who work across various divisions including WordPress, Magento, Mobile Apps and similar other domains.

    To give you a brief picture about Multidots – The Company started its operations in 2009 and has quickly grown into a full-fledged web and mobile apps design and development agency. All the people associated with Multidots have worked together as a family to achieve the overall organizational goals and continue to do so to achieve operational excellence.

    The planning for the new office started years back. But, it was in October 2015 our founders, Anil and Aslam, finalized on the space and location. The interior designing work took almost four months to get completed and the new office was inaugurated on March 13, 2016.

    The Office Setup

    Enter the office and you get a warm greeting at the reception. This area shall also give you a peek into the Company’s vision, mission and operational philosophy.

    Multidots Office has an open set-up. There are no cubicles. Everyone sits together irrespective of their hierarchy and role to work as a team.

    The office has been branded simply yet elegantly to portray the Company’s values and ethos. It has plenty of space for people to walk around and have conversations to stir up their creativity.

    The Idea Room

    Multidots also has a conference, aka, the idea room where people can sit together to talk on projects, ideas and much more. Plus, this room has specifically been built to help teams have noise-free, productive meeting with clients.

    Conversations can happen anywhere

    The office also has different points wherein people can sit, chat and discuss ideas without feeling they are actually have a conversation in an office. Plus, employees also have access to unlimited tea, coffee to stir up their minds and creativity.

    The CEO & CTO Room

    Our founders’ cabins are placed adjacently and these rooms aptly utilize the blue colour, reflecting our founders’ personalities.

    The Library

    To augment the learning process and ensure people continuously keep learning new things every day, there’s a small library too.

    The Activity Area

    The new HQ offers plenty of space for recreational activities like playing football.

    Our team at Work

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