User experiences rule the mobile apps ecosystems spanning a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables with easy access for an uncountable number of users. Apps and the products & services they facilitate are more accessible and vulnerable than they ever were, making the quality assurance and mobile application testing of prime importance.

Today, millions of apps bring in a competitive era where the challenge is not just introducing a purposeful app, but also make it engaging enough for the diverse user base. Mobile testing is as important as application development and any lapses result in catastrophic scenarios frustrating the user; a situation definitely avoidable. The importance of mobile application testing becomes clear when an enterprise considers customer loyalty & retention parameters, along with the numbers that can be driven by promoting the business on smartphones. Major businesses have started viewing mobile app testing service as an investment, rather than an added development cost.

Multidots brings you mobile app testing services to improve the quality of your iOS, Android & web applications by testing meticulously against real mobile devices guaranteeing that your business gains the edge when it comes to offerings-on-the-go. We understand that a significant portion of poor reviews on app stores are a direct result of lack of mature testing and these could possibly result in repetitive app crashes, high usage of phone resources, battery drain and overall drop in performance. But with Multidots, your apps and user satisfaction are clearly in safe hands.

Our acumen in mobile application testing comes from our understanding of the practical challenges posed in this niche software testing. Our constant researches to understand intricacies of testing different genres of apps like native, crossplatform, hybrid or even mobile web help us expand the test coverage at a rapid scale with well balanced approaches leading to a mix of manual as well as automated testing.

Mobile Testing

Multidots Mobile Application Testing Services Cater to All Situations

Global Vs Local Requirements

Since most mobile apps are designed for uniform user experiences across the world, Multidots is committed to converging global expectations with the local ones. However, there are a lot of local factors that account for regional, geographic or demographic changes which the test scenarios may not effectively cover if not well-thought of. Multidots keep this on track with effective mobile application testing.

Understanding User preferences

A lot of feature-based mobile testing depends on the understanding of user expectations and this becomes challenging especially if there are specific apps which need to be launched on the App stores as it is difficult to directly interact with the large user base. Multidots carries out mobile app testing with equal effectiveness for enterprise apps as well as general apps to keep up the ratings.

The Changing OS versions

We understand that if we ensure smooth user experiences only for the latest mobile OS versions or just a few down, there is a high chance of missing the mark. A significant fraction of users do not upgrade their base mobile OS which could impact application performance in the real environment and we remain committed to catering to such scenarios.

Networks & Payment Gateways

Our understanding of diverse networks & payment gateways helps us examine innumerable permutations & combinations arising from specific requirements related to networks & gateways on which the app performances depend very critically and ensure continuous user experiences.

Diversity in Devices

The last decade has witnessed shipment of 500 million+ Android devices and 200 million+ iOS powered devices. We recognize this diversity and ensure that your app is tested to perform equally well on all devices under similar circumstances.

Testing Tools

A large number of recognized testing tools in the market for mobile applications keep us on the lookout for the appropriate ones to design perfect environment for automated testing as well as manual to increase the reliability of your apps.

The “Go-Market” time for our apps & their upgrades has easily halved with Multidots in charge.

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Ensure that your apps perform too, all the time!

Service & Offerings

Our mature QA experts offer end to end services related to mobile application testing with the most trending technologies at the core. We enable you to design flawless digital experiences for your users across devices and geographies with our innovative approaches improving the quality of your app and time to market. Our strategy is quite simple when we support your testing needs.

The Multidots Mobile Application Testing Services

The Approach

Mobile App Testing

Functional Testing

In spite of the attractiveness and state-of-the-art features, your users will reject the app if their needs are not met. Our highly qualified team of testers will ensure that your app is robust enough and meets expectations of what you wish to promote.

 Security Testing

Mobile apps are often prone to security loopholes & vulnerabilities. Our experienced team simulate hack attacks to test the stability of your mobile app providing your development team with detailed recommendations.

Cross Browser Testing

Testing on real mobile devices rather than virtual becomes more than a necessity for uniform user experiences across the diverse devices & their OS. We rely on side by side testing of app and isolating issues for quick resolutions.

Mobile Automation Testing

Automated test approaches significantly cut out the time required to port the same set of test cases on different devices or environments eventually abbreviating the go-market time. Our approach to automated testing for mobiles depends on functional requirements and specific scenarios as defined by your business teams. With tools like Monkey Talk, Selendroid, Frank iOS, Perfecto Mobile, Robotium, Appium, Ranorex and more in our kitty, the test coverage offered to your apps is nearly comprehensive.

Performance & Regression Testing

It is vital that your application does not succumb to high load and is capable of withstanding demand intensive situations. Mobile apps are often susceptible to limited resource availability and are also impacted by weak signals if they constantly consume data.

Our performance & Regression testing scenarios are built to accurately enhance the capabilities & reliability of your mobile apps.

User Experience & User Interface testing

Our test scenarios effectively validate the user experiences as per your guidelines giving sufficient coverage to evaluate the user interfaces. Our qualified assurance team understands that an engaging user experience is the key to the app success.


The test cases covered to balance automation with manual testing approach are carefully planned to ensure better user connect and acceptability. Our qualified QA experts are well trained to use customized scripts & specific tools to cover maximum test cases in optimized time frames, allowing you to make the most out of our mixed bag mobile testing.

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