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MVC Framework

Multidots deploys Model-view-controller approach for developing the applications and software modules. Our excellence at completing CakePHP, Laravel and Zend projects makes us the best implementer of MVC in the industry. Our experts never mix the business, database and presentation logics separate, developing robust, manageable and extensible code structure.

  • CakePHP based CMS Development
  • Zend Application/website Development
  • Website/app maintenance, upgrade and flaw fixing
  • CakePHP and Zend based Customization

Angular JS

Building robust web apps with Angular JS that take your business to the next level. As an open source framework, it makes the development of complex apps faster, reduces load time and improves app performance. At Multidots, we have expertise in engineering heavy-data apps using Angular JS for a variety of needs.

  • Full-stack front end development
  • MEAN stack based development
  • React JS based custom web apps
  • Enterprise apps, social networking, e-commerce etc.

Advanced JavaScript

Get full-stack JavaScript Development Services to realize your idea of a complex web app in less time with minimal cost. This framework allows you to build dynamic, responsive desktop applications optimized for various platforms.

  • Core JavaScript Development
  • Web Application Development with jQuery & AJAX
  • Custom CMS, eCommerce apps
  • Web portal implementations

Node JS

Being a minimal framework, Node JS allows you to solve specific parts of your development needs and saves times. Our web apps development team is well-versed with using Node JS to build components for custom application. We offer 360-degree solutions right from conceptualization to deployment of your app.

  • Server-side development with NodeJS
  • JSON & AJAX based communication protocols
  • Real-time web socket programming
  • Testing, support & deployment

Handpicked case studies of enterprise web projects,

  • From a coffee shop start-up to a multi-million dollar enterprise

    Iyzico offers a seamless Cross Border Payment experience. Iyzico roped in Multidots to build its business and the entire journey has been nothing but awesome for both the parties. Known as the ‘Stripe of Turkey’, Iyzico was kick- started in Istanbul where founders worked from coffee shops and their home. Back then, accepting online payments in turkey was a big pain. Read on to know more.

    The idea was to build a simple yet effective payment gateway that would allow ecommerce store owners in Turkey to accept online payments in a fast and secured way within 48 hours. And, Iyzico collaborated with Multidots to build a world-class payment gateway.

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  • An event management solution that is built for organizers and loved by attendees

    EventEdge, helps you have custom event apps for tradeshows, conferences and corporate events. It has been designed in a way to help large and small corporations to take advantage of the mobile platform to engage their audience. Well-known names like Vodafone, General Assembly etc. rely on EventEdge to make their events better and engaging. (edited)

    The Multidots team was roped in to build this product way back in 2012. We have worked on everything ranging from developing web front endinterfacefor this productto implementingits robust admin panel that works seamlessly 24x7 to deliver the best experience to users. Lastly, the team has also developed an in-built reporting system.

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  • How PremierTipster made its web application better, faster and simpler with Multidots

    Premier Tipster hosts the most gripping and trouble-free-play football games in the world with cash rewards.It is an online web application that deals with all the intricacies of the calculations, rounds, games setup and overall control. Today hundreds of players horse around the prophecy games on the site. The UK-based site is capable of managingthousands ofusers, with reliability of score computations and managing information.

    We have worked on the following:

    • Web App Development
    • Data Management
    • App UI Redesign
    • CMS Development

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Types of applications, you can count on us...

Contributions done by our team
Industries we have worked for,
  • Payment/Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • CRM
  • Health

Some insights regarding custom application development,

What is ElasticSearch?

ElasticSearch is a fast growing technology built on Lucene. The main scope of ElasticSearch is to be a search engine. It also provides a lot of features that allow you to use it for data storage and data analysis. ElasticSearch has many innovative features like: JSON/REST-based api and natively distributed in a node/cluster.

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The proud of Multidots – Savan Koradia!

Yes!! We are very glad and proud of one of our team members Savan Koradia – Sr. Web Developer in PHP at Multidots. He has been the very talented and sincere developer and we have been very blessed to be a part of Multidots. But now he went a step ahead and has made his contribution in open source community and created a moment…

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How HTML5 Takes Us a Step Closer to the Semantic Web?

The web is an ever-evolving, ever-growing entity. While the concept of the internet itself has been around for decades, the actual language used to create it was not developed until 1990, by a man named Tim Berners-Lee. He designed the HTML and HTTP protocols that now make up the very nuts and bolts of the web we know and love.

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Terms and Conditions for Employee Referral Program(ERP)

Multidots Solutions Private Limited is an equal-opportunity employer, providing full-time employment opportunity to deserving candidates. We encourage everyone to refer talented and experienced individuals, through our referral program.

Referral’s (Candidate) Eligibility

The following criteria are needed to be fulfilled by the referral for the receipt of Employment Referral rewards:

General Criteria:
Referrer’s Eligibility

The Employee Referral Program of Multidots Solutions Private Limited is open to all. Company employees (Dots), clients and outsiders – all are eligible for this program and, to receive the rewards as applicable. Human Resource Department is exempt from the ERP. Full-time and work-from-home* referral positions, both are covered through this scheme.

*Work-from-home option is allowed for the professionals, based out of Gujarat. Mutual agreement between referral and the company, will be a considerable factor for work-from-home.

Referral Bonus Disbursement

If the referrer and referral both are eligible as per the decided criteria, referral bonus worth INR 50,000 will be awarded to the referrer. The conditions for the release of payment are as follows:

  1. 10% of the referral amount will be paid once the referral completes 30 days at Multidots, from the date of joining.
  2. 90%, i.e. the pending referral amount will be released on the completion of 180 consecutive days by referral at Multidots.
How to Refer?

Employment referrals can be submitted to us through these channels:

For any further clarification, HR Team can be contacted directly.