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Can’t the existing CMS give you satisfactory boost in productivity and visual feel?

Multidots develops the cutting-edge CMS solution for efficient content, tailored to your specifications. Our team provides you with end-to-end development solutions and support, creating complex CMS system as per your requirement. We have mastered at developing .NET and PHP custom solutions for every industry and business domain. The experienced team of DOTS will help you create, manage and maintain an off-the-shelf content management system -that will increase your business prospects.

We Develop CMS for:

Enabling the core CMS will ultimate back-end properties, our company can provide elaborated CMS development services for:

  • Business Websites
  • Blogs
  • Multi-user Portals
  • Community Forums
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Enterprise CMS Products
  • Web Applications
  • Hybrid Solutions

We develop the best CMS Solutions from scratch using:

1. PHP and its supporting languages

PHP is considered among topmost web languages, being used for custom development practices. With excellent command on PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Jquery, AJAX and other required technologies, Multidots proficiently develops a fully-comprehensive CMS Solution for your business, which works better than any of the CMSs. Tailored well to your complex custom needs, our CMS serves you the way you want.

2. .NET and its supporting languages

Using the Microsoft’s .NET Framework, our experienced and certified developers craft great custom solutions to end your hassles. If you consider it a tough task to customize the CMSs and handle the security threats, associated with them, .NET based custom Content Management Solution will be the best solution, we can recommend. Through this, we develop the excellent features, along with providing the complete easy of application.

  • We follow W3C Standards to write neat code.
  • Assured Flexibility
  • Excellent Security implementations
  • Functions as amazing as popular CMSs
  • Usage-convenient
  • Feature-rich build
  • Deployment of Perfect Technology Stack
  • Perfect front-end and back-end implementations
  • Quality Code and Graphics
  • Innovative solutions to solve complex problems with ease.
  • Customizable and Cost-effective
  • Universal Browser and OS support

Why should you consider a tailored CMS solution for your business?

Popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. and they work well for managing contents for businesses. But there are some scenarios when you should think about custom content management system based on the requirements of the business. Here existing systems may not work.

1. The requirement for Advanced Features:

This is the most important point you should consider as early as possible before choosing any CMS solution. You may require some advanced features and customization on your content management system OR you may have a software or website that has to be integrated with the current CMS that you are having.  Complexity arises when versions of website or the CMS is needed to be updated. It may not work well with the new versions of your website. Customized solutions are meant for you and developed as per your requirements. Therefore, it will work like a complete system in any condition.

2. Custom Interface:

Interface plays a major role in managing contents. Interface and content workflows that are customized according to you will be simpler and will help you find options and features easily. Also, you can put your own design, color options, templates according to your clients prefer, and these can all be upgraded, changed, enhanced later. Sometimes, enterprises need dashboards to be used extensively and in that scenario, custom-made dashboards work really well.

3. Complete Ownership and Control:

Sites that are built through the existing CMS frameworks, may not give complete ownership to the business. After all, the code is theirs! If you are planning to build applications and features on the top of these frameworks, that may not work in future and break your customized code stopping your application due to licensing issues. Tailored CMS solutions built in a technology of your choice is the solution to these issues.

4. Corporate Security Concerns:

Security features and security levels that you like, you may not get it in the existing CMS frameworks. Or, some of the security features of the CMS platforms may create an issue with the license or disturbs the functionality of your application. Moreover, automated bots and attackers know how exactly these systems work. Therefore, these are vulnerable to the attacks more. Attackers have no idea of how your custom CMS work or what security features it may have – an added advantage!

Multidots’ Solution for Your Custom CMS

Thinking of switching you CMS platform?

Multidots’ team of highly skilled developers will help you to create your custom built from the root and get you a complete solution as you like.  We have the experience to create world-class CMS solutions that fit any strict business requirements. Whether you choose a pre-built CMS or you opt for a custom CMS solution, Multidots team has the solution to customize your CMS according to your choice to match your needs. We also help you to optimize your custom solution to perform well in search engines.

Reasons you want to switch your CMS

You may want to add features and advanced developments and customizations to your application that is not supported by your current CMS. For example, if you are running an e-commerce platform and you want to use some advanced graphics that your current CMS does not support. Another example can be, you are managing your contents manually and you want an automated content management platform to manage your contents with high efficiency, you may think about switching your current CMS to a tailored content management system.

Here are some reasons to make you opt for a customised CMS solution:

  • Your current CMS limits you to add some advanced features and customization of the existing platform needs extensive development and rework
  • Current CMS does not support advanced design or graphics that you want to add
  • You do not require some features of your current CMS and these are overcomplicating things
  • Performance of your CMS does not match with your expectations
  • Current CMS is not compatible with certain hosting options

Why should you choose Multidots as your custom CMS development partner?

Content management that matches your requirements is the key to success in the content world. Multidots is the market leader that guides you to find the best solutions for your business and help you develop the cutting edge customized platform for all your content management needs.

Multidots upholds the trust of clients extending the support from development through content management to maintenance. With Multidots team of experts, you’ll get –

  • End to end content management solution that helps you reach all your business goals
  • Robust, compact and efficient platforms
  • On time and faster delivery
  • Organized and optimized codes that can be extended to any extent later on
  • Responsive designs and templates of your choice
  • High performing content management enterprise solutions
  • Two-way communication channel and progress reports
  • Faster implementation of changes
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Multidots have served industries and domains like e-commerce, B2B portals, Education, Health, Marketing portals, Real estates, Job Portals and many more. Our team of skilled professionals also guides you to optimise your customized CMS to improve the marketability and visibility of your website in the search engines, help you implement and use the analytics platforms like Google analytics or Google Website Optimizer. We commit to deliver high end and best content management solutions that will fit your cost and requirements.

Multidots empowers you to grasp the power of advanced technologies, marketing strategies, and techniques to maximize the efficiency of your business and solutions.

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