A millennial world expects an extremely fast pace of digital deliveries putting unrealistic demands on the enterprise digital roadmaps. Reliable testing of digital services & solutions then becomes imperative for both enterprises offering or availing them. The level of speed, coverage, effectiveness, efficiency and depth that automated testing brings beats traditional or manual testing practices. Automation Testing goes beyond performing the repetitive tests and records & analyses results, draws comparisons with the past tests, observes environment behavior & system patterns at the time of tests eventually deriving comprehensive reports & test strategies.

The Multidots experts put together a unified approach of testing web, mobile and native apps & services with a feedback driven approach combating issues proactively with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Shift Left & Agile processes blended in. We have on offer a range of automated testing services as a well-established part of our offerings portfolio.

Automation Testing services become indispensable in making the most out of agile business processes and improve the customer experience manifolds with continual releases.

Devising A Prudent Test Strategy with Multidots

As a QA service provider, we recognize the challenges you face while devising Automation Testing strategies and are committed to devise the most practical approaches based on feedback from management, requirement owners, development teams, testing experts and all involved stakeholders. We determine what to test and the financial impacts putting in place appropriate strategies.

Appropriate Tools selections

Choosing the right automation tools is extremely vital and is done prudently with Multidots.

  • Technology landscape
  • Type of products being rolled out
  • Business expectations
  • Alignment to test strategy

There are multiple open source as well as proprietary tools on offer that we customize to suit your special requirements.

Testing For Diverse Requirements

Testing for Devices Requirement

Planning Practical Investments

Automation Testing tools & frameworks mean a certain level of investment, specifically for hiring skilled resources and licences for the tools. Multidots helps you strategize effectively.

Striking a Balance with Manual Testing

Opting for a test automation approach does not guarantee a perfect coverage. Test automation does ensure significant simplification in testing, however, there would be a small fraction of tests that are not possible to automate. We recognize the necessity for manual testing requiring human acumen and also the fact that the metrics for software testing are not limited to number or speed of tests but should also indicate the effectiveness of the tests and what kind of information was extracted to support decision making.

Associating With Us Has Its Benefits

With agile approach deployed perfectly at our end, we prepare the best test automation action plan for web and mobile apps, lending a cutting edge for you!

Automation Testing

“Automation Testing is the only practical approach for highly dynamic requirements of an online pharmaceutical business like ours and Multidots does it right for us.”

– e-Medical store in India

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Automation Testing Services & Offerings

In the course of our journey we continue to research & devise our own strategies & services to help you manage testing processes with increased levels of test automation relying on our own test frameworks as well as other established software testing ecosystems integrated seamlessly into your existing platforms & systems with industry best practices in place.

Customized Testing Frameworks

Our signature test automation framework is tailored for organization wide software testing requirements and is easily customized to suit your needs. Our framework is compatible with popular automation tools and also provides reusable components with predefined test cases to speed up your rollout cycle, sometimes by more than half based on your scenarios and our assessments.

Test Automation Consultation

Once having established a stable testing platform and a well-defined test strategy, we offer extended support to keep your automation approach in sync with the changing requirements with a support team that works in a tailored and customized fashion as per your organization requirements.

Our Consulting Services

Consulting services
Insightful Reporting

Our robust assurance lifecycle management allows our experienced team present appropriate metrics & dashboards for your key stakeholders to continually track the progress of your tests.

Test Automation Maintenance

Once having established a stable testing platform and a well-defined test strategy, we offer extended support to keep your automation approach in sync with the changing requirements with a support team that works in a tailored and customized fashion as per your organization requirements.

Test Coverage Expansion Services

We provide optimized & customized test strategies that cover incremental test automation changes or even revamp the existing coverage under your test plans.

The Multidots Touch for Automation Testing

Our Approach

  • Customizable, reusable & trustworthy frameworks
  • Easy-to-use automation tools
  • CI, CD, Test driven development and in-sprint automation
  • Component & data driven automation
  • Advanced reporting and analytical support


Benifits of Mobile Automation


Functional Testing

  • Selenium
  • Selendroid
  • Robotium
  • Appium

Performance Testing

  • Load Runner
  • Jmeter
  • Blazemeter

Test Management Tools

  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • TestLink
  • TOAD
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Maven and Jenkins
  • Hockeyapp
  • Testflightapp
  • net
  • BrowserStack
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