As multichannel interactions with users become the new normal today, businesses need to have a seamless web presence to match up the expectations and blend in with the connected ecosystems. Multidots realizes the power of web applications and facilitates appropriate web application testing to push your systems towards being the superior ones.

We understand that the real essence of web applications is in easy accessibility combined with unfaltering performances to brand your enterprise in an entirely different way. Web testing becomes extremely critical to ensure best-in-class application performances, happy customers and continuous assurance that the app meets the business requirements while adhering to integration & security requirements for all users across the channels.

Web Application testing

Web Application Testing Services at Multidots, Assuring the Best

At Multidots we recognize every challenge that it takes to keep the web apps tested appropriately to keep them safe & error free. Our comprehensive testing services provide you the best QA expertise to rollout robust, scalable and engaging web apps keeping the critical aspects of web testing under check.

Top Class Security

Having vulnerability & loopholes in web-based applications is a major challenge for organizations nowadays. It is vital to perform data integrity & brute force testing to ensure application robustness to keep hack attacks or malware at bay.

Consistent Application Performances

Optimized & faster web apps reduce resource requirements and improve the performance of your systems. Multidots is focused on assuring consistent performances during scale up and down of systems as well as increase or decrease in loads.

Uniform User Experiences

This is easily the biggest challenge for a web application. Multidots testing ensures uniform user experiences across browsers on various devices like the desktops, smartphones and more.

Easy Accessibility

Uninterrupted access across environments, browsers, networks and ecosystems is a top priority when it comes to web testing at Multidots.

Regulatory Compliance

It is important to consider compliance factors for web-based apps and we ensure that test scenarios incorporate this approach. Regulatory compliances become of critical importance for applications catering to access across the globe.

“As a nursing requirements provider, it is very important that we remain accessible to our customers at all times. Multidots testing assures that there are no mishaps”

-A Nursing Care Provider in East Asia

With Accurate Web Testing We Change How Your Web Applications Deliver.

Service & Offerings

Our qualified & experienced team of web application testers effectively cater to every component in your technology landscape ensuring that you receive the best possible service when it comes to functional & non-functional testing, application benchmarking, performance testing, load testing and penetration testing. Our web application testing experts put to use a balanced mix of automated testing approaches using the latest tools & technology and manual testing & examination. With a detailed analysis for your website application logic we evaluate the risks your system faces and test to combat these objectively.

Multidots Tests Diverse Web Applications

  • Content management systems
  • e-Commerce applications
  • Portals
  • B2B & B2C systems
  • Online services
  • Social network systems

The Multidots Web Application Testing Approaches

Web Testing Process

Functional testing

The base of all assurance services, our testers will leave no stone unturned to determine if the developed application is meeting user expectations, meets usability & accessibility expectations and fulfils the regulatory compliances or not.

 Cross Browser & GUI Testing

This is a comprehensive approach to web testing designed by our assurance R&D team that takes care of cross-browser testing, as well as usability experience for specific components. We also focus on overall web layout as part of GUI validation.

With this most important critical approach to testing web apps, we ensure that your software remains accessible across browsers & devices.

Regression testing

Our qualified team is well equipped to perform regression testing to take care of any new bugs that might have possibly crept in your web applications functionality after new upgrades & configuration updates

 Integration testing

The ever-growing online business model requires your application to integrate with a wide variety of tools & other apps and is checked as a part of web applications testing serivces. It is become extremely critical to ensure seamless & integrated systems putting various software in sync with each other.

 Performance testing

There are limits to scalability, and in spite of the best efforts of your organization to control demand management, there could be breaking points. Our test strategies determine methods to assure smooth scale ups & downs.

 Security testing

Our testers ensure that your website is safe from generic attacks, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting. We have our own set of algorithms & workflows that determine the web application security. Ultimately, it is about maintaining the right level of confidentiality, availability & integrity of your web apps.

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