WordPress SEO Audit Services

Are you unsure why you are not ranking as high as you should be? The truth is it takes more than a great product and blog content to rank higher on Google. By uncovering underlying issues in your website’s architecture such as broken links, outdated sitemaps, duplicate content, etc., — along with on and off-page improvements — an SEO audit gives you a roadmap to better rankings on Google, thus helping you capture qualified leads and generate greater revenue.

Ranking higher up on the SERPs is critical for the success of every online business, so having a calculated plan to get ahead of your competitors for relevant search queries is paramount. Multidots’ data-backed website SEO audit will provide you with concrete insights on your website’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO issues, along with a long-term actionable strategy aimed at achieving top rankings on the SERPs.

WordPress SEO Audit Services

During the audit, Multidots will execute a customized analysis of your website on the basis of your business goals and industry vertical. Take a look below to understand the services that we offer.

Technical SEO Audit

Our team will identify all the technical SEO issues plaguing your website with regards to URLs, mobile-friendliness, speed, security, structured data, robots.txt, sitemap, JavaScript indexing, etc., so you can ensure your website has a strong technical foundation. We will also identify and fix on-page SEO issues like missing H1 and title tags, images with missing alt text, etc., to improve your page experience and content quality.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis by Multidots helps you learn about and optimize your traffic share, refine your link-building strategies, and compare promotional activities to boost your organic growth. This will help you make smarter choices with regards to content creation and target keywords by identifying gaps in competitor content. An analysis of your competitors’ SEO tactics will ultimately give you an edge in your vertical.

Keyword Research

Strategic placement of relevant keywords will help you reach and resonate with your target audience, helping you rank higher in the SERPs. Multidots’ keyword research services will help you find keywords that you should be targeting by analyzing your website’s current keyword rankings, your present content structure, and your competitors’ choice of keywords.

Backlinks from spammy websites, low-quality backlinks, wasted backlinks that point to 404 pages, incorrect anchor texts, etc., can all hurt your website’s rankings. What’s more, other factors like black hat link-building tactics, negative SEO attacks, and search engines’ algorithm updates can drag your website’s rankings down on the SERPs. Multidots’ analysis and manual reviews will clean up your backlink profile and build valuable links to your website.

Our approach

Our WordPress website SEO audit services are structured with a well-defined, robust, and adaptive approach that works. Here’s what our process looks like for new clients.

  1. Onboarding
    Multidots’ WordPress SEO consultants and experts understand our clients’ business requirements and goals to define the scope of work and devise an actionable strategy. We get on a kick-off call to understand crucial details such as the target audience, desired keywords, current content strategies and backlink profile, and top competitors you wish to outrank.
  2. Strategy & Planning
    After we have completely understood the requirements and goals, we pen down the finer details of the operation. This includes understanding the present keywords profile, planning onsite and technical SEO, analyzing the backlink profile along with promotional outreach activities.
  3. Execution
    Once both the teams are on the same page with regard to strategy and timeframes, our experts roll up their sleeves and get to work. We begin the campaign execution — conducting the keyword research, backlink audit, competitor analysis, and making sure that onsite and technical SEO is as immaculate as possible.
  4. Deliverables
    We keep our clients in the loop as we continue to execute the strategy. We resolve queries and modification requests quickly while adhering to the plan to deliver as per our commitment.
  5. Reporting
    We provide quarterly reports and reports at the end of the campaign which includes the work activity report, Analytics report, Google Search console report as well as keyword research report. These reports help our clients plan their next steps.

Why choose Multidots’ website SEO audit services?

We have teams of WordPress SEO specialists who will work cohesively to help you achieve your SEO and business goals. Here’s why WordPress-powered enterprises choose Multidots.


Our SEO expertise

We pride ourselves on our experience in all things SEO. You can’t go wrong with decades of SEO-specific experience.


Focus on you

We tailor a strategy that is unique to each. We will be solely focussing on getting your website aptly ranked on the search engines.


Complete collaboration

Multidots’ experts will work with your in-house team, together, towards giving your website a well-deserved organic boost.


Seasoned experts

Our team of SEO experts, content experts, WordPress developers, and more, work side-by-side to get you to the top.


We talk in numbers

Numbers don’t lie and numbers are simple. Data from our SEO tech stack will direct all the SEO-based actions we will take for your website.


Latest tools and tactics

Our SEO strategies are always in accordance with the latest search engines’ algorithm updates.


Timely Delivery

We’re serious about delivering on our promises. We will keep you in the loop and our team will answer any and all of your queries.


Actionable reports

Reports about your website’s performance will have facts simple to understand and actions that are easy to execute. We hate jargon too.


  • As there is a huge variety of potential technical SEO issues, finding them requires different techniques. Some issues like a missing “/” in robots.txt are easy to find, whereas others such as wasted crawl budget require the assistance of paid tools like Ahrefs.

  • You can use a tool like SEMrush to determine your SEO competitors, their backlink profile, and performance on Google.

  • It can be a lot of things. Maybe your pages are not being indexed, loading slowly, or you have a spammy backlink profile. A complete SEO audit is necessary to find out any and all of the culprits.

  • A Google penalty means your site is either no longer listed on search results, or that your ranking for your desired keywords has dropped dramatically. It could be due to a new algorithm update targeting poor page experience, technical SEO issues, or implementation of black-hat SEO tactics.

  • Keyword stuffing, misleading redirects, and cloaking are some of the black-hat SEO techniques that must be avoided.

  • Core Web Vitals (CWV) show how a specific URL is performing based on the perceived experience of the users. Together, the Core Web Vitals indicate how a web page fares in terms of aspects such as visual stability, interactivity, and load time.

    These parameters are measured with the help of three metrics — Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

    You can get a detailed report on your CWV performance when you get an audit done by us, along with insights on other crucial areas of your website.

  • While the Page Experience update that introduced Core Web Vitals definitely impacts the way search engines rank your website, it is not a standalone ranking factor. In some cases, having an average score for Core Web Vitals might still be okay.

    But if your website relies heavily on user experience, consider having a good CWV score that will help you impress your users and the search engines.

  • Your website’s SEO will remain intact and your current search engine rankings won’t be affected during your migration to WordPress.

  • Yes. Because rankings require consistent work and the algorithms of search engines are constantly updated.

  • We provide a quarterly report (monthly upon request) of your website’s performance related to SEO written in plain English containing numbers that make sense.

  • Multidots’ WordPress expertise is second to none and our reviews speak for themselves. News, media, performance marketing, and other associations trust Multidots for all their content and SEO needs. We always strive for perfection and get things done on time.

  • It depends on the scope of work and numerous other factors that are unique to each business. On average, you can start to see the results of our work within 4-6 months.

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