Who We Are?

Multidots is full-service web and mobile apps development agency. Since our inception in 2009, we have mastered the WordPress, Mobile Apps, PHP & E-Commerce technology and are very proud to work with lean startups, Inc 5000 companies and global enterprises. We have the team of 100+ developers & designers. We have built 200+ WordPress websites & 50+ WordPress plugins, 25+ Mobile Applications and 50+ custom web applications. We have also helped dozens of the new startup to build their tech products for the web & mobile platform – read customer case study! Our team is very active and open about open source contribution. Visit our GitHub Profile and WordPress Profile for all the activities and contributions done by our team.

Our Clients

An Inc 5000 listed & fastest growing media agency based in Reno, U.S.
One of the reputed & fastest growing development services agency based in UK.
World’s one of the biggest platform for news & content of sneaker & shoes industry.
Turkey’s Biggest Online Payment Service Provider & fastest growing enterprise.

What we do

Hire Dedicated Team

Hire WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of our core expertise and have a team of talented WordPress developer. Hire our WordPress developer for Plug-in Development, WordPress website development & maintenance. Find out more >

WooCommerce-icon Hire WooCommerce Developer

Multidots is one of the big WooCommerce development company in India. We have built several woo commerce stores and woo commerce plugins for our clients world wide. We have a big team of WooCommerce developers ready to hire. Find out more >

Hire BuddyPress Developer

Get access to cost-effective solutions for forums, private messaging, groups and other stunning features with our BuddyPress design/development services by hiring our BuddyPress Developer. Find out more >

Hire Web Designer

Hire our experienced, creative and highly motivated Web Designer for Website layout design, Mobile UI Design, Responsive Website Design, Business Website Design, E-Commerce store Design. Find out more >

Hire Android Developer

Hire our expertise to develop Android based games, apps, GPS & Wi-Fi development. Get instant access to smart and innovative solutions for Android utility apps, SDK, graphics and web development. Find out more >

Hire iPhone Developer

Hire the expertise of our iPhone app development group to create smart apps for book publishing, games, utility tools in robust and reliable way. Hire iPhone Developer. Find out more >

Hire PHP Developer

Our skilled PHP developers at Multidots have years of experience in handling complex PHP Programming and development needs. They are fully geared with the latest PHP practices and tools. Find out more >

22x22-cakephp Hire CakePHP Developer

With CakePHP as one of our core expertise we have huge team of CakePHP developers. We have built and deployed many custom web applications with CakePHP framework. Find out more >

Web Development

CMS Development

Manage your data repository with innovative CMS Development and Management strategies. Modify, delete and/or retrieve customized data with smart E-Commerce, personal, business and corporate website design solutions. Use well designed micro-sites for marketing, branding and establishing your products and services-the right way!

Find out more >

E-Commerce Development

Create a stoic E-Commerce web presence with smart designs and innovative conceptualization. We provide reliable, robust and technically sound E-Commerce website designs to increase your traffic and profitability. Use our comprehensive, credible and cost effective E-Commerce website development tools for your business success.

Find out more >

Social Network & Community

Build the most interactive social networking web apps that Connect and interact with global communities through features like blogs, chats, groups, activity, friends, internal messaging systems and discussion forums. Include well organised photo galleries, videos, profile pages create better impact and keep networking members returning for more.

Find out more >

22x22-cakephp CakePHP Development

Develop enigmatic CakePHP applications to create prolific portals and web applications. Our effective, robust, scalable and future-proof CakePHP development solutions follow the best practices to leverage the benefits of CakePHP & it’s MVC architecture. We have delivered scalable, secure, fast and stable web applications with CakePHP framework for our clients.

Find out more >

Custom Web Development

Get access to better customer relations, traffic, brand awareness and overall marketing strategies with our Custom Application Development solutions. We address the requirements of your intranet facilities, database driven sites, business process automation and workflow management with Zend Framework, CakePHP, Symfony etc.

Find out more >

Web API Development

The growing demand of platform independent applications and increased use of mobiles, tablets and other touch devices has created a strong need to have Data API for the applications. Most of the major platforms like – Facebook, Google, Mail chimp has started to offer their API’s to extend their reach. We have team of experts who are the proficient in web API Development & customisation!

Find out more >

Cloud Apps Development

Harness the powers of the “Cloud” with robust architectural frameworks. Deploy scalable applications across public, private and managed servers. Use power packed cloud components for back-end support and application scaling. We provide mobile and PC synchronization, backups and data processing solutions for all Cloud based apps.

Find out more >

Web Design

WordPress Theme Design

Use the powers of WordPress to publish time-sensitive content and facilitate communication with business clients/customers. Our expertise in WordPress theme design includes SEO friendly HTML, device independent (responsive) design, parent theme design, child theme design, theme design for the Multisite environment with other interesting techniques like – short code, in built slider, theme configurations etc. Find out more >

BuddyPress Theme Design

Design highly compatible BuddyPress themes for your social network and community website. Our huge BuddyPress experience will help you to leverage the advantage to deliver sophisticated BuddyPress theme designed for your website. Our well designed hooks, filters and functions and design techniques of BuddyPress will enhance the functionality of your website and make your web presence more robust and attractive. Find out more >

Website Design

Slick & Elegant web designs for your CMS, E-Commerce & Business website that generate higher traffic and revenues. Design services that covers web, mobile and all the platforms.

Find out more >

WooCommerce-icon WooCommerce Theme Design

WooCommerce is elegant and beautiful solution to sell anything. The store backend is extremely simple and having a strong fronted store design is what all we have to focus with WooCommerce. Multidots has helped our clients for WooCommerce theme design for their stores. We got team of designers and front-end developers to do right and beautiful WooCommerce Theme Design. Find out more >

Responsive Website Design

Embrace responsive web design techniques that works on mobile, tablet, desktop and different screens. Our responsive website design method, process and practices keep the overall “look and feel” of the website intact and create customized content for browsers on-the-go. Increase your web visibility with our innovative and user friendly designs. Find out more >

E-Commerce Store Design

Acquire innovative conceptualization, smart designs and well laid out web applications to increase your online sales. Include technically sound E-Commerce website designs to improve your web visibility, traffic, productivity, profitability and an annual turnover. Use our relevant content and easily navigable site layouts for best results. Find out more >

Mobile App UI Design

Touch, Tap, Scroll, Gestures, Swipe & small screen demands for an out-of-the box design solution for user interface and user experience of Mobiles. Designing a user interface for mobile requires hands on experience, hand craft technique, pixel perfection and creative brain. We have been lucky to have such kind of skill set in our mobile app UI Design team and we will fortunate to have an opportunity to showcase our skill. Find out more >

Mobile Apps

Android App Development

Apply integrated and independent mobile solutions to address your concerns for strategic planning, design UX/UI, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of Android mobile apps. We have worked on variety of tools and techniques to deploy user friendly mobile apps powered by Android.

Find out more >

Mobile App UI Design

Touch, Tap, Scroll, Gestures, Swipe & small screen demands for an out-of-the box design solution for user interface and user experience of Mobiles. Designing an user interface for mobile requires hands on experience, hand craft technique, pixel perfection and creative brain. We have been lucky to have such kind of skill set in our mobile app UI Design team and we will fortunate to have an opportunity to showcase our skill.

Find out more >

iPhone App Development

Create a niche segment for your business with cost-effective, innovative and intuitive iPhone applications. Develop GPS-based iPhone applications, open sourced APIs linked with Twitter, FaceBook, Google Map ,Google Calendar, smart digital marketing strategies and innovative iPhone applications.

Find out more >

iPad App Development

Create your competitive edge with our reliable services linked with development, analysis, testing and deployment iOS applications for iPads. Include features of larger touch screen, multimedia and advanced multitasking capacities – to create flexible & usable user interfaces. Find out more >

Open Source Development

WordPress Development

Get access to powerful and scalable content management system with our smart and robust WordPress CMS development & customization solutions. Our custom built WordPress plug-ins, themes and designs are cost effective and address your business needs with custom post types, categories, widgets, tags, themes and designs linked with WordPress.

Find out more >

BuddyPress Development

Develop BuddyPress social networks to integrate new and more innovative techniques to connect, share and interact. Sync the advantages of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pin and Twitter with those offered by BuddyPress. Access sophisticated tools for designing private networking forums and communities and control users, data sources and advertisements. Find out more >

BuddyPress Plugin Development

With power & popularity of the BuddyPress module on WordPress has open the door to build new customised plugins. BuddyPress is rapidly growing and getting bigger but there are still a lot of development needs to be there. So, if you are planning to build a community website with BuddyPress you may be in need to build BuddyPress plugin for few parts or you may want to build a BuddyPress plugin to sale and we just do that!

Find out more >

WooCommerce-icon WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce pairing with WordPress is one of the best option to build out a light weight, beautiful and powerful online stores to sell anything. We have been witness to happy store owners who runs their stores with WooCommerce. We got expertise and advanced skills to develop web store and e-commerce store with WooCommerce working extensively large and complex projects. Find out more >

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress come up with a very powerful and solid features but it doesn’t have everything that we need. But it offers very flexible way to extend your WordPress website with custom WordPress plugins. Build your custom free or paid WordPress plugin with best WordPress coding practices. Develop power custom plug-ins to augment the performance and productivity of your website—the affordable way. Find out more >

WooCommerce-icon WooCommerce plugin Development

WooCommerce is very powerful and we can boost the power and enhance the capability of WooCommerce by custom WooCommerce plugins. We have been fortune to work on several different woo commerce plugin development for the custom needs of our client. We would like you to leverage the advantage and experience we got so far. Find out more >

22x22-silverstripe SilverStripe Development

Deploy open source CMS linked with SilverStripe Development and access reliable tools for content publishing and management requirements. Manage your website with easy and powerful admin control that is very advanced and convenient to use. SilverStripe allows generation of search engine friendly websites for your needs and come up with flexible BSD License. Find out more >









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