A Leap Towards Digital Transformation with Multidots’ OCR and Data Management Software!

A Leap Towards Digital Transformation with Multidots’ OCR and Data Management Software! Img
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MULTIDOTS is glad to announce successful delivery of digital platform for document management to a large organization having national span in African continent. The task was excellently implemented by our team in the form of a standalone and comprehensive document scanning and management software with advance search and filter options. Our experienced developers and strategy makers not only developed the solution, but also trained the business and IT users to work with the new operating procedures smoothly and helped them define the best practices documented.

The Task and issues with Old Implementation

The plethora of manual document and paper data that enterprises have, sometimes need hours and days’ of searching, just to find an important but small piece of information. The problem was same with this client, and it was harming their productivity and degrading employees’ morale due to useless tasks.

Before our implementation, Client was using the manual approach for file handling and sorting. All the manuals, files, record copies, internal departmental submissions and public documents were computer print-outs, hand written applications and hence, everything was on papers.

The data stored in this conventional way weren’t long-lasting also, as the weather conditions and internal environment kept affecting the physical copies.

Multidots’ document scanning and search Software Implementation

Post discussion with client, MULTIDOTS team came up with an easy to use system with internally complex logics, to digitally transform the whole mechanism of storing, retrieving and managing the paper based data. For that, a tailor-made OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software with advance search functionalities and filters was developed to efficiently handle digitized content and retrieving desired data in no time. The Global search utility searches all the digitized document repository with entered search string and presents the result in some seconds. Approx. 300,000 plus of total paper documents were identified to go digital post implementation

The process, followed is:

Scanning Existing Papers

To scan all previous A3 and A4 size documents, Multidots’ team used latest and highly-efficient digital scanners. Through that, we converted the paper copies to digital data assets.

Storing & Sorting

Store all documents with tags, categories and titles for easy search and based on access rights and roles given to the authorized user, they can search, view & print documents

Making it Editable through OCR

With the implementation of OCR technology, we converted the content to an editable text format.

Looking for similar system? Talk to our team of experts and we’ll take care of the rest.

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