As Android establishes itself around the world with imposing numbers of installations and intriguing possibilities, the observations are pointing towards a mature future. Statistically, in the US itself, Android occupies almost half of the market share and globally, more than a three quarter of smartphones are powered with Android. As a technology, Android is predicted to remain engaging throughout the next decade making it one of the primary platforms to develop & launch mobile solutions with and we of course take the inevitable clue.


Multidots offers sustainable solutions & apps with Android development at the core to an established clientele across the globe including Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises as well as startups.

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Multidots Millennial Solutions with Android

Our Android development endeavours while focused on steadfast Android skills increase their out-reach to include millennial technologies including Artificial Intelligence driven OK – Google, digital assistants & Chatbots, the Android TV, the Wearables, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality and of course the Internet of Things which becomes a second skin with Android.

AI & Machine Learning

With AI and ML the future is here. We leverage NLP abilities of this trending tech to add OK-Google, Chatbots and smart messaging to our Android apps for more meaningful user experiences in apps & enterprise mobility solutions. Our chatbot solutions in the in the recent years enable organizations to maximize productivity with increased efficiencies.


Today, a lot of wearables, including some of the best smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart glasses available globally run on Android. Multidots experts tap these features of Android to offer futuristic customizations of your apps & solutions to empower them and entice the next-gen users with the wearable tech.


Our developers possess superlative exposures to technologies like Google VR SDK, Unreal Engine 4 & Unity driving the Augmented & Virtual reality experiences with Android.


The Internet of Things is perhaps the biggest tech innovation of the present times and we make IoT a natural part of all our Android apps & solutions. Our expert developers keep innovating IoT-based Android applications going beyond automation solutions for homes and industries.

Multidots recognizes the power of Android and brings it to our systems and in particular the billing systems for metered water” – A water utility service in Europe

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End to End Android Services & Offerings at Multidots

Digital transformations become the key to the success of enterprises. Multidots services & offerings for Android development give a push to this ideology transforming experiences to arrive at integrated omni-channel experiences to suit the emerging demands of new age businesses. Multidots end-to-end Android services & offerings make your approaches for Android consolidated and steady.


Analysis & Design

Beginning with a mature requirement analysis arriving at a clear roadmap for your enterprise solutions or simple apps, consulting from Multidots becomes a differentiator for you. Following a most practical course from Analysis to Deployment our services result in optimized planning to offer engaging experiences to users across roles and demographics.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our modern-day enterprise mobility solutions mean increased levels of productivity & efficiency for your enterprise to bring in quick RoIs. Our enterprise apps work towards seamless workflows between the workforce, partners and customers.

Customized Android development

We understand the varying needs of application development with modern day organizations and the challenges posed by the options in Android fragmented across increasing numbers of versions of this powerful OS. With customized user experiences enriching user journeys with simplified workflows our teams balance it all, native app development as well as hybrid app development to offer. Our pre-built, visually appealing plugin libraries, customized widgets and push notifications only keep adding to the power of our development teams.

  • Kotlin based development

We adapt Kotlin based development at an unbelievable pace. This exciting platform provides a fantastic alternative to JAVA with high level of flexibility, taking our Android application development expertise to the next level.


Our mature & dependable Android testing services bring fool-proof solutions tested with both automated and manual testing approaches with latest tool & techniques for Android testing.

  • User Experience Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Device Specific & Emulator based Testing
    • Testing Cloud-Based Services

Deployment with Google PlayStore

Our experts rely on dependable Play Store app submission processes to ensure your apps come to the store with the best foot forward and remain so.

Android Application Support & Maintenance

Our services extend beyond development & testing to support & maintenance our Android services. We chalk out maintenance services for Android apps already active in the PlayStore as well.

Hire an Android Developer

And of course our team of experts are there right here for you to extend & complement your teams and make the most of Android in flexible and practical engagement models.

Android Niche Services Complementing Core Android Development

Our experts gauge the needs of the hour and keep exceling their skills to become the unchallenged for specific niches.

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