Flexibility of customizing web integrated workflows and designing them with ease becomes more than mandatory for the millennial age enterprise. Add to it the very critical security requirements to be followed, this can be nothing short of a nightmare for most.

This is where the simple & innovative custom CMS Development and services come in. Curating suitable information on the website is no longer sufficient for enterprises as content management systems become more than essential for appropriate management of enterprise business logic, media & marketing content through intuitive interfaces. Traditional websites designed using simple HTML evidently do not match up pace with these requirements, making dynamic CMS based web designs crucial in lending a definite edge to the business.

Why Shift Your CMS

  • Your current CMS limits you to add some advanced features & customization of the existing platform needs extensive development and rework
  • Current CMS does not support advanced design or graphics that you want to add
  • You do not require some features of your current CMS and these are overcomplicating things
  • Performance of your CMS does not match with your expectations
  • Current CMS is not compatible with certain hosting options

Multidots CMS Caters to Many

Multidots offers cutting-edge CMS solutions for managing enterprise content efficiently with a wide variety of customization & development services adapted to suit your needs. Our CMS Development services teams provide end-to-end development solutions & support, creating well suited content systems for a wide-ranging clientele across the globe right from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our offerings meet the requirements for business websites, e-commerce solutions multi-user portals, blogs and community forums driven by WordPress for which we are the leading Enterprise segment service providers globally. As a content management system, WordPress outclasses almost all & needs no introduction. There are multiple alternative benefits of leveraging WordPress as a CMS with its the mind-boggling templates and easy to use features. Our acumen in producing .NET and PHP custom CMS solutions for varied industries & domains like Education, Sales & Distribution, Retail & FMCG, Shipping & Logistics, Hospitality, Healthcare, Energy & Utility, e-Governance, Online Marketplace and Digital Media & Advertisement receive accolades and are appreciated much.

Custom CMS

“For a huge school like ours, it was very difficult to understand how our website could be managed and processes integrated into what we were doing within our setup for our everyday requirements. Multidots was there for more than hand holding!”

 A Reputed Private School in Europe

Multidots Has All the Answers for Your CMS web Development Requirements

Service & Offerings

For content management solutions suiting your specific requirements through our customized service offerings right from content management to maintenance, Multidots is your end-to-end content management partner driving your website requirements towards your business goals with a CMS that integrates seamlessly into your business software.

Multidots Services

  • Customized CMS creation & application development
    • Customized interfaces to suit corporate themes & preferences
    • Tailormade dashboards for ready insights
  • Existing CMS application maintenance as well as customization
  • CMS Integration & Migration services
  • Website development using open source CMS
  • Easily modifiable site structures
  • Assured security features
  • Customized as well as ready templates
    • No knowledge of web development or HTML required
    • Websites that are SEO friendly can be easily designed
    • Improvement in site traffic with faster content publishing
    • Significant reduction in website maintenance costs
    • Guaranteed content security with authorizations
    • Responsive & trending designs
  • Continual management & CMS maintenance

Why Customize a CMS?

Integrated Business Logic With CMS

Custom CMS

The Need for a CMS


The need to integrate advanced features or integration of your own CMS into another software or website means customization of your existing content management system.

Complexity arises when versions of website or the CMS is needed to be updated. It may not work well with the new versions of your website. Customized solutions are meant to adapt & work seamlessly with your changing requirements.

Customized Interfaces

Interface plays a major role in managing content and to customize workflows leading to simplified & easily accessible options & features.

Design, color options and templates vary according to your expectations as well and these can all be upgraded, changed, enhanced later. The new age custom made as well as self-service dashboards are used extensively for improving visibilities.

All made possible with a customized CMS.

Complete Ownership and Control

Sites that are built through the existing CMS frameworks, may not give complete ownership of the code to the business. If you are planning to build applications & features on the top of these frameworks, your software becomes too dependent.

Licensing becomes an added cost periodically to add to the concerns.  A custom-made CMS is the logical solution to these problems.

Safeguard Corporate Security Security features & security levels that you need may not get addressed to in the readymade CMS frameworks. Some of the security features of the CMS platforms may create an issue with the license of your software or may


PHP is considered among topmost web languages, being used for custom development practices. With excellent command on PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Jquery, AJAX and other required technologies, Multidots proficiently develops a fully-comprehensive CMS Solution for your businesses suited well to your intricate needs.

On the other hand, using the Microsoft’s .NET Framework, our experienced and certified developers craft great custom solutions with CMS Development with lot of value addition, having thorough domain knowledge and wide experience. If your IT policies follow strict norms for deploying software systems on licensed platforms only,  .NET based custom CMS is what we recommend along with these powerful systems we exhibit expertise in. .Net development platform in itself offers agility to handle application security, multi-party integration, easy scalability, layered architecture and robust system design kind of features that  are associated with it

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