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Multidots is a reputed WordPress website migration agency with strong experience in migrating enterprise-grade websites from just about any proprietary or open-source CMS to WordPress. We provide custom WordPress migration services that ensure website performance and security. Our WordPress database migration processes are carried out manually to maintain 100% data integrity.

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WordPress Migration Services

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We all at NAB Show were delighted to work with the Multidots team. They delivered the website on time and absolutely are the Drupal to WordPress migration and Gutenberg experts. Their commitment to quality and service is unprecedented. We are continuing to work on other projects with them.

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 Why Migrate to WordPress

WordPress is, by far, the most popular Content Management System globally, used by millions of websites. WordPress can be self-hosted, which can help reduce your expenses. It is highly customizable without any limitations by enterprise extensions, but still easy to use, even for non-tech savvy bloggers. We can help you determine a plan for your WordPress migration!

Benefits of Migrating to WordPress


Powerful CMS

WordPress now powers 43.3% of websites, with a 62.8% share in the CMS market.


WooCommerce – Start Selling Online

Over 40% or over 5 million online stores run on WooCommerce.


Great for SEO

WordPress has a simple URL structure which makes it compatible with search engines, including Google.


Extremely customizable

Thousands of plugins are available for WordPress (often free).


Easy to use

WordPress is widely considered to be the most user-friendly CMS. It is quick and simple to manage.


It’s free

WordPress is a free, open-source software.


Longevity and scalability

WordPress websites are highly scalable. Your website’s functionality can be extended by installing plugins.


Access to developers

Due to its global usage and popularity, WordPress benefits from a large developer community.



The vast majority of WordPress themes are already mobile-friendly and constantly updated.


Active WordPress community

Experts are always active and available in online forums to answer questions about your unique WordPress project.

Our Approach for a CMS Migration to WordPress

We have a well-planned procedure for any website migration to ensure a smooth and quick process.

  1. Consultation
    We will discuss any problems you are facing with your current website as well as notate your requirements for your new WordPress website. This procedure helps us understand precisely what you are expecting from the migration.
  2. Planning
    Once we have gathered all of the information, we will develop a detailed plan for the upcoming migration, considering your website content, its features, and functionalities as well as the given timeframe.
  3. Initiation
    Once our team and the client team have perfected the plan, we will start the migration process immediately as per the agreed terms and conditions. We will follow a detailed schedule, starting with backing up data and media to get everything ready for the migration.
  4. Delivery
    The delivery is the most important part of any migration project. Meeting your expectations is our goal, and that is why we perform complete testing of the new website to ensure that everything is in the right place and functional before handing it over to you.
  5. Support
    Our support does not end at project delivery. We are here to help you maintain your website. We will run a systematic performance analysis of your website, check for problems and bugs, and fix them to ensure that your website runs smoothly and that you can focus on other important business activities.

Why choose Multidots for WordPress Migration?

We have experience in different types of migrations. Our expert team supports over 20 platforms for WordPress migration. Here are our USPs for smooth Migration.

Experienced and Expert Team

We have a team of experienced developers who have an eye for details and are experts in migrating websites to WordPress by covering all technicalities required for a successful migration.

Step-by-Step Approach

We follow a well-planned step-by-step approach, breaking the complete process into smaller portions to ensure a smooth and complete migration.

Customized Service

We understand your desire to stand out from the crowd by being able to offer unique features and excellent service. We can help by providing a complete customized migration suited to your needs and requirements.

Zero Downtime

We work on our servers to develop the new WordPress website. This helps you migrate your existing site to the new platform without impacting your current website. This also ensures 100% availability and visibility to your users due to zero downtime during the migration.

Safe and secure

Data and content safety is our prime focus. We never compromise any data security that you entrusted us with. No content is deleted from your existing website; the data is simply copied to the new website during WordPress database migration. Data integrity is kept at 100%. All the data is checked before the new site goes live.

Stress-free Migration

We handle end-to-end services of the migration. Quality, on-time delivery is what our clients entrust us with. The Multidots experts follow the Agile Methodology to ensure a successful migration. We deliver the best by adding professional character and fixing internal links.

Retain Search Rankings

The migration process doesn’t affect any rankings that you have established over time. Once your website is hosted on WordPress, rankings will only improve. Our tech experts frequently keep the search engines “informed” about any changes, so the migration doesn’t decrease your current rankings.

Manual WordPress Website Migration

We, at Multidots, are WordPress experts and do not trust any automated tool for migration. We manually use advanced technologies to transition and test the results with 100% efficiency. We understand your data, and its integrity is important to you.

Multidots team improved our website load time from 5.0s to 1.2s, 65% increase in the editorial team’s operational efficiency, 20% increase in page views and our organic search traffic jumped up from 40% to 60%


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