Multidots makes the movement from any established website platform to versatile WordPress website extremely smooth. With Expertise in WordPress migration, Multidots’ engineers offer you a stress-free platform to move to a robust CMS platform.

DOTS know that your existing website is holding all your precious content, subscribers, files, e-mails, contacts, photos, pages, posts and a lot more. So, we ensure a 100% secure move with our expert tactics. Enhancing the structure of the content, we keep everything untamed. Your users will experience improvement in navigation and loading speed for day one.

Migrate to WordPress

If you have planned to migrate to WP, it’s indeed a good idea. WordPress is most robust to handle content and offer highly interactive business platforms. By hiring us to help you migrate, you will take the next wise step.

Benefits of moving to a WordPress platform are:

  • Self-hosted website with Lower hosting costs.
  • Tremendous SEO potential.
  • App support.
  • A vast range of plugins.
  • Versatile themes.
  • High extent of customization.
  • Fast and easy optimization.
  • Supports forums, blogs, and e-commerce.

CMS Migration to WordPress with Multidots

Our experienced methodology ensures a smooth transition to a powerful and versatile CMS platform. We encompass all our services in two broad categories.  

Evaluation of existing Website:

  • Know what is there:

We evaluate and weigh each aspect of the existing website that helps our experts assess the effort and timelines. We do it right every time.

  • Inventory List:

We start with the inventory list like menu structure, backups, security, branding, sliders, links, CSS, e-commerce and much more.

  • What should be converted?

Our migration experts help you decide what all should be migrated as it is and what all should be customized to improve the user experience.

Migration to powerful CMS:

After evaluation, our team is empowered with a plan to develop an excellent WordPress website for your business. We perform:

WordPress Installation:

A simple process, we start with installing the WordPress.

Importing the content:

After a regresses process of what all needs to be imported, we begin the process of importing and keep checking for compatibility with WordPress.

Set up the WordPress:

Customize the WordPress with themes, colors, plugins, links, and menu structure to build a website for your business needs.

Test and debug

A seamless transition handled by experts is tested and debugged with 0% downtime.

What does our WordPress website offer you?

With the promise of the smooth transition, we also deliver a brilliant WordPress Website:

Unique Functionalities:

The cutting-edge technology of WordPress empowers our team to craft innovative and unique feature-rich websites. Technical experts engineer access to limitless functionalities at Multidots. Your enterprise will now have a site that is robust, fully functional and enriched with best business growth features.

Spam Protection:

WordPress is integrated with very robust tools internally. We unlock the potential of WordPress and open proxy checker that helps keep a check on any spams on your blog or in comment sections.

Authorized Websites:

WordPress comes with an inbuilt feature of user registration. We optimize this function by giving the excess to only registered users to access some features and only allow them to comment on the blogs.

Right controls:

We use the plugins that provide users and authors different access levels. All these are customized to your business needs and can be altered as and when required.

Search Engine Organization (SEO):

A WordPress website gives you more control over higher level SEO. In-built SEO features help WordPress websites rank higher without any extra cost or time.

With us, you can Migrate from:

  • PHP website to WordPress
  • Drupal to WordPress
  • Joomla! to WordPress
  • Blogger to WordPress
  • Tumblr to WordPress
  • HTML to WordPress
  • WordPress to WordPress Multisite

You can ask us to Migrate your website from any blogging platform or CMS to WordPress.

Why choose Multidots for the WordPress Migrations?

We have experience in all kinds of migrations. Our experts support over 20 platforms to WordPress migration. Our USP’s for smooth migration are:

Zero Downtime:

We work on own test servers for developing the new WordPress websites. Without impacting your existing site, we will migrate your business to an entirely more unique and appealing platform. Zero downtime on the current webpage ensures 100% availability and visibility to your users

Safe and secure:

Data and content safety is our prime focus. We never compromise on data security that you entrusted us with. No content is deleted from your existing websites; the data is simply copied to the new WordPress website. Data integrity is kept at 100%. All the data is checked before the new site goes live.

Additional features:

WordPress offers you an extensive platform that can be customized with themes and Plugins. We brainstorm your additional requirement and help you take a decision, give our expert inputs for customization. Additional features would be added without compromising your branding identity or data.

Stress-free migration:

We handle end-to-end services of movement. On-time high-quality delivery is what our clients entrust us with. Multidots’ expert team hands work as per Agile Methodology to ensure bug-free and high-quality migration process. Adding professional aspects and fixing internal links, we deliver the best.

Maintain the Google rank:

Your existing website has worked long enough to climb the ranking ladder. We never compromise with the ranking as the process is only about migrating and we ensure the new website ranks well. Our tech experts keep the search engines informed about all the changes so that the shift does not affect the ranking.

Manual migration:

We, at Multidots, are WordPress experts and do not trust any automated tool for the movement. We manually use advanced technologies to transition and test the results with 100% efficiency. We understand your data, and its integrity is important for you.

How can we help you?

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