Android is easily the most popular mobile OS across the world with the number of Android devices crossing 2 billion by now. Cost effectiveness, versatility and the open platform ideology result in a growing number of enterprise mobility solutions besides of course the basic apps relying on Android. The Google Play Store itself reaches the one billion mark. Reputed studies indicate that the numbers will keep growing and proficient Android developers need to be on teams making the most of this indispensable mobile operating system.

Skilled Android developers from Multidots cater to all your enterprise needs related to Android in a perfectly carved out application development process streamlined to align to the Android framework. With a mature understanding of this software having a larger than imaginable user base, our developers are groomed to handle the intricacies related to the diversity of devices running Android as well as the inconsistencies arising because of the device wise performances of the apps. Our developers, supported by an able team of requirement analysis experts, as well as project managers collaboratively ensure that your business application is developed and deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, visually appealing fashion meeting all your functional requirements.

Hire an Android Developer

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“When our tech experts set a task of enabling our systems to cater to mobile users, we did not know how we would be achieving this feat. The teams from Multidots saw us through the entire exercise and how!” – A Power Company in the Middle East

Know More About our Android Consulting Services

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Why Hire Android Developers from Multidots

With experiences around the globe in diverse industries our development teams offer comprehensive and reliable services for Android development in engagement models suiting your needs logically.

Domain Experience Supplementing Android Development

Our experience is not just limited to technology, but also spans domains and verticals effectively catering to your line of business. Whether you want an app to leverage omnichannel marketing strategy for retail or want an ecommerce related app to boost your market share, or maybe an informative app for the manufacturing industry or an educational app catering to parents & students Multidots manages it all.

Acclaimed Apps Reflecting Relevant Experiences

Our experience in skills is not just reflected in our technical expertise or customer testimonials but are reflected by the apps on the Play Store that we have built for customers globally.

Reliability & Transparency

Trust & reliability become of core importance while collaborating for development. We guarantee extreme caution in securing your data as well as code, with no scope of external involvement or sub-outsourcing. We also have the perfect customer confidence record when it comes to source code protection and intellectual property access, which is of great importance with Android application development.

Transparency of processes enable adoption of suitable engagement models with ease and effectiveness.

Flexible Collaborations

As an IT organization deeply involved with Android development services, we understand the modern day needs of hiring. We collaborate to suit your needs by supplementing your teams with our experts at various levels to make your teams complete.

End to End Services at Multidots

Customized Android Development

The term open source comes with the expectation of a large amount of agility associated and our technically superior team remain in charge to help make most of what Android has to offer. Choose from a wide array of already built plugins and application templates or have our developers work through your requirements irrespective of complexity. We help you build highly robust & scalable apps that are easy to deploy, engaging your business users as well as end customers with impeccable user experiences.

Kotlin Development

Our developers bring all the benefits of this modern-day language to the traditional Android platform with Kotlin development. With this niche your solutions have the added edge. Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java allowing our expert developers reuse Android libraries to abbreviate the application development cycles.

Consulting Services

We have a dedicated pool of experts to evaluate your business requirements from the beginning analysing the effectiveness of Android as a platform for your enterprise. We strongly recommend usage of our consulting services to ensure that your business maximizes ROI with Android application development. With appropriate consultation, we also help determine if hybrid application development is required to complement the exercise or native Android apps suffice.

UI & Widget development

Recognizing the importance of user interfaces to deliver engaging user experiences our developer teams are groomed to work in close sync with our own Android design experts methodically planning visually appealing effects, push notifications and other components to value add to our development services.

Support & Maintenance

Our engagement with your organization goes beyond app development. We offer a wide variety of services to complement the Android app development including assurance & testing, application maintenance, migration related services and platform upgrades.

The Multidots Edge for Android

  • Cross-platform solutions expertise
  • Proficiency in JAVA & interdependent platforms
  • Mature insights into popular API’s used by enterprises and third party integrations
  • Excellent design & visualizations skills appropriate mobile app development
  • Agile development experiences with knowledge of effective collaboration
  • Proficiency in back-end solutions & Git
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