Multidots’ Management Willing to Expand Distributed Teams with ‘Remote Work’

Multidots’ Management Willing to Expand Distributed Teams with ‘Remote Work’ Img

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    Multidots has always been in support of a happier work-life for its Dots. The company encourages a stress-free environment and hence encourages its in-house teams to have lunch together, listen to music when the pressure is high or even take a nap in a separate space with beds created for the techies! The company believes in letting the employees be at the best version of themselves when they are working. 

    Multidots management has been thinking for a long time to give a green-light to remote working for all the Dots. So, the management team executed a trial run with the Senior Executives/Developers/Leads of the company for a few months. This helped the company to measure the cost and time savings for both Multidots as well as its employees and compare the productivity rates to take a final call. The result was apparently in favor of a happier and healthier employee with increased productivity. 

    Working remotely with Multidots has been an amazing experience. Especially the convenience to work under situations concerning deadlines, innovative solutions, productivity has been absolutely positive for both the company and me. Work-Life Balance is at its best when working in remote teams for Multidots.

    Faisal Alvi (Sr. WordPress Developer)

    Multidots is more than 10 years old in the IT industry. The company has learned from its past experiences and has confidently put in place the robust policies that ensure dedicated remote teams supporting productive remote work. The focus spectrum of Multidots is now broadened to distributed teams, truely leveraging technology to benefit all parties included in the workflow.

    Moreover, this has helped Multidots to open its gates for the best of the talent, breaking the barriers of the limited locations around the office. The management team is assertive and pretty excited about incorporating remote teams with rich experiences and skills. The work culture at Multidots has always been open and will continue to eliminate hierarchical limitations even for its ‘Remote Work’ policy.

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    I would like to thank the management team to put the policy into practice. It’s been a couple of months and I can confidently say that the ‘Remote Work Policy’ has turned out to be very beneficial for me, professionally and socially. The best part has been the effective use of time. The major part of my time was consumed by traveling from my Hometown (Botad) to Ahmedabad – almost 12 hours every week. But this policy as a solution has turned out to be a blessing for my family, especially my little angel ‘Sara’

    Ramiz Manked (Sr. WordPress Developer)
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