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With the global reach and increasing popularity of Google’s mobile operating system, the demand for flexible Android applications has also grown. Its customizability, versatility, affordability, portability, malleability, and flexibility make Android platform a shiny star on the eyes of the developers. Android applications are essential for many businesses to complete marketing initiatives, create more brand awareness, and keeping competition at bay.

With the latest and most updated knowledge about Android mobile OS from Android ICS, Marshmallow, Nougat to the latest Android Oreo, our highly skilled and multitalented Android App Development team dives into your business model, market challenges, and product positioning, helping you to “create an app that delivers unique value.”

At Multidots, our strategy driven approach drives our best brains. It ensures Multidots cannot be limited only to building feature rich app, rather we go extra miles to increase our customer’s trust as well as to get desired market success. Because generating brilliant user interactive designs alone will not suffice our benchmarks of creating an app that delivers unique value. So we make a wonderful blend of smart technologies to make your Android apps smartest.

Our Android App Development Services

Our fully certified team of Android app developers is wholly equipped to understand and analyze customer’s specific business goals. We then incorporate cost effective and proven UX/UI designs, enterprise applications, mobile technologies and agile solutions into your Android apps.

Whether your concerns lie in strategic planning, development, testing, deployment or maintenance of Android apps; we provide integrated and independent Android app development solutions to address your every need. We provide compelling, personalized and reliable mobile experiences for:

  • Social networking, lifestyle, travel, and entertainment
  • Games and location based apps
  • Communication, business and multimedia solutions
  • Android Wear watch apps and material UI designed apps
  • BLE Beacon enabled apps
  • Transforming web apps into Android native mobile applications

Our certified Android app developers have years of experience with  Security Architecture, Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Media APIs and a host of other developer tools to handcraft a scalable and Android well-designed Android app.

Why Choose Multidots as Your Android App Development Partner?

Knowing how to transform your ideas into creative works of genius, how to create aesthetically pleasing UI, and how to develop apps that become a fundamental part of an individual’s daily life – make Multidots a front-runner in the booming marketplace of Android App Development.

We have a skilled team of strategists, designers, and certified developers who provide superior app building services. With our efficient and creative development process, our team can consistently produce intuitive and polished Android applications that offer an exceptional user experience.

At Multidots, we take on projects that possess ideas we feel passionate about, ultimately giving our clients invested team members that make ideas flourish. Through innovation, user-friendly design, and functionality we have become a leader in the Android app development industry.

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