As the web and mobile applications are playing a significant role in conversion, sales, business growth, customer acquisition and brand establishment nowadays – you just cannot neglect their essentiality for your business. To survive in this competitive and vast app market with pride, it’s more than important to prepare a realistic roadmap for application development, designing, scaling, testing, marketing, and maintenance phases.

Mutlidots provides industry-wide app consulting solutions, along with the right guidance so that your goals can be smoothly attained. We, involving the excellent team of leading experts in the process, delve out the most fitting strategy for your business, as needed.

Why Strategize Software Needs?

With increasing awareness on automation across the domains, it is highly necessary for businesses to adopt automation. As per recent scenario, staying ahead of throat-cutting competition can only be done by sharpening your technological edge.  Approximately 70% or more data exchange and communications are happening through the mobile devices and wireless communication mediums. Hence, it’s smarter to renovate your way of doing business & reach out to a larger, though targeted, market in the most effective way, which can only be accomplished with the help of business-specific customized web and mobile applications.

Why Choose Multidots?

Rigorously planning every single step in expert’s consultation and great market insights is the wisest thing you can do. At Multidots, we have a pool of most experienced domain experts and highly skilled business analysts to do value addition by due involvement as professional consultants and not just as freelancers to work under strict directions. Our team of experts can really help in designing most robust and sustainable system based on suitable technology stack. Here, our technology unbiasedness is the key to making any engagement a really successful business plan.

How can we help?

Refinement of the idea, figuring out the core business needs and converting them in requirements is the first thing you need to get done. A sustainable and scalable technical design is another stepping stone in the process. With consulting you on technology trends and choosing the best possible solution for the clients, Multidots is the most proficient app consulting partner you can hire. Jotting down the development & test plan with implementation strategy and importantly, supporting it end to end – we can carve out every needed thing for you.

We’re the Leaders of App Development Consulting Domain!

We weave the most effective plans for the development of web, mobile, wearable and multi-channel application development – Period.

Worldwide popularity and users’ anytime-reach to simplicity-driven sophisticated computing gadgets has created a completely new market for the businesses which runs through apps. Entering this highly-competitive market without strategizing every stage of mobile app development is investing a huge amount of money in an uncertain idea, which is more likely to fail.

Multidots’ team safeguards you by handling the most critical phase of app development i.e. planning. We can perform every strategy-making task with par excellence, including:

Brainstorming Over The Idea

With practical knowledge and experience, we are flawless at clarifying and building better implementation strategy for the idea you own.

Analyzing Market Trends

Extremely intense market insights and hawk-vision make our expert the best to inspect the market trends and conclude helpful stats.

Judging Sustainability

Innovative ideas aren’t always sustainable. Our team precisely computes the success probability and demand of your idea so that your money and efforts don’t go in vain.

Enhancement Capability

A good app is never complete and it always has some room to extend its capabilities. Our strategy makes sure that your app remains extensible.

Enabling Mobility

Multidots provides fully-customized industry-centric strategic consultation solutions to enable the organizations’ growth through better communication.

Technology Stack Finalisation

Choosing right technology is as important as implementing it right. We analyze multiple factors to finalize the optimal effective technology stack for your app.


We compose clean and well-written documentation with elaborated procedures and terms to ensure perfection in next steps of Development Lifecycle.

App Deployment

Plan testing strategies, implementation of beta reviews and deployment platforms with us and come up with a highly-efficient first version of your app.

Tracking Changes

Implement version control and compare changes with our precise consultation. With Viability analysis, we help to keep the app user-oriented.

Rolling Out The App

Roll out the best version of your application in the best way to leave the deepest effect on your audience under our excellent guidance.


Skipping out to plan a good marketing strategy may ruin world’s best app. So, do not limit yourself and fly high with our well-tested ideas.

Support and Maintenance

Sketch a smooth plan to provide continuous support and maintenance your app with us. After all, you don’t like losing customers, right?

Our Specialties in App Development Consulting

Business owners, especially the first-time entrepreneurs, often remain confused about their app idea. For every such innovator, we provide a comprehensive set of consulting solutions. Every type of application and at all levels of app development, we are readily available to provide consulting services.

By hiring Multidots, you can leverage the experience of experts who are gazing at every slight change in your target market very keenly. Setting policies, deciding the development parameters, standardization of procedures and suggesting the ideas of additional extensions are some of the fascinating things we do.

How can we help you?

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