Javascript, the backbone of every programmer & software development establishment needs no introduction and remains one of our core strengths. With its assurance of rapid development, enhanced efficiencies, improved speed & certain robustness, Javascript evolves into a contemporary full stack offering with secure, robust and multi-layered architecture. It easily blends in into the Agile & DevOps approaches, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery, Web Services, the Cloud, Virtualized Containers and Microservices powering apps for mobile, web and desktops alike.

Catering to a global clientele in diverse domains for the last decade and more, Multidots boasts of an enviable portfolio of offerings in this resolute technology encompassing frameworks, databases & architectures. With proven portability & scalability along with affordability, our full stack Javascript offerings include all-inclusive enterprise solutions rolled out through web or mobile, implemented on-premise or the Cloud. Our responsive & cross platform business apps & social apps designed with Javascript make our offerings complete.

Full Stack Javascript Development with Multidots

At Multidots we research & explore the ever-evolving avatars of Javascript to offer solutions & apps catering to your growing requirements driven by the changes in technology & user expectations by putting together both the server side & client-side programming with a full stack approach.

Javascript Service Stack

“Multidots with its mature Javascript practices saw to it that all the new apps developed were integrated into our Systems at a quick pace giving a push to our sales like never before and that too well in time for Halloween! “    – Famous Café Store Chain in the USA

Know How Javascript can Help Your Business Too!!

Service & Offerings

Multidots creates web based as well as native apps which seamlessly integrate into your business solutions. Enabled by our expertise we offer responsive, scalable & browser independent software giving the necessary flexibility to your business adapting to real-time traffic. Our Javascript app development offerings enable CMS plugins, real-time analytics, ecommerce features and user interfaces all aligned to your enterprise design.

We include it all in our offerings for Javascript web development as well. Web based portals, intricate CMS setup, customized plugins, single page web applications as well as Javascript frameworks in accordance to the requirements of the dynamic enterprise workflows and high-traffic business websites are a part of our versatile portfolio for a diverse clientele.

Our know how with customized full cycle web services development allows us to build apps that rely solely on Javascript seamlessly integrating with popular server-side platforms.

Javascript Services

Javascript Service Stack

Custom software development

  • Tailored to suit specific business requirements & offer solutions to complex business scenarios
  • Software development services using contemporary Java frameworks

Mobile development

  • Superior customer experiences for success in the mobile marketplace

Web development

  • Reliable, secure and effective Java applications for diverse industries

Enterprise Development

  • Scalable & efficient enterprise level applications leveraging Java frameworks

Maintenance & support

  • 24*7 accessibility to unfaltering technical support

Javascript Migration

  • Shifting enterprise solutions to Java technologies


Our full stack agile & lean portfolio puts together the best of programming languages, platforms and frameworks in conjunction with appropriate storage, databases & hosting services driven by dependable security & administration.

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