AngularJS, as rightly believed is what HTML would have been envisioned had it been designed to code web-based applications. Maintained primarily by Google along with a community-based setup, Angular eliminates the limitations of HTML through its vocabulary extensions. This is very different than other frameworks trying to replace JavaScript or HTML components or even offer workarounds targeting DOM manipulations. A front-end, open source web application framework with JavaScript at its base makes AngularJS hire a developer, a most sought after service requiring perfect insights & depth to develop effective code.

And that is exactly where we come in.

Multidots development teams explore mature features of the fully extensible AngularJS like the controls, backends and testability built-ins to make the most out of the framework offering you abbreviated development cycles. The assured code reusability & reliability across mobile apps, mobile web, websites and desktop software makes AngularJS the perfect choice for enterprises willing to invest in comprehensive frameworks catering to a variety of requirements.

With a definitive roadmap for Angular and the new version coming soon, our developers are ready to deliver continued & trustworthy hire AngularJS developer services catering to all your needs for this mature technology. Multidots boasts of a diverse clientele for this new age technology across diverse domains & industries.

“When it comes to Mean stack & Angular, Multidots keeps us on track.”

  A Retail e-Commerce Enterprise in the EU

Know How Multidots offers Hire a AngularJS developer Service to enable your Mean Stack!

Multidots Developer Expertise

Our vast experiences in the field of mobile and web application development ensure that we contribute to deliver suitable AngularJS creations to fit your needs. Since its early days, AngularJS is proving to be the complete package on which customized frameworks are designed & deployed for enterprise app development. When you hire our expert AngularJS developers you make the most of this reliable technology.

Web & Mobile Application development

he best-in-class mobile applications, websites and desktop software using AngularJS created meticulously by our team of developers blend in effortlessly into your specific requirements and business needs.

E-commerce Development

Our developers leverage AngularJS effectively to offer feature rich e-commerce applications including shopping cart & payment integrations as a part of our offerings in e-commerce development services. Our developers understand the nitty gritties of online marketplaces lending a special edge to your operational software in your specific domains.

Business Analytics Interfaces

Our developers are groomed to bring in the best of AngularJS UI by adding visually appealing graphs, charts & dashboards to your business applications ensuring that when you associate with Multidots, you not only get the best of application development, but also decision-making insights and pipeline visibilities to drive your business effectively.

Mean & Full Stack development services

We offer a pool of highly competent mean stack developers available to take care of contemporary IT requirements your business would possibly have with this powerhouse combination of the JavaScript frameworks, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS & NodeJS collectively known as MEAN Stack.

Portal Expertise

Our developers bring in their knowledge in the user interface development for your business specific needs and enable a visually appealing portal with appropriately coded features to deliver engaging user experiences across channels.

Plugins & Integration Components

We possess expertise in evaluating the interaction mechanism of apps & components and developing appropriate plugins to help enhance your tools & offerings in tune with the changing requirements and turn your business technology ecosystems to comprehensive platforms.

Why Hire a AngularJS developer from Multidots?

Our AngularJS developers follow interesting details about the future Angular frameworks to deliver quick & efficient development services to you and keep in pace with the intricacies of contemporary full stack Javascript frameworks like the Mean Stack. Our experts have extensive experiences in AngularJS which lets developers extend HTML vocabulary for specific applications delivered in environments extremely expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

Multidots developers with diverse experiences in contemporary technologies & frameworks for various industries, blend in into teams practicing Agile project execution methodologies for full-stack development services. For the most specialized software services, our developers are most sought after for a lot more than obvious for AngularJS, a toolset for building frameworks suitable for your needs.

Our Specialized Development Services for AngularJS

  • Development with MongoDB at the backend with single page web app development
  • Cross platform & native mobile app development to suit the current trends
  • Mature practices for steadfast Server-side technologies
    • PHP
    • JAVA
    • NET
  • Code delivered is easy to read with MVC and dependency injection
  • Use of two-way data binding for rapid development of real time applications
Hire Angular JS

AngularJS Developer Expertise

  • Content management tools
  • Theme generators & text editors
  • E-commerce stores
  • Online marketplaces
  • Data analysis tools
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Real-time & interactive maps
  • Location apps
  • Plugin development tools
  • Music & video streaming apps
  • Social & interactive apps
  • Social networking platforms


  • Flexible & scalable models of engagement
  • Agile and dynamic AngularJS development
  • Quality adherences
  • Highly proficient developers experienced in
    • Emerging web technologies
    • Contemporary Frameworks
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