Millennial day businesses adopt flexible, agile & tightly coupled models to sustain, progress and remain ahead of competition. Key stakeholders including channel partners, vendors, distributers, workforce and of course customers, when offered seamless enterprise apps integrated into their workflows & touch points make the enterprise systems comprehensive and complete.

At Mulitdots, we recognize that as digital initiatives of a business mature, the need for a well thought of strategy for integrating apps across the enterprise solutions, services & offerings become more than indispensable. Driving continuous growth, increased RoIs and expanding customer base; our app integration offerings foster collaboration and tight coupling of enterprise solutions, enterprise apps and third-party apps to devise a single, yet multi-tiered enterprise solution for the diverse stakeholders across the enterprise landscape.

With prudent enterprises adopting the mobile first approach, mobile app integration is the missing link to integrate solution components with easy accessibility offering them as convenient, safe & secure apps. While enterprise solutions encourage data flow, process synergy & overall modular connectivity, mobile app integration takes the cycle a step further by adding a layer on top, promoting anytime anywhere access and

“Integrating mobile apps into our enterprise solutions we thought was a beginning of a long, arduous exercise not so long ago…

In fact, today we completely revamp our ways of working with Multidots driving the show for App Integration, keeping us ahead of everyone else, almost all the time!”

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Enterprise Application Integration Services

By leveraging our enterprise & mobile app integration offerings, you link all the apps required to drive your business to lead to process automation at a speed like never before. Allowing you to integrate the best of technologies today; IoT, Cloud and mobile into the very basics of your operations brings in quicker value realizations.

Multidots Assures

Integrating Apps Across Channels & Touch Points

Our experiences with deploying various combinations of channels & touchpoints simply means that once we blend in the integration into your core services & technology stack, we make it possible to deploy your business processes across hybrid channels leveraging mobile devices in combination with on-premise or cloud based platforms with virtually infinite number of integration touch points.

Agile Integrations

Partnering with us assures that you are directed to the most relevant application integration approaches suiting your very specific requirements bringing in Agility to the entire cycle. Modern day practical approaches like DevOps & continuous delivery models ensuring reduced go-live times abbreviate integration cycles, keeping your processes in sync with the need of the hour.

Seamless User Experiences

Our experiences in integrating a combination of trending applications and steadfast enterprise systems brings all your offerings on a comprehensive platform, keeping your stakeholders connected to your business with seamless microservices making the transition from multichannel to omni-channel experiences a reality.

Integrating for Self Service

Self-service and DIY is the new age mantra waiting to be availed universally. Our app integration solutions & services make self-service apps a generic capability to improve the participation, efficiency & productivity of entities associated with you. Offering a great thrust to visibilities & process flow efficiencies by eliminating the need of technical know-how, our self-service designs become a second skin in your business process implementations.

Enterprise Application Integration Approaches

Enterprise Application Integration Approaches
  • Integrated User Interface
    • Bringing in all your applications to a common UI
    • Seamless data collection from various systems & apps
  • Business Process Integration
    • Integrating the quintessential business processes into a collaborative platform
    • Pushing automation with speed & agility
  • Data Integration
    • Judicious data capture avoiding repetitions
    • Designing for data compatibility for better sync & easy exchange
  • Application Communications Integration
    • Making your diverse apps communicate transparently
      • File transfers
      • Data exchanges
      • Messaging
    • Defining the inter app communication architecture
      • Application programming interfaces or APIs
      • Connectors as intermediaries in app communications

With an extensive portfolio of enterprise mobile app integration solutions for clients with unique needs & challenges, we invoke confidence and bring in tremendous value to legacy systems as well as ERP systems by judiciously integrating enterprise apps & third party apps to drive them through a common platform.
Our app integration solutions bring in comprehensiveness to a diverse set of industries, especially hospitality, education, retail, shipping and logistics making them ready to scale up to include almost any contemporary technology they can imagine.

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