Never Proceed to Custom Development Phase without Planning

Not all developers understand that any added functionality should be implemented in the form of a plugin, not by merely adding some code snippets in the functions.php. Or sometimes, they want it complete early. But you have to pay special attention as you are the website or business owner. After all, you don’t want to lose the customized functionality and add-on features of your WordPress site, when a new theme is installed. Disabling a theme may trigger the disappearance of all those hooked functionalities and features your site was having.

Disaster, isn’t it?

A well-planned custom plugin is the only thing which can help you sail flawlessly in such times. It is the right way to embed the much-needed functionalities in your plugin without missing out anything. Multidots’ team of development excellence guides you through the process, steps, implementation and maintenance of the customized plugins for your WordPress website after auditing your requirements carefully. Through that, we help you avoid unnecessary costs, lengthy codes, stretched timelines and bad implementations.

What is a custom plugin?

Plugins are code snippets of any specific functionality that can be added or plugged into a WordPress site and enjoy the features without disturbing the site’s core features. A customized plugin is built to fulfill the website-specific requirements and extend the additional features.

Naturally, customized plugin development is a critical task. Plugin, that is not developed well, can destroy the features of your original site, produce errors and disturb user experience at the worst.  We help you understand the underlying conditions of the code running on your website, planning for a feature-rich plugin.

Why do you need a customized plugin?

To retain the key additions and the core features of the site and make the site error proof forever, all you need is to develop a customized plugin. You can use a customized plugin for adding your custom post types, adding customized WordPress thumbnails and supports, adding backlinks and redirections for your posts, adding code-snippets for different features and so on. The reasons you need a customized plugin are –

  • Adding a feature of your own without disturbing the original functions of the WordPress site.
  • Avoid loss of already add-on features while disabling a theme.
  • Avoid errors produced in the site and user lockout due to the pasting of wrong code snippet in the functions.php file.
  • Preventing errors produced from the pasting of code snippets in the wrong formatting into function.php file.
  • Creating and adding exciting and required functionalities specific to your business.
  • Break-proof your site
  • Saving money to buy plugins in which you do not require all the features.

Get Advice from the makers!

Developing a Plugin is not as simple as adding some code, compiling and installing it into your website. We incubate the best possible plugins, just specific to your requirements, by thinking out the right strategy to make them. We assist you through the complete development cycle of the simplest to the most critical plugins as you want! 

A cycle of planning, designing, requirement gathering, development, testing and finally maintenance – all is needed to get a successful plugin that will work on any theme and can be easily updated along with the ever-changing WordPress versions. It all begins henceforth, by starting to plan it with the industry experts, who’re actually equally proficient in developing them.

Requirement Discovery

We are using the word ‘discovery’ as the Multidots team assist you to understand your business specifications, available plugins and their pros and cons and then creating your own requirement of features needed for the growth of your business.

Team involvement

No one can understand what is really needed and how to implement other than those who use it every day. It can be your users or your business team. We involve your team for brainstorming ideas and requirements.


Planning the most important part of any kind of development project and custom WordPress development is not the exception. Getting an expert consultancy in planning the development of your plugin will do the half of the work.


Writing error-free codes, which is performance-oriented and optimized, saves time and money. Multidots’ unparalleled development expertise and advice will sail you through the hassles of the development phase.

Quality Audits and Maintenance

For quality control, assurance and adherence to the functionality, seek advice from us. Maintenance of the plugins includes change, update and add codes according to the changing business specs, version of WordPress and version of softwares on hosting server and domain. We support you at the phase of maintenance in each of the cases.

Change Management

Changes according to the market conditions, social media involvements, changes in policies and strategies – in all of the scenarios, we assist you to track, manage and implement the changes successfully with quality and performance.  

How is Multidots different?

Most of the customized tasks couldn’t be executed successfully due to the lack of actual understanding of requirement and the absence of a guided path to execute it. Multidots’ team crave for perfection in planning and quality in the development of your custom-made plugin.

Our team helps you get the benefit of sustenance, service, and support of our technical excellence.

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