Digital publishing becomes the indispensable approach to curate & manage varied content published & distributed today. The content could be as diverse as e-magazines, e-books, reports & journals, white papers or case studies & knowledge articles involving a large number of pages with a huge volume of data. Today, content is not just limited to e-books or a select group of publishers. Content dissemination is happening widely, freely or with subscription without any boundaries. An increasing number of users are using online mediums to consume content of their choice in desired form. Consequently, publishers & content producers must evolve to use the internet as an effective medium to reach out their readers & customers. The use of digital channels to consume content right from daily news to sophisticated trend analytics is only going to increase. This makes it vital for publishers to adopt a digital publishing solution to serve the wide variety of evolving needs for content.

The Multidots Digital Publishing solution offers a set of applications allowing enterprises to generate, manage & distribute visually appealing & feature-rich content on relevant platforms for increased outreach. With an enviable clientele include large publishing houses, leading blogs and a number of reading & writing periodicals & newspapers, our framework becomes an integral part of reputed workflows. Migration of large amount of content becomes a critical service integrated into the framework too making it more than comprehensive. And our niche services related to WordPress and the others give the desired depth to this framework solution.

When we decided to adopt Digital Publishing, we were sure it was going to be quite a challenge, especially with the amount of content from the past years we wanted to move…

– The Multidots Digital Publishing Solution is a Class Apart!

We bring digital transformations to your content


The Multidots digital publishing solution offers engaging omnichannel user experiences through technologies that are simple to use and streamline content management, while giving you the independence to experiment with different media formats. Our digital framework is customized to suit the type of publication distributed and effectively optimized for device independence leading to a great end-user experience. You can make the most of our reusable templates to keep giving a fresh new look to the user interfaces in a self-service mode too.

Well Designed Editorial Workflows

Integrated news publishing, magazine releases, advertising and decision making insights with newsroom analytics along with the day to day tasks makes our solution comprehensive. The well thought of security & user roles make the content management more secure & reliable too. The mobile app APIs are a direct result of keeping the solution relevant to the new approaches of technology.

Advertisements Management

Our solution has the capability to help the content controller place advertisements at intermediate or predefined locations within the digital page. The frequency and context are controlled by the enterprise using the solution.

Collaboration Tools

The feature rich collaboration tools in our solution make it simple enough for the entire workforce to operate in tandem with increased efficiencies & improved productivities

Newsroom Analytics

Our solution includes audience engagement KPIs to help you understand what content is consumed, by whom & how, helping you target your content more effectively and deliver it more efficiently.

Integrated Payment Approaches

Your enterprise can avail of multiple options when it comes to payment for content. Our platform is flexible enough to integrate with subscription systems as well as support in-app purchases.

Content Migration to CMS

Your legacy content is in safe hands too and becomes a part of the new technologies adopted and seamlessly so with Multidots digital publishing solution.

Customized Widgets

To lay emphasis on the digital factor within your content flow, our solution provides a significant number of interactive widgets. You can also build & design your own widgets if that helps get through the message to readers in a better way.


Our digital publishing solution seamlessly integrates with your business portal, allowing your marketing teams to make the most out of news feeds and social media interactions for all your publicity & branding efforts.

Industries Catered to

Industries Catered

Digital publishing solutions prove to be a differentiator irrespective of the domain or industry and becomes an integral part of most industries. Multidots digital publishing solution suits a diverse set of industries

Print media & Advertising

It goes without saying that this industry remains on the top of the list for any digital publishing solution and turns into a modern avatar today


Immersive content is the output of digital publishing solutions and the education industry has gradually started adapting the same

Medicine Research & Analytics

A lot of journal publishers are increasingly relying on digital publishing solutions to effectively meet the demands of the next generation of content consumers

Manufacturing, telecom & core sectors

Industries adopt digital publishing content to disseminate content pertaining to production statistics, financial numbers for shareholders and overall company updates to the right audience


If you are looking to significantly enhance the position of your digital publication and make the most out of your content & tools, you are on the right track with Multidots. Our digital publishing solutions render an edge of flexibility & creativity to your content, while empowering the enterprise to act quickly on editorial changes & make-or-break management decisions.

Platform & Channel Independence

Our digital publishing platform is compatible with leading operating systems including iOS, Android & Windows. We allow your enterprise to rollout content on native app & websites. The solution also offers specific customization for native features which gives your organization an edge in rolling out business strategies irrespective of the platform of choice. Our solution enables multi-platform publishing, which includes print, internet, smart devices as well as TV. Once input content is received, it can be broadcasted on multiple channels simultaneously.

Bringing in Comprehensiveness in Publishing

Specific approaches available as part of the framework catering to news publishing, magazine releases, advertising and decision-making insights with newsroom analytics feature bring in a certain comprehensiveness. Our publishing framework is complete with a set of enriched collaboration tools to get the most out of your content & stories.

Limited Distribution Expense

End of the day, your digital content will remain set to be distributed from your own on-premise or cloud-based setup. Multiple digital publishing solutions can be run on the existing infrastructure giving your company the benefits of cost, control & scalability.

Boost Customer Engagement

Our digital publishing solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing subscription systems. This allows the business to share specific digital content with existing customers without making major changes to technology stack, and our solution can also help you combine premium subscription strategy with free distribution.

The Technology Base

Our acumen & insights across a diverse set of technologies make up our steadfast digital publishing solution.

Content Management System Without an appropriately designed CMS, all a user would be looking at is a collection of scattered documents, not an organized publishing solution. CMS is one of the core technology elements of a digital publishing solution.
Development platform The technology stack used for developing the solution JAVA, .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MEAN stack & more plays a vital role in determining how the end product would look & behave.
Cloud It is the modern day cloud architecture that allows users, content creators, authors & organizations setup accounts with dedicated spaces & storage for effective interaction and publishing / sharing content.
Streaming content Digital publishing solutions of today have started incorporating live feeds, nano nuggets of knowledge in the form of embedded videos and snippets of streaming audio or video files.
Mobile apps In line with the flexibility & anytime-anywhere availability aspect, most digital content is available in the form of native mobile apps nowadays.
Analytics & Machine Learning With so much content out there, readers require a touch of personalization & customization. Machine learning & AI are fresh proposals for digital publishing solutions, but they will eventually leave a mark considering the demands of today’s content consumers.
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