Millennial enterprises rely increasingly on technology to track sophisticated interconnected systems, organization wide users and the end customers. IT Helpdesk Management Systems are indispensable for modern organizations for systematic monitoring, reporting, analyzing and closure of issues at hand. Teams of engineers strongly adhering to processes like Incident Management, Change & Release Management and Problem Management bring in mature processes to ensure smooth running systems. Users, both internal & external do not need to rush to IT support desk or depend on individuals to get their requests or issues sorted but instead depend on systematic processes like helpdesk ticketing system for more efficient resolutions.

The Multidots Helpdesk Management System focuses on agility in support along with the growing importance of agility in development, testing & implementation cycles. Our state-of-the-art solution offers prediction models based on incident trends, better management & mapping of issues, generates insights to create a robust knowledge base and ultimately enables IT teams to provide proactive solutions & support for smoother running systems.

With high level of customization possibilities, thoughtful integrations with multiple tools including chatbots and an entire array of features covering all possible needs from the support teams, the Multidots HDMS Solution is an answer to all your IT support needs.

The Multidots HDMS Highlights

Automation & Agility

A definite layer of automation in each of our process workflows fosters the agile approach for the Helpdesk

Flexible Deployment Models

Based on the requirements, we provision cloud based, on-premise or the hybrid approach for deployment of the Helpdesk for the appropriate flexibility

Self-Service Features

Our solutions enable easy self-service modes which simplify & quicken the request resolutions and closures significantly

With operations across Asia and the Eastern world succumbing to network failures & heavy traffic at times we were worried of missing out on grievances by our own staff or most importantly our customers. Multidots HDMS gives us the peace of mind which was missing earlier inspite of a very comprehensive software to support our operations” – A boutique travel company in Europe specializing on travels in Asia & the Far East

Know how we help to manage your Helpdesk better with Multidots online helpdesk ticketing system

The Solution Approaches

With seamlessly integrated modern day approaches the Multidots Helpdesk Management System offers mature solutions in sync with the expectations of a millennial enterprise & its requirements.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) Monitoring

We understand the importance of SLAs for the success of enterprises and incorporate accurate SLA tracking, with different layers for acknowledgement, response and resolution.

SLA Configurations


Email Integration

Multidots solution integrates all popular mailboxes into the HDMS for improved & more efficient collaboration bringing in agility into your support approach like never before. All notifications & communications through customized email interface enable users & support staff to be effectively connected with intelligent responses.

  • Ticket generation through email
  • Automated acknowledgements & notifications
  • Trails through communication threads
  • Linked to chosen mail boxes
  • Reinforced enterprise branding

Solution Features

Our solution focuses on niche features to cater to all the requirements of a contemporary helpdesk management system offering support to users & customers across the channels, devices & platforms.

Incidence Management

We have a robust incident management process embedded within our HDMS, which is easily customized to suit your unique requirements. Users precisely report incidents & supporting evidences to enable efficient resolutions.

  • Service impacted
  • Hardware damaged
  • Screenshots
  • Priorities
  • Replication steps

It is further possible to trigger automated notifications to your Helpdesk teams whenever incidents are reported or updated, as in some cases, the issue might require urgent reassignment.

Event Management Integration

Our HDMS is integrated with a variety of alert monitoring systems in tune with a mature support ticket system auto generating tickets based on specific events or fluctuations, thus simplifying task of networks operations manned by the NOC teams.

Escalation Management

The HDMS tool supports escalation matrix and in the event of an SLA breach, has the capabilities of auto reassignment or escalation to the next layer of support.

Request Fulfilment

For effective user engagement & satisfaction, your enterprise needs a sophisticated IT HDMS spanning the entire service catalogue and generate a sense of comfort among users when they have task related tickets or simpler requests from the IT.

Our online helpdesk ticketing system pitches in with exactly this with request fulfilment workflows linked to SLAs. Effectively, this is ushering in a layer of agility even with infrastructure support activities.

Access over Multiple Platforms

It is possible to access our helpdesk management system with a normal web-based browser, mobile browser or through a mobile app and also link it to the wearables that allow you to answer notifications on the go.

Change & Configuration Management

Organized change workflows from change manager, product owners or QA teams all integrate into a single tool.

Sophisticated integrations enable our HDMS link better with release deployment cycle. DevOps & continuous integration is easily catered to for definitive Agility.

Configuration Management

One of the major challenges for a growing enterprise is to manage the configuration management database. With our helpdesk management system this becomes extremely easy & accurate which is required for effective tracking during the next steps in the cycle. As organizations tend to adapt the agile methodologies with Continuous Integration and DEVOPS execution, configuration management becomes an indispensable aspect.

Problem Management & KEDB integration

The helpdesk ticketing system supports problem management process queuing up related incident tickets that your IT teams links with known errors through the well curated known error databases. The system supports integration with KEDB allowing your IT teams maximize productivity when they encounter a known issue.


Make the most of extensive reporting capabilities that accompany our tool, which goes beyond routine SLA reports reducing considerably efforts spent on tickets as well as generating fruitful insights & visibilities into the issues.

  • Smart analytics to generate ticketing trends
  • CI analytics to gauge impact
  • Burndown rates for incidents to analyse progress
  • Automated segregation of issues vs. tasks for departments & teams
  • Periodic reporting configurations with daily, weekly or monthly dashboards to be auto-emailed to selected group of recipients

The Helpdesk Ticketing System Process


Multidots Helpdesk Management System – an Edge Over the Others

All said and done, when it comes to our solution there are unique advantages which promise a more stable and reassuring system for you to depend on.

Synchronized Communications

At an enterprise level, you will observe that communication related to IT requests & issues is much improved and in sync with all stakeholders. The channels are formalized and processes governed through a visually appealing system meant to simplify the tasks at all levels.

Improved RoIs

An effectively deployed online helpdesk ticketing system eases the task of IT departments and also allow key stakeholders keep an eye on the actual efforts invested. It allows IT managers to determine systems that need to be improvised and the components of the infrastructure or application landscape requiring special attention to enable efficient & unhindered functioning.

The entire process is for the benefit of the customers on the track of receiving an improvised & enriched experience. Eventually, this leads to better returns on the overall investment within organization wide IT implementation & support.

Improved Resolution Time

IT teams are well aware that their activities are being appropriately monitored & analyzed, while SLA calculation is automated. Also, with certain process lags removed, the resolution time for IT issues definitely show definite improvements in effectiveness.


We offer you scalable solutions to cater to spurs in issues with our flexible deployment models to offer you continued support as and when required.

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