WordPress SEO Services

As 75% of netizens don’t look past the first page on Google, it is a must to anchor your website on the first page to get found by your prospects. By taking care of issues like broken links, outdated sitemaps, malware, poor LCP, etc., SEO helps you attract the right audience to your website, deliver a great on-site experience, and increase your authority within your vertical.

In a globally competitive environment, ranking at the top of the SERPs, building authority in your vertical with content, and delivering a great user experience is a must. Proven white hat SEO tactics of Multidots that evolve with the rules of the search engines will put your website ahead of the competition.

Multidots WordPress SEO Services

Why invest in SEO for your WordPress website?

You need to be on the first page of the search to get found by your prospects. You need to relay your brand message reliably to earn their trust. Your web vitals need to be perfect to improve your domain ranking. All of it can be done through search engine optimization. Here are some key benefits that you can expect by having Multidots as your WordPress SEO expert.


Connect with the right audience

WordPress SEO audit includes keyword research and competitor analysis which helps you attract qualified traffic that’s more likely to convert into leads and sales.


Improve conversion rates

An optimized landing page is more effective in relaying your brand message and value proposition, capturing qualified leads that convert.


Build authority and credibility

Ranking at the top in the search results for the right keywords make you credible and authoritative in the eyes of your prospects.


Deliver a stellar on-site experience

SEO improves your website speed and core web vitals like first input delay and visual stability enabling you to give the best-possible experience to your visitors.


High ROI

SEO is just like compound interest. It’s a long-term game and continuous investment will give a tremendous return.


Measurable and Scalable

The impact of SEO efforts can be easily measured and economically scaled up as per your requirements.

Our approach

Our WordPress website SEO services are structured with a well-defined, robust, and adaptive approach that works. Here’s what our process looks like for new clients.

  1. Onboarding
    Multidots’ WordPress SEO consultants and experts understand our clients’ business requirements and goals to define the scope of work and devise an actionable strategy. We get on a kick-off call to understand crucial details such as the target audience, desired keywords, priority landing pages, and top competitors you wish to outrank.
  2. Strategy & Planning
    After we have completely understood the requirements and goals, we pen down the finer details of the operation. This includes formulating a landing page content strategy, planning onsite and technical SEO optimization, and finalizing the content calendar along with outreach activities.
  3. Execution
    Once both the teams are on the same page with regard to strategy and timeframes, our experts roll up their sleeves and get to work. We begin the campaign execution — creating the landing page content, distributing it, and making sure that onsite and technical SEO is as immaculate as possible.
  4. Deliverables
    We keep our clients in the loop as we continue to execute the strategy. We resolve queries and modification requests quickly while adhering to the plan to deliver as per our commitment.
  5. Reporting
    We provide quarterly reports and reports at the end of the campaign which includes the work activity report, Analytics report, Google Search console report as well as keyword research report. These reports help our clients plan their next steps.

Why choose Multidots as your WordPress SEO agency?

We have teams of WordPress SEO specialists who will work cohesively to help you achieve your SEO and business goals. Here’s why WordPress-powered enterprises choose Multidots.

We know WordPress

We pride ourselves in our expertise in all things WordPress. You can’t go wrong with years and years of WordPress-specific experience.

Customer-centric approach

Our approach is built around customer success. Bots will crawl through your website but it is people who will bring you business.

Adaptive and robust methodology

Every business is different when it comes to its mission and value proposition. We tailor a strategy that is unique to each.

We will work with you

Multidots’ SEO experts will collaborate with your team, together, towards giving your business a well-deserved organic boost.

Cross-functional agile team

Our team of SEO experts, content experts, WordPress developers, and more, work side-by-side to get you to the top.

Data-backed application

Numbers don’t lie. All the SEO-based actions that we take for your website will be backed by data from our SEO tech stack.

The SEO strategies and tactics employed by Multidots’ experts are renewed in accordance with algorithm updates of search engines.

Complete transparency

We’re serious about delivering on our promises. We will keep you in the loop and our team will answer any and all of your queries.