A Practical & Innovative Taxi Booking Application Solution by Multidots

The Multidots customized taxi booking app development leads to a comprehensive solution to provide you a competitive advantage by integrating trending technologies into your interactions with your customers and business flows. The market reach deepens and becomes simpler to progressively increase as the mobile powered solution helps augment your business like never before. With our customer-centric approach, we understand your business requirements thoroughly and design a customized solution to create an impactful online presence helping you to engage better wherever in the world you are. Our Taxi Booking solution supports multiple currencies and languages making your service more mature, accessible and dependable.

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Our Solution

The Multidots Taxi Booking application with a robust algorithm improves efficiencies in connecting passengers to the cabs thus maximizing the bookings and increasing the RoIs with better effectiveness. The algorithm also is a great help while passengers opt for cab pooling and links them appropriately to the cabs closer by and has its own distinct advantages putting your services ahead of your closest competition.

  • Saves Time to Connect Passenger to the Driver

    The app saves significant amount time & effort that is wasted in waiting to get to the taxi. The app logically maps your passengers to the cab that is closest to the location and the customers precisely know when the cab has reached the pick-up point thus saving on time spent waiting.

  • Optimized Travel Routes

    The Multidots algorithm chooses the most optimal route for the trip once the passenger is boarded taking into consideration the traffic & other hinderances automatically.

  • User Friendly

    All functionalities of the app right from booking to onboarding and payment are seamless, intuitive and simple to use, thus offering the best user experiences to both the passengers and the drivers.

  • Reliable Customization to Deployment Cycle

    We provide complete customization of the app with intuitive taxi booking app development to meet your specific business needs with the possibilities of replicating the solution for interesting use cases. Our domain experts help address various pain points and help find solutions that would be best suited for your business.

    We also provide on-premise deployment service and test it to ensure it works just the way you wanted it to work. The support feature in-built in the solutions effectively manages the tickets or issues raised and helps concerned authority to address them as well to offer a more comprehensive & reliable software.

    • Easy Customizations

    • Deployment Support

    • Domain Experts

    • Dedicated Support

  • A Solution that Works Everywhere in the World

    The solution is hosted on accessible platforms and has a world-wide to reach out efficiently to your businesses operating across nations.

  • Smooth & Secure Payments

    The solution has multiple payment options integrated that helps accept payment from anywhere in the world through a payment method of choice.

  • Easy Scale up & Down

    The app has designed and developed thoughtfully to handle the increasing number of customers and drivers coming onboard in the future as well as increase & decrease of usage during and after special periods.

Solution Features

Taxi booking app is available in distinct parts catering to various stakeholders through the web interface as well as an app for each.


Multidots Taxi Booking Application

Taxi booking application is available in distinct parts catering to various stakeholders through the web interface as well as an app for each.

  • Registration

    The registration process is quite simple connecting mobile number, email or a social media account with Taxi Booking

  • Bookings

    Book Now or Later

    A cab can be booked quickly in just a few steps by selecting the cab type and the pick-up and drop location

    A cab can also be booked for a future date and time

    Cancel Bookings

    A booked cab can be cancelled easily just through a click

  • Location Settings
    • Set Location: The customers can set their pick-up location and makes the booking easier

    • Suggestions for pickup: The customer can suggest a quicker pickup point

  • Fares & Payments
    • Fare Estimation: Based on the pickup point and the drop location the fare can be estimated before the ride itself

    • Payment options: The various payment options including cards, cash and wallets enable seamless payments

    • Promo Code: Supports Promo Code to enables customers to leverage the ongoing promotional offers

  • Tracking & Alerts
    • Get Arrival Time: The passenger can give an accurate arrival time for the cab

    • Notifications and Alerts: The customer gets important updates and notifications through app alerts, email or SMS.

    • Emergency Contacts: SOS functionality can be used to get in touch with emergency contacts.

    • Tracking: The passenger or passenger contacts can track the cab on the real-time map

  • Driver Connect
    • Contact Driver: This enables the customers to get in touch with the driver

    • Rate Driver: The customers can rate the driver to serve them better each time

  • Trip History
    • This feature enlists the current and past trips all at one place

  • Invite Friends
    • The customers can invite their friends and receive some offers in return

  • Support
    • The customers can raise any issues or ticket through the app itself

Our solution enables the drivers efficiently to connect to passengers. Our Taxi Driver App helps drivers to receive requests from customer looking out for cabs taking into consideration the location of the cab thus reaching out to the customers closer to them.

  • Easy Onboarding
    • Few simple steps gets the driver registered on the platform

  • Profile Verification
    • The admin verifies the driver registered and then on the driver can receive booking requests

  • Manage Settings
    • All the settings regarding the payments, notifications, the profile can all be configured

  • Availability Status
    • The drivers can set their status whether they are available and unavailable

  • Accept/Reject Request
    • The driver can accept or reject a request within a timeframe

  • Ride Information
    • The driver gets details regarding the pick-up and drop location

  • Map Navigation
    • The driver gets access to real-time efficient navigation from pick-up point to the destination

  • Contact Customer
    • The driver can contact the passenger to get more clarity on the request

  • Start and End Trip
    • The driver marks the start and end location to get the automated bill

  • Trip History
    • A list of all current and past trips covered combined at a single place

  • Support
    • Any ticket or issues can be raised within the app itself

  • Driver Dashboard
    • This gives insightful information about their trips and their feedback

We provide a full-fledged solution for taxi-business owners to manage the entire business flow.

  • Secure login
    • It allows a secure login for the admin

  • Dashboard
    • Provides a centralized dashboard to get visibilities into all aspects of the business pipeline

  • Manage Driver
    • Here the admin can add or delete drivers, review the driver performance and set the commission rates

  • Manage Passenger
    • The admin can view the various details of the passenger and set promo-codes and other loyalty features

  • Vehicle Co-ordination
    • The admin can access the various information about the vehicle that is being used as a cab including its health and service records

  • Manage Trips
    • Provides to access all types of trips that were completed, ongoing, cancelled or expired

  • Reports & Dashboards
    • The report provides insightful information that can be used to make the data-driven strategic decision

  • Support Ticket
    • Review the tickets that are raised by the driver or the customer and address or divert it to the team concerned

  • Payments
    • Manage various payments details to get the payments sorted

  • Supervise Booking Requests
    • Access all the booking information along with their driver & passenger details and the statuses

  • Track Rides
    • Track rides as required for quality & supervision

Assured RoIs with Taxi Booking Solution

The Multidots Taxi booking solution increases the efficiencies in the business flows with quick customizations & deployments to bring in cost effectiveness among others to quicken value realisations and business growth.

  • Easy customizations & deployments for quicker “Go-Market”

  • Practically customized features & interfaces for better branding and streamlined business processes

  • Language & currency localisations to enable practical usage

  • SaaS enabled platform for easy scaling, quicker solutions and better support

  • Increased reliability with trustworthy QA & testing and subsequent round the clock support

  • Seamless 3rd party system integrations for hassle free features inclusions like maps and wallets

  • Well documented workflow and training for easy adoptions

Interesting Use Cases

There several business areas where this taxi booking application fits in and can be customized to blend in into various business flows.

Car Rental or Bike Rental Service

Renting out cars requires frequent calling up of the agent to get cars according to the need and budget. The solution can be very handy here, and can be used to fix the schedule, decide on the type of the car getting a quick estimate for renting the car without the need of having a long conversation with agent explaining needs. It also enables tracking of the car enabling calculation of the final rental amount. Similar to the cars the bikes can also be booked helping customers travel cost-effectively.

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Car Pooling App

Car Pooling is an effective means of commuting for passengers traveling towards the same travel route. The solution tracks the current route of the travel and connect passengers traveling on the same route, thus aiding customers to travel comfortably but less expensively as compared to a normal cab.

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On-Demand Logistics and Transportation

The solution can also be effectively used in logistics and transportation where tracking and on-time arrival makes a lot of difference to the business.

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On-Demand Servicing

The app can also be used for varying on demand services where customers can view the rating, portfolio and profile of the service provider like beauticians, photographers, plumbers, electrician and more and connect with them through the app get a quote and schedule an appointment. All done through just a few clicks.

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