80% of startups fail due to lack of right guidance, which sometimes leads to funding issues and unplanned incurring too. To stand out in such a ruthless and competitive corporate world, being backed up by an experienced and skilled team of business consultants is much needed and could be considered a blessing in disguise.

There are so many queries, which keep buzzing in the brain of entrepreneurs and startup founders, for instance:

  • Is there any off-the-shelf method to carve out my business idea in reality?
  • What is the most suitable, as well as optimal, technology stack for my business’s online presence?
  • Which processes need automation and which should remain manually-managed?
  • How to deploy the Digital marketing for the online brand establishment and traffic acquisition?
  • How can I provide my planned services to the customers in the smoothest way?
  • What’s the right way to launch and market my product?

Need answers to every of these questions?

Then, stop waiting and begin the conversation without wasting your precious time.

Startup Scenario

Strategy-making, automation, execution planning, deciding control mechanism, analyzing the market and optimizing the solutions as per the overall circumstances – the to-do list is already overwhelming for you, right?

It sometimes becomes an occupational hazard for the entrepreneurs as they try handling everyone which is needed to run a startup. In such case, mentorship is all that you need to rise above it all. At Multidots, we focus at that only. Our team is trained at preparing your Startup for escalated expansion through analyzing, explaining, suggesting the process flows.

Business Process Consulting

Dots help you to set goals, improve performance, automate business processes, accelerate work speed and automate it all through right consultation. Whether you are a 100% web-based venture or a conventional brick-mortar business, the online presence can transform your sales and revenue stats for sure. At Multidots, we plan the automation and digitalization strategies for your business, which is highly relevant and practical for your targets’ fulfillment. Ensuring the great return on investments, our consultants are the best to churn out the master plan for your success.

Optimization and Organization

Organizing the processes and operations, related to industry, products, marketing and development aren’t easy but we make them smooth for our clients. With great command on the business evaluation process, our team can carve out amazing product and service betterment plans which will be the most refined form of your current innovation. We not only plan the website and digital marketing practices for your upcoming venture but also strategize the path to optimize it so that you can present your most amazing avatar to your audience.

Business Process for Startup

Along with providing a great platform for everyone to grow, Internet and globalization have increased the challenges for the startups. Every business field is experiencing equal competition in this era of entrepreneurship.

To stand steady and high in this golden time, the smartest step to take is to get right consulting partner or a perfect mentor. And Multidots is just that. We offer a full-fledged range of business process consulting services, tailored to your needs. Our team focuses on strategizing your business processes as per your resources, capabilities, targets, skill set, and capital.

Reviewing Your Business Plan

Our specialists, coming from various backgrounds, are perfect at incubating your business Idea and thereafter, structuring the implementable plan.

Market Research & Consultation

We cultivate successful startups in bunches through our precise pre-establishment research, strategy-making, and utilization of insights.

Finalization of Objectives

Reality-based objectives and efficiency-driven goals are finalized according to your business process to help you realize your dreams.

Business Process Consulting

Our experts emphasize on rationalizing the load through in-depth analysis of the business and automation planning, tailored for your business processes.

Corporate and Digital Identity

Multidots can provide great assistance on Trademark, profiling, copyrights, website strategy, social media planning, patents & various business identities.

Data Analytics

Data of market, industry, your target audience, and the trends can help a lot in making the right strategies and with our great analytics tricks, we know doing it well.

Team Building

Our team can back you up in deciding the schedules of hiring so that you can build a talented workforce to ensure productivity, along with client & employee satisfaction.

Plan Execution Support

Now when we’ve planned something, no one can execute it better than us, we believe. You can utilize our services to get the whole plan implemented.

End-to-End Support

Our core consulting task is to lend you support every time when you need. Improvise your decision-making regarding the business processes with our team.

Maintenance Planning

Modifications and refinements, when planned prior to implementation, gives better results – be it for your business or for the website. Do it with us now.

Business Process Automation

We assist you the best for effective automation and workflow management that reduces your burden to the lowest point & boosts up the efficiency for faster success.

Project Management Consulting

Investigating your readiness for the market, choosing best IT solutions and helping you in configuring them correctly is entirely our task.

Multidots As Your Business Consultation Partner

Experts coming from various backgrounds and owning practical knowledge of your target market are the strength of our startup consultation team. With resourceful and experienced brains, our team can help you survive the toughest tide that may cause your boat sink otherwise.

Startup owners and entrepreneurs, while having the operational knowledge of their field, mostly lack the overall capacity of business management. Having a successful mentor to guide at every step, therefore, becomes mandatory. With us, you are being safeguarded from your rivals and at the same time, our strategies are building the deep-rooted enterprise that’ll sure stand for long.

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