“Mobile First” becomes an unwritten rule today in a world of technology where ubiquitous sophisticated devices become tools to unravel the powers of new disruptors like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning along with the established approaches like Business Intelligence, Analytics, Social Media and the Cloud. The big game changers like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and of course the Sensor-based technologies like the beacons become a part of the technology landscape of the Internet of Things propelling enterprises to bring radical changes to way things have been done with innovative mobile app strategies.

Enterprises around the world strategize how mobile technologies could be best leveraged to keep the diverse stakeholders engaged across the channels & touch points. The fast-changing mobile platforms, the evolving devices and the growing user expectations from the innovative apps on the mobile devices make things more intense.

BYOD and DIY, the two approaches to accessing enterprise systems increase flexibilities for the users. Customers, channel partners & the employees carry out tasks with their own devices, more often in self-service modes. These flexibilities of course are not without serious threats to security of both data & the systems themselves.

It is then inevitable that the enterprises strategize and develop practical mobile app strategies making the multitude mobile apps being integrated into the services & offerings prove to be sustainable and bring value to the enterprise. Multidots offers powerful insights and reasonings to steer your mobile app strategy with a top down approach, understanding your business goals, your markets, your audiences, your workflows and conceptualizing individual mobile apps to offer newer ways for your stakeholders to collaborate, communicate & connect.

Multidots helped us define our mobile app development strategy, putting in every small little piece into the jigsaw, safety, security, customer delight before actually adding the apps into our processes”…       – A global shipping corporation in Europe

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Multidots, Evolving Your Mobile App Development Strategy

At Multidots we begin conceptualizing your mobile app strategy by understanding your enterprise goals, your customers and your competitors. We next get into the skin of your processes & workflows to identify touchpoints for customers, channel partners and employees to communicate & collaborate. And this is how the apps come in into the larger picture with our meticulous roadmaps translating your business requirements into the design of apps evolving a whole new ecosystem of apps, infrastructure, devices, channels and security & privacy policies to translate into your enterprise mobile app strategy.

Step by Step Roadmap to the Enterprise App Strategy with Multidots

Step by Step Roadmap to the Enterprise App Strategy with Multidots

Comprehending the Needs of your Enterprise

  • Evaluate company strategy
  • Define customer experiences
  • Understand channels & touch points
  • Evaluate competition
  • Process re-engineering
  • Rethinking the workflows

A Vision for the Enterprise Mobile App Strategy

  • Define value additions to processes through mobile devices
  • Evaluate feasibilities
    • Resource availabilities
    • Technology competencies
    • Finances & Budgets

Analyzing the Single App Strategy

  • Understand the audience
  • Define the use cases
  • Identify KPIs to watch out for
  • Finalize the technology stack
  • Deciding the approach
    • Native Vs Cross Platform Vs Hybrid

Streamlining to Deliver Sustainable Apps

  • Make MVP a part of the strategy
  • Activating feedback mechanisms
  • Continuous improvisations
  • Establishing communication & collaboration
  • Organizing training & support


Our acclaimed mobile app strategies across industries and geographies push us to keep up pace with the technology disruptors to continuously re-examine & realign the roadmaps set for you. With insights & acumen gathered over the years, we showcase a variety of possibilities to match your requirements.


Designing a technology stack for the mobile apps could easily one of the toughest tasks on hand for putting down the app strategy into action. With a multitude of approaches to be considered right from native development, Crossplatform or hybrid to catering to the very mature platforms like Android or iOS and taking into account a growing array of devices and their types, our experts take charge.

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