12 Reasons why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework

12 Reasons why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework Img
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It could be a daunting task to decide upon the right PHP development framework for developing a business web application. Well, the most popular framework is Laravel with 42,496 stars on GitHub till now. Many top-notch brands have built their websites using Laravel framework. In this blog post, we are going to highlight why Laravel is thriving and why can’t we miss it?

Laravel framework provides wonderful features to its users, making it the most popular framework among the PHP developers nowadays. Let’s have a look at these 12 features that could give you an extra edge if you opt for Laravel to develop your project.

Features of Laravel

1. Technique of Authorization:

The authentication techniques in Laravel are really simple, where most of the things are configured in an extraordinary manner. Moreover, Laravel provides simple way to control access to resources and organize authorization logic.

2. OO Libraries:

Laravel facilitates the developers with Object Oriented Libraries and sundry other pre-installed ones. These libraries are only found in Laravel and not in any other popular PHP frameworks. For instance, Authentication Library is a pre-installed library provided in Laravel Framework. It is really easy to implement and has many advanced features like checking active users, resetting password, hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery Protection, encryption, etc.

3. Artisan:

There is a built-in tool named Artisan provided by Laravel. The interaction with the framework is done using a command line which creates and handles the Laravel project environment. Artisan is a built-in tool provided by Laravel for command line operations. This tool allows the developers to perform the redundant programming tasks which programmers avoid doing manually.

4. MVC Support:

Laravel supports MVC architecture. The documentation in Laravel is clean with multiple built-in functions. MVC improves overall performance by ensuring clear view between logic and presentation.

5. Security:

Laravel framework is secure, with the usage of salted and hashed password. This means that password is never saved as plain text in the database. For generating the encrypted password, Bcrypt hashing algorithm is used. Laravel makes use of predefined SQL statements, thereby, eliminating the injection attacks. Further, Laravel provides a way to escape user input to avoid injection of <script> tag.

6.  Migrating Database:

One of the difficult tasks for the developers is the synchronization of the database between various developments machines. Well, MySQL is not a good way to sync databases between different development machines. You can use Migrations provided by Laravel. You need to keep all the database work in migrations and seed, which allows easy migration, incorporating all the changes into any other machine which you have. This makes Laravel stand out among its peer PHP frameworks.

7. Tutorial archives (Laracast):

Laravel offers Laracasts, which are a bunch of free and paid tutorials which can teach you more about Laravel. Jeffrey Way, who is an experienced instructor, has created most of the tutorial videos. He seems to be aware of all the nitty gritties of the essentials providing clear instructions.  

8. Blade Templating Engine:

Laravel provides Blade templating engine, for convenient access. You can make use of component() method to make the aliases for longer names. It also helps you work with typical PHP/ HTML spaghetti code in a better manner.

9. Responsible Interface:

This is a class used to implement the interface that can be returned by using the controller method. After that, the router checks for instances of Responsible when preparing the response from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”.

10. Automatic discovery of Package:

This feature automatically detects the pages that user wishes to install. In other words, the users don’t have to create aliases or providers to install new packages in Laravel. Further, developers can even disable this feature for some specific packages.

11. Unit testing:

Laravel gives the option for Unit Testing. There are helper methods, which allow the user to conveniently test the applications. In addition to that, several other tests are also performed ensuring that the unexpected breakdowns are avoided even if a new update is made by the developer.

12. Caching:

One of the important aspects of web development is caching. There is a provision of unified API for the different caching system, which makes it really simple for the user to switch out the drivers. The cache configuration can be accessed at config/cache.php. Memcached and Redis are the popular caching back-ends supported by Laravel.

How to start with Laravel?

Looking at the wonderful features provided by Laravel Framework, it could be the best option to choose if you are starting your web development project. For long-term projects to be initiated from level zero, it would be appropriate to opt for dedicated development teams. However, if you make some minors changes in your project or wish to renovate your site, it is advisable to go for extending the existing PHP development teams.


The incredible features of Laravel have made it one of the most loved frameworks nowadays. Apart from this, extensive community support is provided for its users, which makes it approachable and understandable by all its users. Laravel is scalable and helps in software delivery in a fast and cost-effective manner. It is, therefore, not a big problem finding developers to work on this framework. We at Multidots have skilled taskforce, which can turn your ideas into reality.

Let us know your valuable thought about why Laravel is thriving now? Share in the comments below.

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