To succeed in business today, operations are increasingly digital. From interactive websites,
eCommerce, customer-facing applications, and online marketing strategies, businesses are
quickly implementing new, automated, digital technologies.

When it comes to how your business operates, there are a growing number of ways to step up
your technological game and stay ahead of the curve. Adopting an enterprise mobility solution is
one such way to bring your business to the forefront of modern technology, and it comes with a
wealth of attractive advantages that any business can benefit from.

What Is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility allows organizations to use technology to create a remote workforce.
Corporate data is transferred via mobile applications to allow access at any time, in any place,
giving your business the ability to operate outside of a traditional office environment.

Enterprise mobility is growing rapidly as the business landscape changes. No longer are
employees spending all of their time in a central office environment. While this is still the way
many companies operate, there is a surge in the number of corporations who are challenging
this norm with a rise in the remote workforce.

Many industries, like construction or other skilled trades, have always operated off-site, while
others, like retail, accounting, or marketing are newer to the concept of working remotely.
As a result, data and application usage, access, and storage are no longer limited to the office.

Enterprise mobility changes the way businesses operate by providing mobile solutions for taking
corporate data and applications to the streets via technological networks. People within the
organization and their processes are now enabled through wireless, mobile solutions.

If your business is just getting started with enterprise mobility solutions or your current systems
aren’t working to your advantage, it’s time to make some changes to how your organization
operates. Let’s explore enterprise mobility, the solutions that are available to you, and how to
make the most out of emerging technology for your business’ advantage.

Who Needs Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility solutions are available for businesses of all sizes and across every sector.
Many businesses have long been operating offsite, but haven’t had strategies in place to do so

Let’s look at architecture as an example or an industry that can benefit from enterprise mobility.
The standard practice has been to come on site with paper plans and pencil in hand. Once back
in the office, changes to building specs are input into architectural CAD software, which would
then generate another set of paper renderings to work from.

With an enterprise mobility solution, architects can complete the same tasks via smartphone,
laptop, or tablet. Measurements and modifications can be input instantly and new plans are
available immediately. This allows architects to remain competitive, agile, and stand apart from
competitors who still operate in a traditional manner.

These advantages don’t come without strategic planning, however. Without the right enterprise
mobility development team operating behind the scenes, this type of technological advancement
wouldn’t be possible.

Architecture is only one example out of thousands. When organizations in any industry team up
with mobile technology experts, exciting changes to that field are possible.
If you’re uncertain as to whether your business requires a mobile business solution, consider
these statistics from the 2018 Digital Transformation Online Summit, as reported by the

Enterprise Mobility Exchange:

  • 82% of executives believe that mobile is the face of digital transformation.
  • 80% of executives say workers cannot do their jobs without smartphones.
  • 70% of access to enterprise systems will occur by the mobile device by 2020.
  • 62% of employees delay completing tasks that require logging into multiple systems.

These statistics paint a picture of an ever-growing mobile business landscape, where
companies increasingly rely on mobile infrastructure. The key takeaway? If you’re not shifting to
a mobile-first mentality, you’re going to get left behind.

Benefits Of Enterprise Mobility

As companies take their businesses offsite, a world of possibilities opens up. Customer
experience improves, productivity is increased, and expansion and growth are expedited. All
this, plus enterprise mobility solutions help businesses stay current among a sea of competitors
as consumer demands for mobility increase.

There are many benefits to changing the way an organization operates and moving from a
traditional model to a more dynamic, mobile method of doing business. Some of the most
significant benefits of enterprise mobility include:

  • Increased Productivity

Without the need to wait until an employee is on-site to make updates, fill out time sheets, get
approvals or sign-offs from executives, or submit work for review, it’s only natural that their
productivity will grow.

The more abilities a mobile solution affords a company’s employees, the less time they are
required to spend in an on-site office environment. With a reduced need for back and forth
travel, employees can spend more time on value-add activities and less time on in-office

  • Greater Growth Potential

Mobile solutions allow businesses to save time and money spent on operating under a
traditional office model.

With enterprise mobility solutions on your side, your business can reach more customers and
improve value proposition in a streamlined, efficient manner.

  • More Efficient Allocation of Resources

With more time available to spend on doing their jobs and less time spent on chasing paper and
in-person interactions, companies can re-distribute tasks more effectively among a smaller
group of people.

This may mean that your organization can condense your group of employees, even while
growing your business.

  • Reduced Costs

In keeping with the points above, it’s easy to see how a mobile model can save businesses
time, and therefore money.

You may be able to reduce rent costs by having more remote employees, reduce costs spent on
health benefits by employing more contractors rather than permanent on-site employees, and
you’ll be able to take advantage of the fact that your employees can do more work in a shorter
period of time, potentially reducing the number of employees needed.

Eliminating paper is another significant benefit of enterprise mobility that can save your
organization money and promote a more sustainable way of doing business.

  • Fewer Errors

Manual data entry leaves room for a host of errors, while mobile inputs can significantly reduce
these costly errors. For example, employees can use a mobile application to input hours
worked, and the right solution can safeguard against entering incorrect information that falls
outside of certain parameters. This type of application also makes it easier for supervisors to
give approvals with a smaller margin for error.

Possible Roadblocks in Enterprise Mobility

Like any business solution, there are certain pitfalls that are part of the package. When it comes
to enterprise mobility, some of the potential roadblocks include:

Security issues with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enterprise management solutions

  • Outdated devices or employees using older versions of mobile applications
  • Less uniformity among employees using their own devices
  • Downtime resulting from technological glitches or disruptions to wireless connections
  • High initial costs in establishing a custom enterprise mobility solution
  • Less face-to-face employee interactions can lead to unique challenges in maintaining
    company culture

Working with an Enterprise Mobility Development Group

While there are some potential disadvantages to enterprise mobility in the workplace, they can
be mitigated. If your business is ready to shift into a mobile enterprise solution, or you want to
make changes to a current system that’s not working for you, it’s time to bring the experts on

It’s important to carefully consider the group that you work with in building your enterprise
mobility strategy to ensure that your business is safeguarded against any challenges.

Multidots offers the expertise to create a mobile application strategy that will unleash your
business’ fullest potential. Through our knowledge of Application Integration and MVP
The development we can transform your business from operating on a traditional model to one
that’s more dynamic, agile, and efficient than ever before. Empowering your team members and
customers with a deeper digital presence means thinking in new ways and investing in new
technology. Get in touch with our team and allow us to assist you in developing an optimal
mobility strategy for your business’ needs.

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