Analysis of Existing Assets

Digitalization is advantageous, only and only when it’s well-planned. With the complete analysis of your traditional model and digital opportunities, we apply it the best. Your existing business model, resources, clientele, method, market reach, target audience, methods of acquiring, retaining and serving them – all are judged by our team. It helps us in finalizing the right process for the transformation, which also varies as per the requisites, industry and process.

Business Transformation

Technologies, products, services, strategic positioning and procedures at all the levels will change to lift up your productivity and revenue, when with us. At our place, it’s all about bringing you online in the best possible way. Website development plan, digital marketing strategies, technology stacks, what to be automated, what can be done without human involvement, what resources are to be added and what’s outdated already – we’ve got the best people to give you the justifiable thoughts on every of these things.

Online + Transformed

Our task is not merely bringing you online, but also to set you on another level. We focus on the inside-out transformation of your business. With a flawless and attentive guidance approach, Multidots is dedicated to making you the unicorn of the domain you serve. To be exact: without coming online, you are restricted by location boundaries; and by coming online, you are increasing the chances of ruining your current repute if it’s done wrongly. That’s where you need us i.e. for an impactful, business-oriented and extremely attention-dragging online incarnation of you business!

Bringing Digital Transformation to Life

It’s the most challenging task to structure the whole business model again and organize all ongoing operations according to that. However, the need of digital transformation is too dense to ignore. What will you do?

You have got two options – Either ignore it or apply it immediately.

As all your customers and to-be customers are already the part of the online world, you can consider the former idea an ‘easy to adopt’ approach with uncountable business-spoiling. Hence, the transformation is the only way to go for, implied you are willing to exist for long.

With Multidots, proposing a bouquet of digital transformation consulting services, nothing is tough. We take every tiny to big step for setting you firm in the online market with untamed popularity and increased reach.

Data Collation and Workflow Analysis

We first collect the most useful pieces of information, evaluate it, carry out workflow analysis and sketch out the initial blueprint of your business.

Business and Gap Analysis

Our team performs prior studies on the actual situation of your business, the current market position to motivate the process or service augmentation in future.

Long-term Planning

Multidots ensure your excellent performance in long go by studying the fast-evolving technologies and changing customer choices.

Structuring a Digital Ecosystem

Integration of IT in business to enhance selling and to streamline the procedures is proficiently done by us, to ensure making of a healthy digital ecosystem.

Developing Digital Strategies

Leveraging the technological expertise of our members, we can plan the best digital strategies as per your business objectives and model.

Planning Marketing Model

Sustainability comes from conversions, requiring perfect digital marketing tactics. We assist you in deploying it for the B2B and B2C customers.

Multi-channel Deployment

We carefully utilize cross-channel coherence, allowing businesses to improve sales and enhance customer experience through socially-informed decisions.

Deployment and Improvisation

What’s implemented can always be refined. With Multidots’ sketched plans, you will get to know how far and excellently this improvisation works.

Content and Campaign Management

Our team can suggest you the right way to store, distribute, publish, optimize, share & utilize existing offline content and new online content.

Governance and Asset Planning

Encouraging the digital implementations and real-time asset, we clear your path towards online business governance and procedure optimization.

Customer Experience Enhancement

By helping to put in place the right feedback mechanism, surveys, and social media handles, we can make you the customers’ favorite.

Employee Training and Enablement

Emerging online world demands employees to work & communicate from anywhere-anytime. Our task is preparing your employees for it.

Why Is Digital Transformation Essential for Everyone?

Digital Transformation is equally essential for the small businesses and enterprises. Businesses, existing from decades when do not come online, actually ignore the power of online presence. It may work for some years but at the end, you are at loss. At aspects like revenue-making, reach, availability, user experience, ease of buying, customer satisfaction, brand recognition and much more, your business will suffer or is already suffering for sure.

Post-Consultation Support for Businesses

With Multidots, you can get guidance on planning the whole digital transformation strategy. From minute to broad aspects, we can organize all steps to make your business transition hassle-free.

The biggest advantage of planning the transformation process with us is – we can implement what we suggest. So post the consultation, you can either continue with us to get the flawless implementation done on time. Or, you can take our plan for further execution by yourselves or any other agency.

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