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WordPress is the most powerful CMS and your Enterprise needs just that; an ultimate powerful tool to ensure your excellence in the online world. With our decade-long experience in the web development domain and after working with hundreds of companies, we have found that going with a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work anymore. With infinite customization requirements, there comes the need to understand and optimize the real needs and thereby an ardent need for specialized consultants.

Multidots can serve you the best in finalizing your custom website requirements, plugin needs, multisite strategies, migration approach, digital publication methods, API and third-party deployment plans and WooCommerce ideation. With our developers, possessing advanced WordPress and WooCommerce skills, and the consultants, having years of experience in shaping the industry, you will get the best advice for your requirements so that the implementation could be robust and optimized.

We implement our ‘expertise’ to harness ‘excellence’ in your Organization

Making the right strategy and correct ideation are the key to success. At Multidots, our industry experts start with that only. With WordPress’ ability and our proficiency, your enterprise can grow speedily as you wanted. So, you can leave all the burden of sketching the plan of WordPress customization and implementing it to develop a comprehensive solution to us.

Why Choose WordPress as the technology and Multidots as your Development Company?

Enterprises have their own unique needs, and hence cannot sail away with the off-the-shelf themes and plugins. Owning an optimized and highly performing website with well managed and creatively curated content is the key to achieve success in this competitive world of business.

There are many technologies for website development. Choosing WordPress among them and then customize it according to your business needs is the ultimate important task from the very beginning. But, it can be overwhelming to choose the right customization, theme, and performance of a WordPress site. The team of skilled professionals at Multidots guides you from scratch, right from the development to the look and feel of business pages, along with the most important part i.e. creation of contents.    

Why seek the help of professional consultants?

Customizing your WordPress Platform is not the only thing you are doing as a business. Making a customer base, converting the visitors to your loyal customers, making your site visible among the ocean of competitors, managing social media, market your products and the list is endless. All this by doing yourself can be daunting.

We are here to help you carve your path for greater success in business through our experienced consultants and industry leaders. Our team is especially build to understand your specific business requirements, target audience, and user experience needs. We help you design the right platform for the escalated growth and profit for your enterprise.

What makes Multidots an Enterprise WordPress Development Specialist?

Multidots, the team of skilled consultants help you in transforming your enterprise’ working procedures in every phase. Starting from visualization of the ideas, making strategy, design, and development of the WordPress platform to helping you create and analyze market – our team can do all at once. Our services are not only bound to consulting and development, but far beyond that. We can develop what’s planned for you.

We help your business to find comprehensive development and creative customization through experience consultation and guidance. In Short, we know how to ‘Embed Innovation to the technology’. Our team of Scrum certified Agile Practitioners help you manage the complete project in the agile ways, which enables you to get your work done in a minimum duration.

Beyond Custom WordPress Development

In this era of competition, every business wants to stand out of the crowd and the path the reach to the top is overwhelmingly difficult. It is not sufficient to develop a WordPress website for your business in this market condition. You need to reach out for solutions beyond that.

Research, planning, creating the strategy, design develop, support, create a market, offer services and serve after that – everything should be included in a good business plan. Multidots helps you to achieve that.  

Strategy making and digital planning

Our skilled professional team is highly efficient to brainstorm and procreate the correct strategy and plan out developmental requirements.

Design your Way

Our talented design team guides you through creation and implementation of technologies to build a responsive and cutting-edge design to provide the outstanding user experience.

Information Architecture

Our user research and analytics is to sail through and incorporate the right information architecture in your WordPress website.

High Performing Platform

We guide you to constitute the highest performing and dynamic WordPress platform with integrated analytics and advanced tools.

Custom Theme Development

With all the required functionalities implemented as per your needs and keeping the security in mind, we create amazing themes for your enterprise.

Custom Plugin Development

We understand you stand out the crowd and have unique additional requirements. With our excellence in custom plugin development, we can implement it in a fast and robust way.

Theme & Plugin Customization

A time-saving and robust strategy is to pick well-tested components off the market and customize them to make them work for our requirements; our professionals are excellent at it.

Digital Re-engineering

Your decade-old enterprise isn’t new to the online world. But for sure, it’s not engineered to perform perfectly for today’s date. Our company re-engineers your online presences efficiently.


Pixel-perfect and never-implemented website designs, which are crafted for easy navigation and simple use, are deployed with an excellent visual appeal at Multidots.

Data Creation

Data creation, collection, migration, and features formulated according to data – our proficient team guide you through all of that.


Securing sensitive business data and business information is of utmost importance & Multidots team assist to make your website highly secure from the sneak-peaks of competitors.

Content Management

Our talented consulting team loves to mentor the complete content management process – from content creation & migration to establish a right way to curate a great knowledge base.

Custom Analytics

Along with custom development consulting, our team cooperates to implement and customize your own analytics on the platform so that you never miss the insights and leads.

Social Media Tools

Our tech-savvy and social team can help you decide the digital marketing strategy implement correct tools so that reaching out to the right kind of remains easy for you.

Agile Project Management

Our Scrum master team assists to manage your development project in an agile manner, manage the scrum board, sprints, and deliverables to achieve maximum result in the optimized timeframe.

Support and Further Consultation

Multidots provide end to end support, guidance, and consultation through the complete lifecycle of your WordPress Customized development project.

That Little ‘Extra’ which Makes us Extra-Ordinary, and hence Suitable for you!

Multidots believe in delivering perfection – 100% and beyond that! We guide you through the process of creating a visual design with the help of advanced mockups and wireframes, creation of your own customized themes, to design the architecture of the website, implementation of features according to the business requirements to develop a high performing optimized platform.

Data collection and data-centric strategy development is the new age technique. You get data-centric feature development and implementation guidance, through our data science and data analytics experts. Also, we can implement traffic generation tools, revenue tools and server-side tools for collection of online data.

WordPress has always been our first love, be it development or consultation. With hundreds of WordPress products developed at our office space till the date, there is no one who can consult you better than us, nor can anyone implement our plans with the same excellence. So, hire us today and avail one-stop consulting and development solutions.

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