Our Business Analysis and Consulting Services

Multidots, being a pioneer in business consulting for the online businesses, offers a fully-fledged range of business analysis services. Our Senior Business Analysts are able to understand all types of small and large-sized businesses, and thereby decide the business plan and strategies for your business.

With a tight grasp on business and industry trends, we assess your processes and streamline them for optimized outcomes. Guiding the enterprises for success, while keeping the procedures aligned for sustainability, we have achieved a great reputation in the world of business consulting.

Our Exclusive Responsibilities

  • Process improvement strategy-making
  • Business Idea Audit
  • Standardization of processes
  • Product assessment and improvisation planning
  • Requirement engineering and re-engineering
  • Inventory audit and assessment
  • Business Case Studies
  • Thorough Industry and Geography Based Analysis

How We Assess Your Business

  • Company’s approach, methods, and strategies
  • Working mechanism
  • Agility Inspection
  • Project initiation methods
  • Rigorous checking of all components of your business
  • Project Cycles
  • Requirement Gathering Procedure
  • Payment Cycles
  • Business Development and Implementation plans.
  • Data and Process Modelling
  • Human Resource
  • Target Industry and Competitor Analysis

Enterprise Business Analysis and Planning

Deployment of best practices and proper skill-set helps enterprises leverage the highest profitability. To attain these, it is important to implement everything in order. With Multidots’ methodology and planning, you can relax assured for this. Our experts work keenly to reduce the process and production cost, without affecting the quality of products or services. We recognize the recurring procedures to automate and optimize them; hence increase the productivity of your enterprise.

Our approach considers long-term and short-term goals in mind, to help you set milestones and realistically complete them in time.

Online Transformation Through In-depth Analysis

Inspecting the online possibilities for your business, we decide the right technology stack, online marketing strategies, content plans, social media and print media advertisement ideas so that your business can exponentially grow, without being fenced in the limited geographic region. With our extensible technological resources, we can help you implement the finalized plans alongside. Enterprise mobility solutions and SaaS consultation could be delivered for your big endeavors because Multidots do it all.

Mutlidots Enables overall Growth of Your Business

Our emphasis on eliminating the errors from your process cycles and gearing you up for highly-optimized endeavors gets you started towards excellence in no time. We help you effectively manage everything from your industry’s perspectives. Acquiring for a customer-centric approach for your business, Multidots assures your quick elevation in the market, in terms of revenue and reputation.

Be a Brand by Adopting the Best Practices

By ensuring the quality of your process cycles and strategies, our business analysts help you grow rapidly. Our knowledge and prominent resources help us delve the right business plan for your industry. By standardizing every component of your business, Multidots strengthens your cores and improves the whole system inside-out. We are determined to bring up as a brand, from being a mere business.

Figuring out Automation Requirement

Multidots assesses your business to find out the processes, which are perfectly suitable to be automated. Through our functional and technical knowledge of your domain, we can increase your productivity to many times. From human resources to machinery, our experts are excellent at judging it all. With our supervision, you can better position your employees and hence, ensure their work satisfaction and perfection.

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