Enterprise solutions, web and mobile applications adapt to the evolving technologies and bring in constantly changing necessities to keep the the reliability of the software assured. In these circumstances it becomes practically challenging for enterprises to create & maintain in-house testing infrastructure providing all the tools required to conduct sophisticated tests in the near-real environments. Multidots cloud testing services are the modern-day answer to simplify this challenge helping you limit the expenses for software testing infrastructure & setup and improve the time-to-market of your apps with the very efficient testing as-a-service-approach.

We offer you practical choices to reduce capital investments judiciously and achieve operational flexibilities when you avail our scalable & flexible cloud based testing to keep adapting to your testing requirements as-and-when required. With optimized investments and increase in speed of testing your apps & services are ascertained a quick RoI for sure.

You leverage our infrastructure in the cloud seamlessly as and when needed with increased effectiveness of testing by combining a practical mix of public, private & hybrid cloud. We recognize that testing in the cloud brings in its own set of unique challenges. As a leading cloud services & solutions provider, we ensure you move your application quality assurance to cloud without any concerns.

Cloud Based Testing from Multidots

Multidots brings you end to end cloud testing services with niche offerings bundled together.

  • Self-service facility for conducting application load and functional tests
  • Test library to store test assets like scripts & data
  • On-demand automated provisioning of test labs with appropriate test tools
  • Integrated reporting & collaborating tools to analyze & monitor tests
  • Resource tracking, metering & automated charging features
  • Application monitoring, integrated diagnostics & optimizations

“It was easy for us to test in the Cloud with Multidots hand-holding as we could mix & match what we needed to test our apps without any heavy investments”

-An Online Grocery Store in the Middle East

Get to Know the Flexibility of the Cloud for Better QA

Service & Offerings

As a trusted cloud testing services provider, we offer notable testing services for performance testing, functional testing, non-functional testing and migration testing for a variety of enterprises across industries spread throughout the world.

Performance Testing Ownership

We take care of complete load testing including simulation for stress-based testing, as well as peak periods aligned to your specific business needs freeing you of the bother to organize the infrastructure or the manpower for performance testing. We own the infrastructure and are ready with the testing outcomes in the quickest possible turnaround time.

Testing for Cloud Migration

Our testing services for migrating to the cloud consolidate the plans for moving your application & technology landscape to the cloud. We provide specific offering related to the cloud related to testing for compatibility, integration, disaster recovery and multi-tenancy. This service complements our offerings for cloud application development services like none other.

Seamless Integration

Our testing services integrate all your applications, legacy or current into the testing ecosystem with a balanced mix of on-site testing with the cloud testing and also hybrid.

Functional testing

Whether it is testing your enterprise flow, requirements mapping with the finished product, data migration & integration testing specific to cloud, we do it all.

Security & Privacy

Much has been debated on the security of data when an organization decides to opt for cloud services. We remain committed to the integrity of your data as well as software. In fact, It is proven that cloud testing service providers offer more secure solutions as compared to enterprises reliant on their own hosting and we live up to this convention.

Non-functional testing

Other than performance & functional testing, we provide non-functional services that measure application security, response to changing infrastructure scenario, platform compatibility and integration with other cloud software as a part of our non-functional testing services in the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance Testing

Our experience in cloud based testing encompasses almost every domain in the market, as well as multiple geographies. We pioneer compliance related testing to ensure that your software meets the compliance demands of various geographies of the world.

Localization in the Cloud

Our experts with their testing capabilities co-ordinate testing for specific localities or geographies for your apps overcoming demographic or language barriers.

Testing on Demand from Multidots

The Multidots Approach

cloud testing


  • Flexibility of pay per use
  • Reduced costs with minimal Cap-Ex
  • Easier access to testing tools without upfront investments
  • Avoid the hassle of recruiting & training resources
  • Ensures standard systems
  • Latest tools & services accessible
  • Easier collaboration
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