Joomla to WordPress Migration Services

Joomla is primarily used for developing e-commerce shops, social platforms, product catalogs, marketplaces, and online forums. This content management system (CMS) fairs well on the usability and functionality front. 

While Joomla developers may boast about its amazing capabilities like multilingual, multi-vendor, user management, and smart search, nothing can hide the fact that WordPress (deservingly) sits in the core of 43.3 percent of websites across the web in comparison to Joomla’s 3 percent.

So, if you are opting for Joomla to WordPress Migration Services, Multidots assures you to make your journey hitch-free in all possible ways.

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Why Migrate Joomla CMS to WordPress?

Why Migrate from Joomla to WordPress
with Multidots?

Be it flexibility, security, extensibility, search-engine capabilities, or updates – WordPress makes a perfect choice for you. Having rich experience of working on Joomla as well as WordPress/WooCommerce projects, we can confirm that WordPress is way more advantageous for e-Commerce businesses and enterprises. And with us handling the hefty task of Joomla to WordPress migration, this task won’t be hefty or risky for you at all.


Personalizing the front-end in Joomla is not as smooth as in the case of WordPress. The WordPress CMS even lets you edit HTML files through the in-built software, eliminating the need for using FTP frequently.

Flexibility and Customization

Despite being able to build robust and mobile-responsive solutions, Joomla is not at par with WordPress. WordPress has an architecture that lets your enterprise website grow exponentially without hiccups.


Fewer updates and delayed support can worsen your Joomla site’s condition, alongside inviting threats. On the other hand, WordPress is a very stable and highly secure CMS that is suitable for small and largest businesses alike.

Updates and Maintenance

In Joomla, modules have little support and may give you a hard time. WordPress upgradation and maintenance cycle are like a breeze in its comparison. WP has a vast community and strict plugin update rules for its directory.


Joomla development, designing, and customization take more time than WordPress sites. Thanks to the ready-made components and customization capabilities of the latter, you can launch a uniquely styled website within 30 minutes too.

Load-speed and SEO

The flexibility of the CMS and its search-engine optimization potential makes WordPress a preference for your SEO needs over Joomla!. Not just that, your migrated website from WordPress to Joomla will perform better and load faster.

Available Extensions

In comparison to the ocean of WordPress plugins and themes, Joomla’s directory seems very tiny. Highly paid or custom-developed extensions are essential for most of Joomla website functionalities, increasing cost and time of development.

Community Support

WordPress has a giant community of millions of enthusiasts compared to the small community of Joomla developers/users. Poor support, lack of information, and lack of developers are frequent problems with Joomla!


Joomla development and components cost comparatively high; so does the custom development. However, this doesn’t mean that you will make a better website or digital solution live. WordPress is cost-convenient, powerful, and flexible.

Why is WordPress an ideal pick for
Enterprises over Joomla?

Switching your enterprise CMS from Joomla to WordPress can give you an edge over rivals. This simple step has limitless benefits, including – more customization capabilities, SEO-friendliness, security, support, and other features. Also, WordPress is better for multi-site, multi-tenancy, multi-user, multi-language, analytics, and marketing needs. Think future; make a quick move.

  1. Customize it to Extreme

    An enterprise or middle-size business should have flawless digital entities, unique to itself. With the customization and personalization aids that WordPress has, there is nothing that could stop you from doing it. So opt for WordPress over Joomla and serve your prospects as well as customers better.
  2. Globalize. Localize.

    Whether you want to go international or you wish to localize your brand of each of the locations you are serving, both can be achieved through WordPress. This CMS can have multi-lingual and multi-user for better management of your site content across the locations/branches of your business.
  3. Highly Trusted and Secure

    Sites like Microsoft News, TED (blog), Tech Crunch, and Walt Disney – the list of businesses using WordPress is never-ending. The reason why 1.3 billion+ websites, including these brands, rely on WP as their Content Management System is: WordPress is highly secured and trustworthy.
  4. Super-effective Content Management

    Content marketing and regular changes in the layout/text/media of your website can be easily controlled by the normal users in your organization while you use WordPress. Therefore, you won’t need expert assistance for daily marketing chores in the Enterprise. Isn’t it fascinating?
  5. Marketing, Audits and Analytics

    WordPress may look like a solution mostly being used by small ventures but the truth is that the CMS is enterprise-focused at core & can be customized for all. You can automate your marketing, auditing, analytics, and other complex operations through plugins or custom WordPress development services.
  6. Integrations and Workflow Management

    With the ability and availability of thousands of plugins (free/premium), there is no capability that you might want in your CMS that can’t be integrated into WordPress. Payments, support, live chat, security, marketing automation, and editorial aids – all can be embedded into your enterprise website.

Our Joomla to WordPress Migration Services

Joomla Theme to WordPress Theme

If you want your Joomla Backend functionalities and frontend look to a comprehensive WordPress theme that is fully functional, mobile-responsive, and dynamic, Multidots WordPress and WooCommerce developers will be your best development resources. Hire us for a stable and extensible website, and eCommerce development solutions.

Migration from an Old Joomla Version to WordPress

No matter which Joomla version you are using, we are well-versed in understanding all. Our developers and designers will audit your current deployment and will come up with an effective action plan to launch the WordPress website. Our team will ensure to upgrade the security and backend capabilities of your Joomla site during its conversion to WP.

Full Data Migration

The skilled Joomla to WordPress professionals at Multidots can migrate your web pages, blog posts, images in the content, user groups, users, attachments, menus, menu items, and other SEO important data. Not just that, we can also retain your meta-descriptions, tags, 301 redirects, URLs, comments and other such aspects to ensure harm-free conversion from Joomla to WordPress.

User-friendly Backend Development

If your reason for shifting from Joomla to WordPress is the lack of backend capabilities of your CMS system, you have made the right choice. Our developers will craft a user-friendly and powerful backend for the new deployment to ensure 100% ease of use for your team with different levels of command on handling technical stuff.

Joomla to WordPress Migration with a few advancements

For the enterprises and entrepreneurs changing their Joomla website’s core CMS to upgrade its personalization and functional efficiency, our experts can develop and put in work an advanced WordPress-based system. We can add more functionalities and make the backend as well as frontend controls more flexible as per your requirements.

Framework and in-built Control Panel Development

Multidots WordPress team can built framework solutions, WooCommerce plugins, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Woo-compatible themes, in-built theme control panel and all kinds of custom solutions you might want to enable for your Joomla to WordPress Migrated deployment. Consult and discuss with us to get quality services.

What can all be Migrated from your
Joomla to WordPress?

If talking about the highest capabilities of our team, we can migrate:

  • Joomla Pages to WordPress pages:
  • Your Blog posts to WP CMS:
  • Your 301-redirects:
  • Tags, meta-data, and Categories:
  • Images and other rich media data:
  • URLs, users and user groups:
  • Custom fields and attachments:
  • Menus, menu items:
  • All the Joomla data to your new hosting service provider:
  • Custom pages:
  • Backend of your Joomla Site:
  • The functionalities being provided by your Joomla! Extensions:
  • Standard and advanced Joomla features of your website.

Other than the above, Multidots Joomla to WP Migration experts can also:

  • Migrate selective data and fields from your Joomla site:
  • Design a whole-new site with your Joomla site data and new interface:
  • Embed the existing Google Analytics code (detaching it from Joomla Site):
  • Take care of and retain the old Permalink structure:
  • Develop Customized WordPress themes and plugins:
  • Enable WooCommerce and other e-commerce capabilities comparable to your Joomla Shop:
  • Perform Joomla Site performance optimization by migrating it to WP:
  • Additional functional components.

Prerequisites for Joomla to WordPress Migration

  • Pick a reliable hosting service provider (or continue with the current);
  • Take the complete Website backup;
  • Note down all your URLs and sitemaps;
  • Choose the best Joomla to WP Migration Service Provider.

Why Hire Multidots’ WordPress Developers for WP to Joomla Migration Services?


Reliable and Experienced Experts

Our premium-grade WordPress migration services can improve your site’s performance, capabilities, and loading speed. With Multidots Joomla to WP Conversion excellence, your enterprise can deliver a better site experience for your end-users and boost the engagement rate speedily.  


Hassle-free and Advanced Services 

Our seasoned website and e-commerce developers are perfect at providing Advanced WordPress as well as WooCommerce development services. We deploy cutting-edge aids to keep your data protected. With us, there is no underlying cyber threat that could harm your Joomla website.


Zero Downtime and No Data Loss

We understand that website downtime will be troublesome for a blooming business. Our developers and project specialists, well-versed at WP development and deployment, leave no stone unturned to avoid downtime and data loss. Migrate with us – without affecting your enterprise’s operations.


Retina-Ready and Mobile-Responsive Solutions

Whether you want to keep the layout of your WordPress website/shop similar to the old Joomla implementation or want to upgrade it to something more elegant and trending, Multidots experts are at your service. We build mobile-first solutions with eye-catchy design to woo your visitors.


Extensibility (Keeping Future Additions to the WP Site in mind)

Businesses grow; ventures merge. Enterprises branch; brands get acquired. We understand that your business won’t remain the same forever. Therefore, we leave the scope for future WordPress deployments. Multidots’ WP solutions are built extensible and are documented well.


Time-honored Delivery and Surety of Confidentiality 

We are highly professional and timely. With us as your Joomla to WordPress migration experts, you won’t ever have to face delays, miscommunication, and information leaks. We sign NDA to secure your data, in order to legally accept our responsibility towards the confidentiality of your details.


Cross-browser Compatibility

We craft cutting-edge Joomla to WordPress solutions that are mobile-responsible and that could work seamlessly across various devices and browsers. Multidots team properly tests cross-browser compatibility and device-friendliness of the WP deployment we have created for you.


SEO-focused Deployment and Structuring 

We can retain permalinks, site structure, page structures, post structure, and other SEO-specific data of your Joomla deployment in the WordPress website. Our skilled team ensures to take care of your SEO and migration requirements, causing minimal-possible impact to the SEO of your site/shop.

Our Joomla to WordPress Migration Approach

  1. Consulting
    Our Joomla to WP Consultants discuss requirements, provide suggestions, understand goals and review the challenges you might be facing with Joomla. In this step, we also comprehend the received information and confirm if migration to WordPress will be a good idea for you.
  2. Strategy development
    The timeline, budget, scope of the project and the extent of data & features to be migrated is decided at this step. Our team of developers & designers sits to strategize a feasible WordPress solution for your enterprise. Once the plan looks fine to the client, we move forward and start acting as per it.
  3. Project Initiation
    As outlined and prioritized, we will start working on your Joomla to WordPress project once the full site backup and other precautions are taken by our experts. During the project execution, the Multidots team will maintain communication links and share progress reports with you alongside.
  4. Deployment
    The comprehensive testing of the WordPress project and assurance of its alignment to your requirement is the timestamp when we start thinking of the final deployment of your project. At this step, we take down your Joomla website/e-commerce store and make the WordPress deployment live.
  5. Support
    Except for the skills, nurturing client relationships is the reason that has made us the WordPress VIP Agency Partner. Our collaboration with you won’t end with the project but will remain for a lifetime. You can always contact us for maintenance, updates, Data Security implementations, and more.